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Avatar m tn after itching i can see where i have broken what i believe to be the heads of the super tiny bumps... but allergies have hit San Antonio Hard and it could be from that ( Ive never had allergies) also... my stomach and lower chest itch sometimes too but my abdominal area itches frequently... Please Help...
Avatar f tn Anyone in the Southside of San Antonio, TX have any good or bad experiences delivering at The BirthPlace?
Avatar f tn I know you posted your question months ago, hopefully you check in every once in a while . oh, check craigslist San Antonio under people.
Avatar f tn I'm in San Antonio & due March 28th w a baby boy (:
Avatar f tn I need help in San antonio either a kick *** counselor or rehab facility . Also how do u get started? I don't want to taper, I don't trust myself.
Avatar n tn Does anyone know a good endocronolist accepting new patients in San Antonio, Tx?
Avatar n tn I am in San Antonio, TX. I have Alabama Medicaid for my son. Can I use it here?
Avatar f tn He says he thinks that it is an allergic reaction to our new environment (we just moved from Los Angeles to San Antonio two weeks ago), but I have a hard time understanding how we both could be having the same "allergic" reaction, especially because he is not someone who has any allergies. Some of the bumps are in little clusters, some are alone, some are larger than others, and they all itch like mad, but none of them have been red until I've scratched them.
120574 tn?1240767840 There was a big conference in San Antonio this past weekend. For ovca..... I hope the Dr's came back with some new med's etc. for us.
Avatar m tn There is a constant low grade discomfort. I am 77 and would just like to have my testicles removed. Who can I go to in San Antonio, Texas, that will help me out?
5079728 tn?1365549989 is the fifteenth physician to join San Antonio’s premier team of gastroenterologists at Gastroenterology Consultants of San Antonio. He is fluent in Spanish and has called San Antonio home since beginning his residency here in 2002. Originally from Long Island, New York, Dr. ? became interested in medicine at a young age while watching his father in medical practice.
Avatar f tn I heard there is a weight loss clinic in San Antonio on or near Fredericksburg Rd where you can get HCG injections 3 times per week. Does anyone know the name of it or have any experience with this therapy for weight loss?
Avatar f tn In Somerset.
Avatar f tn I am currently enrolled in a HCG program in San Antonio but I am concerned that they are not folowing the Simeon Protocol. I can have 750 calories a day and I lost 5 lbs. the 1st week, then I got my menstrual cycle and have gained it all back and I am concerned that I will not lose any this week. I Really wanted to lose 20 lbs. in the next 6 weeks before a big vacation! I get the injections on MWF and I am wondering what else I can do. I have a lot of stubborn fat on my stomach and thighs.
Avatar n tn Hi. I am in the 12 week arm with riba in San Antonio. I asked the coordinator how the naive 8 week group were doing and he said all post tx were und except for one who relapsed quickly. He/she went directly on the 'rescue" protocal and was und again within a week. My group consists of null responders some cirrhotic (like me) and some not. Half got the riba and half didn't. Not all were und by week 4, but all non-und were <25. My 12th week finish was last Tuesday.
Avatar f tn There are both university as well as private practice pediatric cardiology groups in San Antonio who could see you. Most of his prognosis depends on his heart rate at this time. If his heart is not able to meet his body's needs, he will develop what is called hydrops, which is a version of heart failure. If his heart rate is fast enough or his heart is able to pump enough blood out, he may be able to grow and get near term.
Avatar f tn I live in San Antonio & I understand it's gonna be different, it's scary, because your so used to where you live. Like your comfort zone. & your boyfriend shouldn't just leave like that knowing you can go into labor anytime soon. But he could've waited til you gave birth then maybe tried to move to San Antonio when both of ya are ready together, cz he has to make you feel comfortable.