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Avatar f tn I have such a itchy throat, and i keep coughing i hate it.. its annoying..
Avatar f tn My 3 year old son coughing since beginning of june. Then around july he cough more usualy in the morning time when we home. But when we go to the store he didnt cough at all. I got allregies medison but he still coughing. I dont know qhat to do now. We took him the docter and she tell us to get allragies medison too. Please help me solve this problem. Thank you!
Avatar n tn I am constantly coughing. People know when I am around just by hearing my cough. I do it so often, I have become used to it and carry on as if it is normal but I know that it isn't. I am fine for a while and suddenly I have to cough. Sometimes the cough turns into a fit and makes me feel like throwing up. Sometimes my eyes water, throat itches and it simply wears me out. I am convinced that I am suffering from allergies but my doctor wants to be sure that my lungs are ok.
7596124 tn?1394671431 I've been coughing every night for about a week now and it's causing me to lose sleep and puke. DoCtor said it's allergies but it's ONLY when I laydown. What can I do oor take?
Avatar n tn I've had severe allergies for 24 weeks! My whole pregnancy. I have been coughing and sneezing for this long! Now for a month now I have had ear aches, and sore throat. I take claritin once daily, delsum cough medicine, benadryl at night, for the pressure in my ear I plug my nose and mouth and blow air until I hear and feel a mild POP or use steam for nasal problems, I use saline non medicated nasal spray and gargle salt water, I'm gonna buy a humidifier to help too.
Avatar f tn Many people do not realize that coughing is an asthma symptom. If fact there is a sub category of asthma called cough variant asthma. A patient with this asthma does not wheeze, but only cough, and cough and cough. If it is determined that he has asthma, pre-treating with a rescue inhaler should crub his symptoms and allow him to exercise normally. I hope that helps you.
Avatar f tn I've been coughing up mucus and have a runny / stuffy nose for the past two months almost . Nothing I do has helped . I've tried Tylenol cold medicine and Claritin . Idk what else to do. But it hasn't gotten better . I thought it was getting better a little bit , but then went back to the way it was . I've talked to my doctor about it and he said its nothing and to try Claritin.
Avatar n tn whats the different between true allergies and non true allergies
Avatar n tn Thanks both where.helpful.I will bring it up to my doc.
Avatar m tn Whenever he smells or eats then after he just starts coughing. We have consulted many doctors but still the result is worst. He just keep coughing at nights and cant sleep. He had a test,and result was that he is allergen to thinks like dust,perfume,sweet all that. he is using some antibiotics but its affect last till some minutes. so please give suggestion.
Avatar f tn I hate feeling so sick with allergies and I feel if ny coughing is bothering the baby.. any help?
Avatar n tn I have been coughing for about 7 years. I have been to 3 doctors and been on meds for post nasal drip, asthma. I had my thyroid out in Oct; because it was enlarged and closing up my trachia but that didn't help. Have had xrays and cat scans and everything looks good. It seems to coming from my throat area. sometimes i cough so hard that i almost pass out. I'm really at wits end. Any suggestions?
Avatar m tn s (chest xrays) have been normal then there could be something else causing the coughing. Are you on any kind of medications? Had bad allergies or something?
Avatar f tn As veterinarians we see a lot of similar cases each week in practice and it is likely allergies. The coughing comment is quite worrisome, though. Coughing is usually not related. Please see your veterinarian again and have him or her listen closely to his chest and take chest xrays. I hope a problem is not found, but respiratory problems are not something to wait around on.
Avatar m tn I have been to the doctor several times over coughing, taken bunches of medicine, when the medicine runs out I cough again. I have sinus drainage, allergies (for which I have had two years of shots), my nose isn't clogged and I do not have sinus headaches, occasional sinus pressure, nothing bad. The past several winters I get a "viral infection" and I cough, mostly at night, I get this a couple of times a year, late fall and mid spring.
Avatar m tn My nova scotia duck tolling retriever has been coughing on and off for years. Sometimes it brings up phlegm; other times not. We know she has allergies to ragweed, grass, weeds, flaxseed. Her food contains nothing that she's allergic to. I understand that her allergies may act up in the summer, but her coughing is year-round (we live where we have winter from Nov.-Mar. so the grasses are dead part of the year).
Avatar f tn I can't stop coughing. It hurts so much. Anything besides drinking water? I've sat up,laid down walked drank water like crazy... I don't even wanna spit after I cough cause I feel like it's been so violent I'll be coughing up blood... baby girls moving and I'm still having Braxton hicks but this cough is killing my throat.... didn't happen til about 2-3 hours ago and just seems to,get worse.... any suggestions?
Avatar f tn The timing sounds right for seasonal allergies in most locales too. I would also recommend treating it like allergies and seeing if it gets any better. I've had seasonal allergies my whole life and I have definitely become sore in my chest and abdomen from sneezing/coughing. If allergy treatments don't work, you can also try a humidifier. Like mentioned, stuffy noses are common during pregnancy, and the coughing could be from the air in your home being very dry.
Avatar f tn Anyone else have their allergies act crazier than usual while pregnant? I'm about 4/5 weeks and I'm sneezing a lot, my nose is stuffy & runny,I'm coughing and I just feel blah! I was taking Zyrtec and Nasonex spray, but recently stopped when I discovered I was preggo. I just got benadryl, gunna give it a shot tonight. Would rather take something that won't make me drowsy though.
Avatar f tn Something I hadn’t done in 12 years. Then I started to get allergies to everything. Food, cat, dog. Everything I went near I had a reaction to. Then I couldn’t be around any perfume or smells or I would get a severe asthma attack. I couldn’t go into my apartment for more than 15 minutes without coughing and my eyes itching and just being miserable. I stopped eating all yeast and sugar and ate only vegetables and protein. Still….no help. The smallest little thing would set me off.
Avatar m tn However, the GP I saw after the x-ray was dismissive of my concerns about my throat. He said it could be allergies, although I have had allergies in the past, my last attack was well over 10 years ago and never involved coughing just sneezing, it doesn’t feel at all like allergies and my allergies were caused by pollen, this started in the winter months. I have read all sorts of cancers that can cause coughs, including oesophagus cancer.
Avatar m tn yes, my son can have a cough when he has a drip in his throat and he can have a drip in his throat from his allergies. Seasonal allergies have been tough this year with the odd weather in the US. I got an air filter (just a small size/room size one) and use a vacuum with a filtering system (dyson) and it has helped a lot lately. good luck.
Avatar m tn Allergy-induced asthma is the most common type of asthma in the United States. Some of the same things that trigger allergies — pollen, dust, pet dander — also can trigger asthma attacks. The most common asthma symptom is coughing, which is far less common in allergies. You need to see an allergy specialist to determine if you have asthma and what triggers your attacks. Allergies cause your immune system to respond to a substance abnormally. They can produce severe reactions.
981046 tn?1248587175 She was diagnosed with allergies about two months ago and since then has been getting weekly shots.I am skeptical that the shots are doing anything but emptying our bank account! She continues to have a chronic cough and we have not noticed any improvement. I need a professional if at all possible that can help with any other suggestions. P.S. she does not have Asthma and never has smoked. Thanks for any help you can send our way !!!
Avatar n tn About a month or two ago I was sick, I had a fever and was coughing up very yellow mucus. Sometimes with much nastier substances captured inside. Now I just can't breath without coughing or wheezing and I can hear my lungs rattling when I do. No mucus at all. I've had allergies my whole life. But it's only been affecting this past year or so. I've had very short episodes like this before, but this has lasted over a month.
Avatar f tn i guess really it depends on the severity of it, to me it feels like someone squeezing my lungs and sitting on my chest making it harder and harder to breath until I take my inhaler then there is a lot of coughing like raspy kinda with a good amount of wheezing it's HORRIBLE