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Avatar f tn Have been tested and have very bad allergies. If I sleep with less than three pillows, it occurs more often. Could this possibly be sleep apnea instead. Definitely calling my doctor and making an appointment. Years ago I was diagnosed with anxiety and have awakened from an anxiety attack with these same feelings. It gets very confusing as to what is going on.
Avatar f tn I am 64 years old, female and have COPD and Sleep Apnea. I am currently on a Cpap machine. My question is, can the Cpap be make my COPD worse? In the time that I am on the machine I feel like my lungs are getting filled with more air. During the day my COPD seems worse. Since I have a problem getting the air out of my lungs anyway, can the machine be making my COPD worse? Thanks for any help you can give me. I am to the point that I don't know what to do.
Avatar n tn I sounds like you have either allergies or a cold. If it doesn't improve within a few more days, you should see your doctor. You should also take care of your possible allergy problem. As for your sleep problem, there's a good chance that you may have obstructive sleep apnea. Allergies can only aggravate this condition. You should talk to your doctor about this as well.
Avatar m tn I have a food allergy but not sure what it is. Since I had my son two years ago, I occasionally get very restless at night and cant fall asleep even when i'm sleepy. I have also tried taking a nap during the day, but its still hard. I also developed a bad ezcema especially on my arms, scalp, under my breast and also behind my ears. Can someone please explain whether there is any connection why I cant be calm while alsleep. I think about sleep everytime and now i'm stressed about sleep!!!
Avatar m tn t breathe at all. Does this sound like GERD and laryngeal spasms or could it be related to sleep apnea, allergies/asthma?
Avatar m tn can treating GERD with nexium really help sleep apnea and asthma? my ENT thought so and I've read that GERD can even cause sleep apnea, central apnea somehow??
Avatar n tn I am a 31 yr old male, prior history of alcohol use, but have not had a drink in 4-5 years. P.S I read your postings on sleep apnea, and I find them very informative, I am just very confused right now.
Avatar n tn to me it sounds as if you have some sort of sleep apnea. when my now 9 year old did htat when he was 2 the ENT said it was sleep apnea and he had to have his tonsils out.
Avatar m tn He sugested that it might be acid reflux gave me some meds and had me do a sleep study and found ou that i had sleep apnea he gave me a cpac machine and told me i would have to wear it for life. Has there been anyone who had sleep apnea and been able to get rid of it ?
Avatar n tn What is the relationship between obstructive sleep apnea and inferior ischemia and unexplained tachycardia? Can one be the sign, symptom, cause or risk factor of each other?.
Avatar f tn My son is 4 years old and we have been advised to have his tonsils and adenoids removed. He used to snore and suffer from sleep apnea but recently this has disappeared and he is breathing quite regularly. Do I still need to have his tonsils removed?bearing in mind he has rather large ones that are know as kissing tonsils where they are joined at the top of his throat.His adenoids are pretty active and he suffers from nasal congestion in the sinuses leading to water on the middle ear.
Avatar n tn You should see your doctor for an evaluation. Asthma is one possibility. Sleep apnea could also cause your problems breathing while asleep. A third option is GERD. All of these need to be evaluated by a doctor for propper diagnosis and treatment. The eye discharge is probably allergies. Discus that with your doctor as well. Feel better.
Avatar f tn Chiari malformation type 1 can cause central sleep apnea, and difficulty breathing due to vocal cord paralysis. This second is usually accompanied by noisy breathing and is diagnosed by an ear nose and throat specialist. While some of your symptoms could be related to Chiari malformation, others such as colds and allergies are difficult to tie in with this. It is unlikely that diffuse body pain could be caused by not getting enough oxygen.
507890 tn?1211294759 I would like to suggest you to get your sister evaluated by an ENT doctor and sleep specialist if nothing is working and causing you both sleep deprivation. Take care.
967168 tn?1477584489 What are the chances that OSA is causing me to have VTACH episodes? I have obstructed hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and had an ICD implanted 2 years ago due to malignant arrhythmia's (polymorphic ventricular tachycardia) and found out in the same week I had OSA (1 point from severe) waking 72 times nightly and oxygen going down to 76% but the sleep study showed no arrhythmia's during the test even though all my other tests showed 50,000 pvc's daily during that time frame.
Avatar m tn I have been to several allergists and have had 3 regimens of allergy shots, and just about every available prescription and over the counter medication with little or no results. I also have sleep apnea and use a CPAP machine to sleep at night. I need some help with my allergies, I am suffering with nasal drip on and off all day at work and at night at home. The last allergy tests I had they said I was allergic to mold, mildew and dust. When the humidity is high, I suffer the most. HELP!
431143 tn?1214479427 Hi KatEyes, thanks for sharing your thoughts. Yes it is a good idea to consult a sleep specialist and to get a sleep study done, as her snoring can be secondary to sleep apnea also. Have you got her evaluated by a doctor and is she on any physician care? Here is a link to know about few options how to go about treating it.
Avatar n tn From your history it seems like you could be having sleep apnea.Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder characterized by pauses in breathing during sleep. You need to discuss this with your next doctor.
Avatar n tn Honestly that sounds like sleep apnea. You should talk to your pediatrician to see if they can do a sleep study, this will determine if she does have sleep apnea and if she's getting enough oxygen while asleep. With sleep disorders you genuinely have cranky children, a little slow to get going. Does she seem to have less energy than others her age and still like getting in a nap? Does she complain of headaches?
Avatar m tn Yes, it is possible to have sleep apnea and still have vivid dreams. Some people's apnea is worse in different positions such as on their back, so there could be more dreaming when side sleeping, etc. Also, remembering your dreams could be a sign you were awakened during them, which apnea can do as it is often worse during REM. I've read (don't know for fact) that while our dreams seem like long scenes there really just seconds long.
Avatar f tn If this always happens as you are going to sleep and/or wakes you up from sleep, my first thought would be sleep apnea. Before I was diagnosed and began using a CPAP, I had become very afraid to sleep, and avoided it till I collapsed in exhaustion. Much of what you describe is what I experienced. Since I got my CPAP working well for me I have not had one episode of the sense of choking or difficulty breathing.
Avatar f tn Yes, I was diagnosed with sleep apnea earlier this year. They were surprised. They said I did not have the "throat" of a sleep apnea person, I'm thin, non-smoker, no drugs, don't snore, don't sleep with my mouth open etc. They thought it was just narcolepsy but did the 2 sleep studies and said sleep apnea in addition. I have no obstructive, no central, no hypopnea's but had quite a bit RERA's (respiratory effected related arousals).
Avatar f tn I have allergic asthma and was sick with it for a long time before I sought help. I didn't know what was wrong with me. I knew I had allergies and went to a PCP, but the allergy meds didn't work. I went to a sleep clinic because my spouse thought I had sleep apnea, but they didn't find sleep apnea. Finally I went to an allergist and I'm feeling much, much better. I use Xyzal, Nasacort AQ, Symbicort and a rescue medication as needed.
Avatar m tn even he is shocked..and thought xolairs limit was 700...2) I have sleep apnea, copd, and prediabetic and am taking Dilantin. I am not sure if he is looking at doing a series of xolair or just continuous. I am 62 and weighing 300 lbs, I have a controlled heart murmur. I have been on proair, advair, zyflo cr, for some time. I am just so hesitant...can you advice me?? and the copay is not an issue...
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