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Avatar n tn Hi, I've been having shooting/stabbing pains in my temple area on right side for the last couple of days. It comes and goes. I've been sneezing a lot and my allergies are bothering me. Can it be from that? Can it be anxiety? I'm leaving for a trip and I'm so nervous about these symptoms, my anxiety is sky high. I've read about ice pick headaches. Don't really know if that could be it also. I don't get a lot of headaches in general.
Avatar f tn Hi again -- Glad we can help.
Avatar f tn I need to find a good doc in Michigan to look at adrenal function. I've been to cardiologist--heart is good, but my BP is going bonkers, and based on other things going on and all clear testing cardiac data, he agrees I need endocrinologist. I'm in metro Detroit area. I saw one 1-1/2 years ago when I suspected something was up, and she only checked my morning cortisol spit test, which is basically worthless without three more in the day, and only a basic thyroid panel.
Avatar f tn I am looking for an endocrinologist in Michigan that will prescribe T3 of any kind. I know this is a long shot but I will put this out there anyways. My PCP has prescribed it to me but knows nothing about it and I would like to be followed by someone who does.
Avatar f tn From what I understand she is heading up a chiari clinic at Beaumont Neuroscience in Royal Oak, Michigan. Although I contacted her office at Michigan Head and Spine Institute in Southfield, MI. I did search her name on this site and some members have had surgery with her. Maybe another name to add to the list??
Avatar f tn Does anyone have any recommendations for an excellent endocrinologist - or other doctor that gets the whole thyroid thing - in southeast Michigan, preferably the Detroit area? I hope to be getting a referral from my ENT next week, but I'd appreciate any other insight. Thanks!
193609 tn?1292180293 i have shis tzu and never would they be a outside dog, my first one was 42 pds yup what i said and he was purebreed , he lived to be 17 years old , now i havea little girl shes only 15 pds and love of our life, they are not outside dogs and if he had been inhouse all this time than put out side thats more of a shock to him than bring him back in.
Avatar m tn I am in Western Michigan and there is really nothing here. I do have University of Michigan in Ann Arbor or Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit. Does anyone have any suggestions in Michigan or should I go to Mayo? I read that someone in Michigan went to someone in Grand Rapids and the doctor required the patient to commit to treatment with him before he would do a liver biospy....thats not acceptable to me...what if you do not like this doctor or the staff?
Avatar f tn The pimples concern me. Whatever the underlying cause of the problem, it sounds like he now has a secondary skin infection. I also agree with el_em above that fire ants are a possibility but don't think they've marched as far north as Michigan yet. Their stings result in localized pockets of infection just like pimples. Another possibility is mange. Did your vet do a skin scraping for that when your dog got the cortisone shot?
Avatar n tn I have tested positive for Lyme and am desperately looking for a LLMD in the Gran Rapids Area. Does anyone know of a reputable LLMD in the area please?
Avatar f tn Does anyone know a Doctor that specializes in POTS in Michigan they can recommend?
Avatar n tn Does anyone know of a Neurologist specializing in prolonged aura in the south east michigan or northern Ohio area? I have has this prolonged aura (currently in treatment) for over a year and a half and my neurologist just up and moved out of the blue and he was highly researched in the area.
1569575 tn?1314424059 m home in ultra-humid Michigan. I have a pretty bad one right now that was acute onset and is accompanied by the usual symptoms - fullness in the face and forehead, congestion, coughing up mucus - but I also have a terrible headache that gets worse when I cough. This is the first time I've had a headache this bad with a sinus infection and it's making me dizzy and weak. I can barely walk to the bathroom without feeling like my head is spinning.
Avatar f tn I'm sure Seattle would love it- we get an inch and the city practically shuts down.