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Avatar n tn I moved to the Middle East last August. For the last four or five months I've had post-nasal drip, one cold with a cough that lasted about 8 weeks and now a constant tickling sensation in my chest, under and on either side of the breast bone. I also sometimes feel a tightness in my chest, not pressure or pain but discomfort, hard to explain. The post--nasal drip is constant and annoying as well as the ticklish feeling.
Avatar m tn Air purifiers really work. If you don't believe the reviews or testimonials found on the net, you can ask any of your friends or relatives who know someone with allergies and they will tell you air purifiers really work.
Avatar f tn Sometimes there are unclear allergies such as to bed linen or the air ducts or air type which can be detected by changing the place he sleeps at night. Also, you may want to ask him if he feels there is a post-nasal drip, i.e. there is a dropping sensation at the back of his throat. Let us know if you might have any other queries.
746512 tn?1388807580 I used to get pretty bad hayfever in the fall/early winter (as well as the killer hay fever I still get in the spring). I honestly think my fall problems were caused by the trees- cedar, alderwood, and/or pine. The problem seemed to get worse if I went to into a forest and it completely disappeared after I moved to Australia. So whatever was causing my problem is back in the Washington State.
Avatar m tn My mom told me its nothing to worry about and something I would sleep and wake up due to this problem. I think it a dry air problem or garden plant in my house causing a allergies problem.
492921 tn?1321289896 I was wondering what everyone takes for allergies? I talked to my pharmacist and he said I cold take zyrtec. There hasn't been as many studies done on it as Claritin . He said to take it after my first feeding in the morning and then watch how she reacts through the day. I took it for 3 days and haven't noticed any difference in her at all. I can't deal with the itchy running nose anymore. I hate this time of year. Spring time ***** with all the cotton in the air.
Avatar m tn t make you feel good, even with the air cleaner! Because the synthetics in your home contain toxin, which wears your immune down some all the time, and thus causing you to feel tired. You must be acidosis most of the time girl! And thus less oxygen to the brain and body. And also, you will thus have aches, and muscles aches and tightness. And your nose and eyes and everything that your immune usually can fight. Because your immune is always compromised!
Avatar f tn And apparently he is responding. The puff the doctor gave him is flexotide. In the meantime we had a follow up at the doctor and he confirmed that he is responding to the medicine and even suggested to decrease the intake of flexotide after 3 weeks. My husband still coughs but not that frequently and not as breathless as a month and a half ago. Sometimes he coughs a bit hard but I can see he has improved a lot from the first two weeks.
Avatar f tn As new A/C seemed to fix the problem in the past and you have an allergy to mold, make sure not only to clean but that the condensed water that develops by the A/C (that lowers the humidity) is draining away. Some A/C throw the water back on the outside coils to help cooling efficiency. Hope your doctor has something ot offer.
Avatar f tn would depend on what you are allergic too. Allergy to grass pollen would make you worse in the fall, ragweed I believe is in the summer months and dust mite allergies are all year round. I got told from my allergist that dust mites peak in june and it feels the worse come winter (october-november) when you start spending more time inside with the dust mite dander.
Avatar n tn Absolutely you can get allergies from air I wake in the mornings with sore /itchy eyes, sneeezing, sniffing .
Avatar m tn Maintain/clean dehumidifiers and air conditioners regularly. Air filters of the ac trap allergens, like molds, dust and pollen. When the filters do not work properly, allergens may be released into the air, causing typical allergy symptoms, such as watery eyes, runny nose, and wheezing. Wash shower curtains, bathroom tiles, and grout regularly and use a dehumidifier in your house. Also remove drapes, feather pillows, upholstered furniture, non-washable comforters and soft toys.
Avatar n tn I take claritin once daily, delsum cough medicine, benadryl at night, for the pressure in my ear I plug my nose and mouth and blow air until I hear and feel a mild POP or use steam for nasal problems, I use saline non medicated nasal spray and gargle salt water, I'm gonna buy a humidifier to help too.
Avatar n tn Most dogs with food allergies also have environmental allergies. Environmental allergies don't have to occur only from things that are outside. Dust mites, storage mites and indoor molds are high allergens also. Since allergens penetrate dogs skin it is good to bathe your dog very frequently (once per week) with medicated, hypoallergenic shampoo. Environment allergies are impossible to control. A Hepa air filter will help for indoor and outdoor allergens.
Avatar n tn I still do notice this a little, however, the pain seams to be subsiding, without treatment. The Pollen here in the VA area is almost gone, so I believe that may have been the cause of the inflammation. Thanks again for your reply.
Avatar n tn I am also incline diabetic with high blood pressure, I also suffer from allergies to some plants. Could this mulching/dust be in the air and been the affect of my allergies/sinuses getting worst? It is still hanging on causing me to cough severely, and this is the 2nd time since they started this mulching that my sinuses has done this; is there something that I could do, for myself; and should I report this company to enviromentalists?
Avatar f tn Hi, welcome to the forum, there may be underlying bronchial asthma or chronic bronchitis. Chronic bronchitis usually presents with sputum (mucus), esp. in early morning. The other common possibilities are gastro esophageal reflex disease, hyperplastic tonsil, abnormal upper esophageal sphincter function, stress or psychological abnormality causes this sensation due to altered upper esophageal pressure. You may need to undergo endoscopic evaluation, chest radio graph etc.
Avatar n tn Try getting a humidifier and sleeping with it on. Your body needs moisture in the air and when the air lacks mosisture it causes your nose to get dry and sometimes resulting in samll amounts of blood. If the humidifier does not take care of it I would defintetly see a doctor.
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with an ocular migraine that effected the vision in my right eye...the blurriness is going away, but not completely...I'm nervous 'cause I'm afraid the blurry vision in that eye will stay like this forever...the vision isn't as sharp in the right eye as it is in the left.... Is there some type of eye drops I can take that will get the eye back to normal?
798671 tn?1238153888 I experience this, yes! It'll be like I have to make a HUGE effort to get any air. Like the air isn't getting to my lungs to get to my brain. But there's nothing in my throat, no reason for it. It helps if I massage around the lymph nodes and down the sides of my neck and drink cold water. I have a hard time swallowing too and letting cold water just fall down my throat has been helping with that while I eat so I don't choke or inhale food.
Avatar f tn You can experience episodes of tinnitus, vertigo and progressive hearing loss. Lymphatic channels in the inner ear are dilated and affect the drainage of fluid of the inner ear labyrinth/endolymph. Usually one ear is affected. There is no exact cause why this happens. I was initially diagnosed with this, but after a second opinion it was found that I didn't have it; I have Unresolved Labyrinthitis. So, please make sure the diagnosis is correct.
Avatar f tn Asthma can react to weather/climate changes. It isn't an allergy, just a reaction to the cold air. Warm lungs don't like the invasion of the cold air and sieze up, at least that is what it feels like when mine do it. Another friend highly recommends the neck gators for out door exercizing in colder weather. Another option is to plan your exercise when it isn't quite as cold, or opt for an indoor form of exercise.