Allergies and yellow mucus

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Avatar f tn Off and on I notice streaks of blood in the mucus in my throat. I have allergies and always have post nasal drip. The mucus is clear, not discolored so I don't think it's an infection. I don't smoke or drink. Can allergies cause blood in your mucus? I don't have the money to go to an ENT and my reg doctor told me he doesn't know. Oh, also, when I notice the blood, I haven't had a bloody nose or picked my nose or anything.
Avatar f tn I have chronic allergic rhinitis. I have approx 30+ allergies and asthma. I take allegra, advair, flonase and singulair daily. In recent months I have started getting dry chunks of weird stuff coming from the base of my sinuses, I think. It usually happens when I clear my throat or brush my teeth. It is semi soft, grainy when squished, yellow and about the size of a large pea or even larger. Should I be concerned? I work at an envelope manufacturing plant with lots of paper dust.
Avatar n tn About a month or two ago I was sick, I had a fever and was coughing up very yellow mucus. Sometimes with much nastier substances captured inside. Now I just can't breath without coughing or wheezing and I can hear my lungs rattling when I do. No mucus at all. I've had allergies my whole life. But it's only been affecting this past year or so. I've had very short episodes like this before, but this has lasted over a month.
Avatar f tn I have this weird yellow mucus every morning back of my throat I guess it gets collected at night when I sleep. Don’t know from where it’s coming . Any idea ?
Avatar n tn Maybe your snot is whitening because of your allergies. Your allergies may be causing your body to produce lots of mucus to wash the allergen out. I guess this mucus has gotten thick and is now showing white. I would be more concerned if my mucus was yellow or green as these are usually signs of a sinus infection. Hope this helps to put you at rest. All the best.
Avatar m tn I have a past of allergies and asthma but never really took anything for it and its never really been a problem other than when i was younger. I had a clear and sometimes yellow mucus discharge when i blew my nose and it would still be blocked off. Im able to breathe through my nose here and there and it only gets blocked a few times a day but now i have a major cough and a wheezing sound in my chest when i cough, exhale, and now im starting to get wheezing when i inhale.
Avatar f tn If you don't have white spots in your throat (indicating strep) or yellow or green mucus, I would say it's just a common cold. I always feel worse in the morning and at night in terms of my allergies or when I'm sick.
Avatar n tn and i was dripping that color for about 20 minutes and then stopped like it had run out. It was not mucus because it was not slimy and it looked like water with food yellow food coloring. then it happened again to day.
Avatar n tn The 1st episode was while excercising I felt something wet in my underwear and thought I had had a bought with loose stools without knowing, when I rushed to the bathroom I found what looked like yellow thick mucus in my underwear. This drainage went on for about 6-8 hours. This happened again 10 days later when I bent over. Again it ran out with out my knowledge, then drained for 2 days.
Avatar f tn t do anything at all but cause me to have a bad infection in my bowels, i have had ct of the sinsus area all ok, my nose is constantly stuffy and i do cough up sometimes light yellow to clear mucus sometimes its thick little clear balls, i am a smoker half a pack a day, i am trying to quit not sure if this is causing it or if it is allergies or something the drs are missing, there is no infection. I am 30 years old and not sure if anyone else has had this or has any suggestions.
Avatar f tn Now im expected my next period about 10 days from now and I had slippery, egg white cervical mucus (indication of ovulation and fertility) a few ago, but then got a yellow mucus snot-like discharge 3 days ago and also today. Am i pregnant?
Avatar f tn How far along are you?
Avatar m tn I have had head pressure for about 3 years it go's on all day every day. My ears pop and I get ringing noise in them but it is not all the time once in a while. My mucus in my noise is pure white and thick all the time. My heart started fluttering about three months ago and I started to get these rashes all over my body but only when you put pressure on the skin, when it get irritated it gets large welts and very red. I'm tired all the time don't know why?
Avatar f tn I have tried the famotidine back in December when all these symptoms started for about 4 weeks and I had an increase in burping and stomach/gas pains, and the mucus and difficulty swallowing did not get better. I switched to Kapidex for about 1 1/2 weeks after I stopped the famotidine, and they symptoms continued, or even got worse, and I had body aches.
Avatar n tn All day yesterday I was blowing my nose and the snot was a dark yellow. When I got home last night, I blew my nose and It was red. When I woke up this morning and blew my nose its still red. I also have a really bad cough. What could be the problem?
Avatar m tn About a month ago it started with a bad cold with a nasty cough involving coughing up yellow mucus with a runny nose and clogged sinuses. After about a week my cold symptoms subsided and the cough was really the only thing I had left. Currently, I'm still coughing although it's not as bad but I can feel the congestion in my chest. The mucus color is now clear which I think is a good sign. I also have seasonal alergies which I think does not help either.
1939607 tn?1324289300 I use saline 3 times a day to dehydrate it and I inhale on viks to relieve the pressure i am experiencing. An extra worry is that my mucus is thick and yellow/green. In the past days (and usually when i get a cold), it was watery and transparent/whitish. I called my doctor and he said that it might be indicative of a secondary infection like a sinus infection. He told me to give it another 48 hours and if it doesn't get better, i should go and get checked.
Avatar n tn What color does ur mucus have? if its white it maybe just an allergy. Yellow/green mucus usually a bacterial and viral ones. if ur too anxious just go to ur doctor. the stomach issue you got, for me suggest a gastroesophageal reflux disorder (GERD). This is just a self-proclaimed diagnosis, i might not be sure about this. so dont consider my doagnosis as a final one, but im a nursing student and have a background on medical stuff. i suggest u consult ur doctor for further assessment.
Avatar n tn i have a very very persistent sinus allergy. nose blocks all the time over a year now and getting worse! i have been prescribed all this **** and none of it seems to work. all i have is my nose that gets blocked so often that i have to breathe with mouth and also have a permanent sore throat. currently in indiana. If someone can give me professional advice or recommend a specialist it would be appreciated!!! As i think my condition keeps getting worse.
Avatar m tn He checked the x-ray, teeth, and gums and found no issues. The tooth pain tracks the yellow mucus. Thanks for the suggestion. Sinus Dynamics is an inhaled anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, antifungal. I found it on a web search. I'm just looking to avoid surgery if at all possible, and concerned that even if I had surgery the underlying inflammation and infection will still persist. Are you concerned by the benzalkonium chloride in Veramyst and the Astelin or Patanase I sometimes use?
Avatar f tn I just went to the restroom and when I wipped yellowish mucus came out is this normal.
Avatar f tn The major one is the mucus which is clear and I have to spit it up for about half an hour when I awake and then periodically throughout the day. I've tried several sinus medication and the neti pot with only temporary relief. Also suffering from chronic constipation and have low blood pressure. Feeling dizziness and weak and fatigue. Also have tingling sensations through extremities and on face. I am being treated for yeast infection which has helped somewhat with the mucus.
Avatar m tn My nose gets lately frequently, but my mucus is always clear, never green or yellow. and im not lightheaded anymore either. From my knowledge iv never heard of someone having a sinus infection for 5 months and not being really really sick. like i can completely cope with this stuff, its just annoying. i noticed i was in a room with a humidifier and my nose seemed to clear up for the most part. iv taken claritan 24hr and it does nothing.
Avatar f tn I woke up this morning and noticed a think yellow mucus discharge , a big glob of it when i wiped and it was also all in my underwear, never had this happen before & im 36+1
Avatar n tn hi i am a very healthy 44 year old woman.but i developed this condition where my chest fills with mucus and i can't take a breathe.i don't have asthma or any other health problems.i went to the emeregency room and the doctor told me to cough up the mucus.thats hard to do when you can't breathe.i mean i literally cannot get air in my lungs until i gasp up to 20 seconds which feels like forever.