Allergies in jack russell terriers

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Avatar n tn Wanted to let you know that I have also been giving my Jack Russell 1/2 ginger capsule in his food and that seems to be really helping also. He hasn't had any episodes so far. Am keeping my fingers crossed.
171768 tn?1324230099 anywho, everything i have found online said jack russell terriers should not be around small children. anyone have experiences? i told DH to tell them to just lock the dog in another room. i suspect that won't fly with the relatives. Honestly, if i get uncomfortable with the situation i am just going to leave, but i don't want it to come to that. am i being unreasonable for expecting them to put the needs of my baby before those of a dog??? (happy to hear input from dog lovers too.
387767 tn?1345872027 I have talked to several people who have Jack Russell terriers who have had them bite for no reason. Terriers can be notoriously difficult to deal with anyway, but the problem with JRTs is that they have become VERY overbred in the last 10-15 years, and where extra care should be taken with regard to temperament in ANY breed, it is even more important when breeding terriers. If your dog has never before shown any signs of aggression, the first thing you need to check for is a source of pain.
Avatar n tn d guess from the spots on his back and the floppy ears that he could also have some, if not ½ rat terrier in him. Rat terriers are slightly larger than chihuahuas, but smaller than Jack Russells--they look a bit like miniature Jack Russells, I think.
535822 tn?1443976780 If you are considering keeping the cat, please don't get a Jack Russell Terrier. JRT (or Parson Russell Terriers, as the breed is now called) rescue groups and responsible breeders usually will not adopt or sell a dog to families or people who have cats because these tenacious little dogs are not known for getting along well with other small animals, and are prone to attacking and even killing cats.
Avatar m tn I have a 2 yr old Jack Russell with terrible looking nails. They are looking rotten and hardly grow. Lately he has been lickng them constantly. He has had a couple in recent months that have split on him, and got very painful and eventually we could pull the broke part off. Now the past few days he has become sedentary, and not acting himself, and his breath has become foul. What to do.
Avatar f tn I havre a 5yr old Jack Russell Terrior and he tries to bite certain people and barks a lot. The reason why he tries to attack certain people is because when he was a puppy the neighbor children would throw rocks at him, hit him with sticks and their backpacks and try to run him over with their bikes when he was on his chain. What can I do to help him to stop these bad behaviors?
Avatar f tn Hi, last night a friends jack Russell decided to play with our border collie. So the jack Russell jumped with force from the floor and right into my pelvic/abodenal area causing pain and me to jump up. The pain subsided abit & I went to bed but throughout the night, my right pelvic bone area has been hurting pretty bad..(no cramping or bleeding yet, just really sore muscles near bony bits, hurts to walk). So my question is should I get gp to check me or wait a week for my first ultrasound?
Avatar f tn I have 3 dogs 1 male fox terrier desexed, 1 jack russell male desexed called Lucky, and another jack russell male called Benny who is not desexed . The jack russell who isnt desexed is 3 years old while my other jack russell is only 12 months who just had his operation for desexing. Benny was frisky before we got Lucky fixed but stopped for 3 months after Luckys op but now I found Benny on top of Lucky today.
Avatar n tn I have a 8 year old Jack Russell terrier rough coat. His promblem is a really foul odor comes from his ears. Is there any treatment I can do to prevent this odor?
Avatar m tn I have 2 twin jack Russell terriers. today I was told one of them has renal failure. vet wanted to eutho him then and there. was totally unprepared. I brought him back home cause I can't afford the costs for an attempt to save him, which I know there is zero salvation. my question is this. I bought these twin brothers from a breeder at 12 weeks. they have never been apart since their birth. always butt and butt when they sleep. 11 yrs old.
Avatar n tn My 12 year old Jack Russell is constantly licking hi paws and underneath his front legs till the hair is gone. He has been on steroids, cyclosporin capsules 50 mg for three months to try to get his licking under control. He now has a new habit of rolling on his back and he makes sounds like he is in pain. Then he gets up and runs through the house as if the devil is chasing him. He can not stay still for any period of time after he does his back scratching.
1622896 tn?1562364967 Hi i am new here Just would like any tips on a 6 week old Jack Russel Cause she wont sleep at night time any info would be Greatful Thank You ......
Avatar n tn can anyone help my five year old jack russell has been itching and scooting around on her bottom for a few days tried allsorts of different things,last time she did this the vet gave me some steriod tablets ,but he wont give them to me again unless i go see him cost nearly sixty pounds last time cant afford it can anyone suggest anything i could do please
715068 tn?1392933532 Yesterday we noticed that Copper, our 23 month old Jack Russell mix had some minor swelling on the right side of his nose. He hasn't been messing with it or acting as though it was bothering him but doesn't really want me to touch it either. Today I have noticed that it appears to be more swollen & bruised looking, and feels kind of crusty. (for lack of a better word) I realize he will need to see a vet but I was wondering if anyone had any opinions.
Avatar f tn Hi my 12 year old beautiful jack Russell has recently had a heart attack and now suffers from fluid on the lungs. I have him on all the medication but he still has a dry cough. He has the same temperament and still loves his food and is active. But because of the fluid my vet said to consider his quality of life? I wanted to know if fluid on the lungs is painful for dogs? I feel terrible thinking he is living in pain silently - but he seems so happy and lively still! What do I do??
2000619 tn?1327422820 i have a 7-8 year old male jack russell hes a rescue and we have had him 2 years next month. We tuck him for a check up when we got him and the vet said he had a heart mumer, just lately around mid after noon he starts to shake and he lies down with his bottom in the air and his heart pumping funnily and this goes on for ages then when we get up in the morning hes fine and running around like a mad dog...
692231 tn?1227496103 My Jasmine, 12 year old Jack Russell, has been losing weight and not her energenic self. Got very finicky about eating and I took her to a vet who expressed her anal glands and we thought that was the problem. Normally she is groomed every 3-4 months and the groomer does the expressing but I had not taken her to be groomed in abut 6 months. The vet took blood and tested her for Valley Fever and wanted to see what else might be in her.
Avatar f tn Hi, just wondering if you found out what this was as my puppy which is a chihuahua cross jack Russell has the same thing under her eyelid she is 9 weeks old and I'm not sure whether to be concerned or not. As I am really worried in case its something bad?
Avatar f tn My Jack Russell, Eddie has had a snotty, not runny, nose for nearly 3 years following a bout of bronchitis. This is both nostrils equally. Thick, ranging from green to clear. Sneezing snot, reverse sneezing and obvious post-nasal drip due to the hocking and gagging and lots of other unpleasant trying to breathe noises that keep everyone up all night. We have been to three veterinarians. After suggestions of "only" $1800.00 for a rhinoscopy and an unnecessary dental.
Avatar f tn My two-and-a-half-year-old Jack Russell has a sticky substance all over his fur and bathing him doesn't help
1007064 tn?1275322768 I am thinking about getting her off reg dog food all together. They say there is to much salt in reg. dog food is that true? I had a dog that lived for 19 years all i feed him was boil chicken and turkey and sometimes beef mix with rice peas and carrots mix together everyone told me he should eat dog food, but he never like dog food and he lived to be 19, so i did something right. he was a corgie mix about 30lb he died about 1 and half years ago.
Avatar f tn Remember that story a few years ago where a pregnant woman met another woman on a Jack Russell Terrier bulletin board on the internet, they got together for some reason and the person with the Jack Russell Terriers cut her baby out of her. The mother died, but the baby survived. Awful.
Avatar f tn Two and a half year old Jack Russell and he has a sticky substance is all over his coat and it keeps getting worse bathing him doesn't help.
Avatar f tn You might want to talk to the breeder about returning him or if he came from a pet store find the nearest jack russell breed rescue group in your area. Or take him to a really good puppy class where the instructors can help and support you.
Avatar m tn There are many possible causes here. Food allergies and allergies in general being my top two suspects. My Australian Cattle Dog turned out to be allergic to a high quality dog food that we'd used for years. We now feed a grain free diet of venison. No more coughing. You milage may vary here. Try switching up your dogs diets and see if it helps.
Avatar n tn I can't actually recommend a Rat Terrier breeder or trainer.... apologies. Also because I live in UK I couldn't help with specific details like that anyway. Rat Terriers do a good job, sure. But you could keep your options open here, because Jack Russells do very well as rat catchers too. They also kill quite humanely, one shake and the rat is dead. I have seen them in action. Usually with a rat infestation, you need more than one dog. A small team work better (and very very swiftly!