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Avatar f tn This type of hair loss is most commonly due to behavioral barbarism, food or environmental allergies, or, mites or fungal skin infections, such as ringworm. If it was due to an a fungal or mite infection other cats in your household would probably be exhibiting symptoms. Please take him to the vet for evaluation. The vet can perform a skin scraping and other diagnostic tests. If it is truly behavioral, there are excellent behavioral modification medications that should help.
Avatar m tn Bites from fleas are itchy all by themselves, but many pets develop a specific allergy to flea bites. This is most commonly seen as hair loss or rash at the base of the spine and tail, not to mention that the dog or cat will constantly be chewing at the area. Flea allergy dermatitis (FAD) is an intensely itchy allergic reaction to flea saliva that can be triggered by a single flea bite! You may never see a flea or flea dirt on your pet (though daily flea-combing is never a bad idea!
Avatar f tn Recently told by doctor I could have psoriasic(SP?) arthritis. can I stop the hair loss? I tried allergy shots byt they did not really work and recently starting takeing Zyrtec as needed as well as antinflammatory.
Avatar m tn they moved it to th hair loss forum ..all is well.. I think if you do some research into environmental allergies you will find that the chems they are spraying on us with the aerial spraying are doing some of this also other symptoms like dry cough and sinus problems.many are sick ginger899 has a journal up called 'What on earth are they Spraying'.
Avatar n tn Fleas, on the other hand can cause itching and subsequent hair loss, as can allergies to bedding. A poor or low-protein diet can lead to hair loss as well. If your rat is losing its hair, take it to the veterinarian for a diagnosis.
Avatar n tn Lack of this causes hair loss; but it could be stress. I think taking her to another vet and getting a second opinion would be your best option. Good Luck!
230948 tn?1235844329 Is the hair loss behind the right ear the same as the hair loss behind the left ear? Or is the hair loss random, with a patch missing here and there in the areas you described? If the hair loss is bilaterally equal from one side of the body to the other, then you need to consider a couple of things. It could be mange. It could also be hormonally triggered. It's even possible that it could be caused by Cushing's Disease, which is a tiny tumor on the pituitary gland.
Avatar n tn My scalp is very dry. I'm having excessive hair loss. Can dry scalp cause hair loss? I have a prescription shampoo for dry scalp which directs my to use twice a week. But it seems when I wash my hair even more loss occurs.
1341040 tn?1276317702 Being in my late twenties, I was still shocked to see myself balding although my parents have a head full of hair. I went to hair loss treatment specialist and they gave me a prescription to help kill the BHT (or whatever hormone in men which kills hair folicles), and that seems to be putting things back in balance again, although I don't care to take the medicine everyday, because taking meds are not my thing.
Avatar f tn do a strand of the hair that leave the root look thinner? do you perm your hair? have you had any sergery in the past few years? Im going through the same thing?
Avatar n tn Food allergies, fleas allergy dermatitis, scabies and other mites are all culprit's for hair loss. Please have your cat examined by a vet.
Avatar f tn I always have low BP, and low body temp, and i have vitiligo allergies, and hair loss, bald patches, and i dont think im converting the thyroxine very well, causing me all these problems I would have known but i was that sick i paid to see a nutritionist, naturopath, who put me on the right track.
Avatar f tn After bleaching my hair for 5 times i noticed hair breakage, increased hair loss and thinning mostly at the top of my head. My ferritin level is only 12 and i have also zinc defieciency. I am 44 years old female. Is my hair thinning due to nutritional defieciencies, to hair breakage or it is aga? Does hair thinning from iron deficiency mimic aga? Thanks in advance.
2109733 tn?1334130838 help my 7 yr old male short hair cat keeps nibbleing hair off and its pretty extensive almost his whole bach and belly, butt, hind legs on both sides what do i do
Avatar f tn It could be a lot of things. It could be related to stress or allergies, alopecia, or general hair loss. Usually hair loss for men starts with the front though. It does seem a bit odd that he has 4 different spots. It may be as simple as changing shampoos. If you continue to worry about it or it gets worse just bring him to the doctor.
Avatar f tn Again, please see your veterinarian first, as Benedryl will not make the hair loss any better and often the underlying cause continues with more hair loss resulting.
Avatar f tn I have visited a dermatologist but before jumping onto his "hair regimine", I wanted another opinion. I am in my early 30s, very health, eat well, no kids. I always had thick long hair all my life. My family all has thick hair (including all grandparents with exception of my grandpa). I experienced increase hair shedding especially in the shower for 1.7 years. I comb my hair in shower and def end up with 150+ in my hands when Im done, as well as the hairs on my coats clothes etc.
Avatar n tn I work at a dog groomers and we had a dog come in that had peeling dry irritated skin and hair loss. The owner said he got into the swamp so it might be that. He failed to mention that he bathed him his self after. When we sprayed him down to get wet before we bathed him, he sudsed right up. The shampoo wasnt totally rinsed. Make sure he is good and rinsed and see if that helps. Dont use soap unless its special fro sensitive skin like an all natural thing. All the best.
Avatar n tn Hi veed, I'm sorry about your pet. Mange can be so difficult to treat!! I have my cat with ringworm, which also causes hair loss and it is also spreading. My cat doesn't seem to be itchy around the ears. So, would you describe for us how the skin looks? Is it dry, flaky, scaly, do you see scabs? Sometimes, the only symptoms for ringworm is hair loss in irregular patterns. Doesn't have to be circular spots. So, I'd pay attention to that.
Avatar n tn org/posts/show/210 , that excessive amounts of cortisone can cause excessive thirst, excessive hunger, and hair loss. Taz (his name) has a great deal of hair loss the past few days. We have literally combed off 3 wal-mart bags full to the top of hair, and yet somehow he has no bald spots, no red spots, no skin bleeding, no cracking....etc.. He does have dandruff and has had staph infection of the skin before. Today we brought him to the vet to get checked and they say he's absolutely fine.