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1301089 tn?1290666571 Judge dismisses Ariz. charges against Warren Jeffs By FELICIA FONSECA Associated Press Writer The Associated Press Wednesday, June 9, 2010 7:55 PM EDT FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. (AP) — A Mohave County judge on Wednesday dismissed all Arizona charges against polygamist leader Warren Jeffs after a prosecutor said continuing with the charges would be "impractical.
Avatar m tn That does not include sales tax. Our food and clothing are taxed in Utah. We pay a yearly tax on our vehicles each year as well, and that money goes toward our roads. They actually do take care of the roads and so I don't mind.
Avatar f tn our dog is always licking and not resting much because of this. Maybe you know of a specialist here in Orange County,California..
Avatar m tn Until several kids ODed on Methadone (seriously..where the hell do you get methadone in a county of 5,000 people?). That was a slap in the face that woke everyone up. Since then they have faced the problem. Police seminars, pill counting, run off several drs. But here in God's country, they proceed merrily on in a state of insanity, pretending this is a problem that only occurs in LA or NY or places like that where the sinful and wicked abide. Makes me sick to my stomach.
Avatar f tn ll be 20 this month and I was wondering if all of you are in my area or if this is kind of across the country? Id love to meet other first time moms in my area!
Avatar f tn Due on Feb. 6 and I was just curious where everyone lives on this app. I live in Utah. Been for about the past 6-7 years now. What about you ladies?
Avatar n tn Welcome to Utah! How do you like it so far? I have lived here my whole life and its pretty nice. Its even better now that I know someone on here from Utah. Are you north or south? Salt lake area or down St. George area? I'm in south eastern Utah. I really like it down here. We live on a farm where my boys can run and play all day. Hope to keep in contact with you! Is this your first baby?
7677085 tn?1395374075 I'm in Southern Utah, so obviously no snow here! It did rain over the weekend though. But my family and I have been in shorts and capris for about a week now! So nice!
675579 tn?1235774771 ve ever seen anyone else from Utah County on here.
Avatar f tn That must be your State congress voting. You should call the Medicaid office and ask if there's a contingency plan. Most counties in the US have county Health Departments from which you can get either free, or greatly reduced health care. You should check that out. Additionally, you can check around for free clinics, from which you might be able to get help.
867582 tn?1311627397 Sorry this is a late post, but haven't had time for the things I enjoy. Even now, a stack of mail is screaming to be opened!! I agree with both of you that it does sound very odd that Utah would have distorted UV rays. However, that statement did come from a respected MD specializing in MS who is based at the U. of Utah.
Avatar f tn m having a difficult time finding restaurants in the Bergen County area (I live in the Pascack Valley) that are allergy-aware and safe. Can you give me some suggestions? I'd love to be able to safely dine out with my family. Thanks.
1061329 tn?1261713914 I don't have insurance, and have been to see the doctors at my local county clinic this past week, but they barely looked at me and told me to take benadryl, but that has not helped. I don't think this is strictly allergy related. I've had certain symptoms recently that lead me to thinking I may have some type of thyroid problem. First: I had this feeling like a lump in my throat for about 5 days now. It really hurts to swallow, and the doctor didn't even look at my throat.
803938 tn?1403748253 I am looking for a good thyroid doctor in Utah who will listen and be open minded.
12693075 tn?1442246392 I live in Harford County but all my family is in PA.