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Avatar n tn It could be allergies, although an good eye doctor should be able to diagnose eye allergy symptoms. Did you see an opthamologist or an optometrist? An opthamologist is a medical doctor specializing in the eye. An optometrist only does vision testing for glasses. I find using contact saline solution as an eye wash and an antihistamine eye drop are very helpful. I like Zaditor for my eye drop and use an antique eye wash cup to wash my eyes twice daily. I hope that helps.
Avatar f tn Does pregnancy have an effect on your vision.. my eyes run lik crazy everyday..
2099148 tn?1338651866 Non infectious causes are allergies, chemicals and injury. Sometimes swollen eyes can occur with other inflammations or infections of other parts of the eye like iris, cornea, lens etc. It's important that an element of injury needs to be ruled out so you will need to consult your primary care physician for further evaluation. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar f tn I do not know what's wrong with my eyes hope you can help. I will be fine and out of no where my eyes begin to get horribly watery and it burn so badly. I don't believe its allergies bc I stayed away from being outside thinking that was it but my eyes still watered and burned. I wear glasses not contacts. I don't not wear make up.
Avatar n tn What causes severe pain above eyes? Also have severe continuous headaches.
Avatar f tn Me too my eyes are sore and itchy mine is allergies there's a lot of heat and bad air out there at least here in CA there is ..Pollen ,grass all causes eyes to hurt,I use drops and bathe eyes in cold water .
1754670 tn?1312378295 Hey guys. My allergies get so bad. My eyes get so itchy, they ve stringy white things coming out of them, they get so red and swollen mess up my whole day, i need something that can control the itching.
Avatar m tn Hi, I want to know why I have on both eyes, crescent shaped bruises or discoloration on the lower eyes just above/on the cheekbones? I had 2 upper root canals 2 years ago, 2 wisdom teeth out this year even though the bruising was already there before the teeth were taken out. What are the causes for this? Is it related to the dental procedures even though it has happened months and years after this?
Avatar f tn When the air blows in my face it irritates the veins/blood vessel around my eyes, they get puff and swollen that causes the pressure in my eyes to go up. I'm using four different eye drops provided by my doctor. I only have close-up vision in my left eye and I'm worried that I may soon lose site in my right eye. Should I see a dermatologist are have my doctor do a patch skin test? I've had two blood test, I'm not sure what they were looking for.
Avatar f tn I recently started having significant under eye swelling. I've had "bags" under my eyes before, but this is different. It's more like fluid filled "sacs". My nose also looks swollen. This will reduce slightly as the day progresses, but not completely. My allergies are under control, so I am concerned. The swelling seems to blur my vision slightly and my eyes have been watering more despite having my allergies under control.
Avatar f tn im 21 yrs. old and have had bags under my eyes forever, i don't believe in surgery on my eyes so what else can i do?
535822 tn?1443976780 by Longevity Science. It is all natural and helps with dry eyes, allergies and even slows down the development of cataracts. You put two drops per day in each eye. The main ingredient is listed in the inactive ingredients due to the dang FDA ruling, but it works just the same, it is N-acetyl-carnosine. You can get it through Emerson Ecologics, the number is 1-800-654-4432. The cost is 34.95. My naturopath prescribed it for me. Here is the website for it.
Avatar f tn Likely the result of dry eyes and possibly allergies. Other causes like conjuctivits or keratitis could also contribute. You definitely need to see an ophthalmologist as soon as possible. Try artificial tears in the meantime.
Avatar n tn I have heard about allergies being a possible cause for it, i do have allergies and always a feeling of dry eyes but dont take anything for it (wouldnt know what to take to help) or also lack of water intake? If someone would give me a hand on what to do at this point. Should i try a certain cream to help deminish it? Take certain vitamins/ allergy meds. Someone please help cause i HATE the way they make me look. Thankyou so much.
Avatar f tn There are many causes of cough but the most likely cause in a young man, in a young man with a history of allergies (“a runny nose and watery eyes”) would be asthma or allergic inflammation of the nose resulting in post-nasal drip. The medication you’ve been given, Galpseud, is a combination anti-histamine/decongestant, a reasonable choice.
Avatar m tn It seems that two of the main causes of dark circles are wheat and dairy allergies. As part of a lifestyle change, I completely cut out wheat from my diet about three months ago. Now that I know wheat isn't the cause, I'm going to cut out dairy to see if anything changes. I'm just wondering how long it might be before my raccoon eyes start to go away, assuming that they are actually caused by some sort of dairy allergy? Two weeks, a month, two months?
Avatar n tn and she thought maybe it was allergies. but I feel pressure behind my eyes and feel like I cant open them all the way and that it hurts to look up and down, side to side, I also have what feels like musle pain in my upper mid back. I had a head CT that said I had enlarged ventricles and sulci for patients age. and the impression was advanced involuntionary changes for patients age. My dr. did not seem to think anything of this as I have heard nothing from her.
Avatar f tn Non infectious causes are allergies, chemicals and injury. The water could have carried the infection or the allergen. Sometimes swollen eyes can occur with other inflammations or infections of other parts of the eye like iris, cornea, lens etc. It's important that an element of injury needs to be ruled out so he will need to consult your primary care physician for further evaluation. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar n tn I have suffered with allergies for about 15 years, mostly occasional sneezing and itchy skin when in contact with some cats. The main problem is a blocked up nose, I have had allergy testing which confirm allergies to cats, dogs and rabbits, and a mild allergy to pollen. I have also have asthma which is under control. I have used various anti-histimines and nasal steroid sprays with some success.
Avatar f tn The red sounds like allergies or something, but is the yellow discharge or are the whites of your eyes yellowish in color? See your doctor immediately if this is the case. Yellowing of the eyes sounds like jaundice and should be taken seriously.
Avatar m tn Hi, Eye bags or puffy eyes can be due to a lot of factors such as allergies, certain medications, heredity or fluid retention from changes in weather or hormone levels. Getting enough sleep at night with your head slightly raised helps prevent fluids from accumulating around your eyes. Dark circles under the eyes may also be caused by prolonged exposure to sunlight, lack of sleep or fatigue, or aging.
Avatar n tn My mother has been suffering from extreme allergies for the past two months. She has always had allergies since she moved to the U.S. nearly 20 years ago. But this is the first year, it's been this bad. When she wakes in the morning she habitually has nosebleeds and sneezing fits. Her nose is regularly "clogged". Claritin doesn't work for her anymore. And when her doctor recommended NeilMed, it alleviated some of her symptoms but only for a short time.
Avatar n tn These all can cause a sore eye and watering from the eyes. Conjunctivitis due to allergies or infections either viral or bacterial is the commonest cause of red sore eyes, itchiness and discharge. It is best to get your eyes checked by an ophthalmologist and only after a correct diagnosis treatment can be started. Treatment will be specific based on the cause. Do write to me again. Best of luck!
Avatar m tn This is a common problem for people who sleep under fans, sleep with CPAP machines for sleep apnea, have dry eyes, have had eyelid surgery. The treatment is turn off the fan, humidify the bedroom and put a lubricating gel in both eyes at bedtime (e.g. Genteal gel, Refresh Liquigel, Refresh PM) On awakening put in a set of regular eye drops (e.g.
Avatar f tn Usually this is from touching the eyes and transferring bacteria from the hands. If you have itchy eyes from allergies or dry eyes, you could be rubbing them a lot. Rubbing the delicate eye tissue causes wrinkles, so there are many reasons to avoid it. Also wash your hands, including the nails on both sides of the nail as a lot of germs hang on there. Another cause of eye discomfort is dry eyes. Consider whether you eat too many simple sugary foods and processed foods.
Avatar f tn Sometime eye drops resembling tears can be put in the eyes to bring relief. It can also be due to allergies. You can consult an eye specialist and check this out. Take care!