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Avatar n tn I remember that it started when I was cleaning my room, but it has been a week and the rashes are still there. I have been taking Benadryl since these rashes appeared. What other meds can I take?what could be the cause of these rashes?
Avatar n tn I have done my fair share of reading about this subject and belly, leg, and ear rashes, along with paw chewing are common symptoms of allergies, possibly from food. My dog gets really bad rashes in her ears and tries to scratch her back, but she is allergic to tons of stuff (grass, beef, fish meal, soy, flax, and weeds to name a few). The most common food allergies in dogs are wheat and corn (Nutro lamb and rice will work for these types of allergies).
Avatar n tn This allergy is a kind of red bump /rashes and it’s very itchy and it was mostly around my forearm and legs, the itchiness will be gone after a minute that I’ve applied the calamine lotion, but the rashes are still there and it will leave marks on my skin after it healed. The rashes are not so many it is only few, it develops in every part of my forearm and legs every minute and hours. This has often come and goes over a month or so and this make me feel really unease.
Avatar f tn I have skin allergies I describe them as swollen and itchy it started as a small dot but when you scratch it more it becomes bigger.What kind of allergy is this?
Avatar f tn Our girl Abby, 55 lb German-Australian Sheppard mix has been to the vet three times in the past year for one ear infection and two separate incidents of skin rashes. The vet diagnosed allergies, all treated and cleared. The last visit a couple of months ago vet said we can start with otc cortisone if rashes return and see if it helps, but if more frequent episodes then consider going back for prescription strength meds.
Avatar f tn Hello. I'm new to this site. I probably should start off with a few things about myself to help you guys help me. I've been bruising easily since 6 or so. The rashes started up at age 19. I'm 21 now. I was diagnosed with cat and dog allergies. I'm also allergic to soy and water chestnuts. I had my gallbladder removed in 2014. Age 18. Really the only thing that's a problem is the rashes/hives. I have pictures.
Avatar f tn One month later itchy skin and rashes starts. Since two years i am suffering from this. Please help me to get well.
1510461 tn?1290076920 my dog keeps scratching under her chin and neck and causeing it to be very red, this is only accassionally and not there all the time pls help.
666921 tn?1254990618 Absolutely. Ever since the bullseye rash I have been plagued with frequent rashes and allergies. They are very itchy and bothersome. I have a rash right now that is pretty much all over. They seem to last for about 6 weeks then start to resolve.
Avatar m tn I have had head pressure for about 3 years it go's on all day every day. My ears pop and I get ringing noise in them but it is not all the time once in a while. My mucus in my noise is pure white and thick all the time. My heart started fluttering about three months ago and I started to get these rashes all over my body but only when you put pressure on the skin, when it get irritated it gets large welts and very red. I'm tired all the time don't know why?
Avatar n tn Is it really cold where you live? that can cause red bumps as well. I live in Canada and we battle rashes all winter long.
5109589 tn?1363729953 I come home to georgia and the pollen and all is bad and i have bad allergies, once i got here i could tell my head started hurting and noise stopped up, and throt hurting which that is what happens when pollen season is bad its my allegies draining. Today i started to know little white bumps in random areas like a few bellow my belly button but abouve my privete area, and 2 on my side one on the back of my leg just random spots.
1486219 tn?1294371827 Hi! Sure I'll try. First: download Dr. Coca's Pulse test. It's a week long pulse taking at various times and tracking you food and drink intake. Just takes some patience. You will be able to identify any offending food or drink with almost 100% certainty! Second: Seek the best Holistic Allergy Elimination Practitioner in your area. N.A.E.T., "Allergy Antidotes", B.E.A.M. Therapists and Practitioners all do wonderful Allergy work using Energy Medicine.
357139 tn?1220101112 I have got red rashes on the inner side of my thighs/groin area and there is great itch on the rashes as well as testicles.Can your goodself advise the malaise and the medication/remedy.
Avatar n tn I have had burning, painful eyes and severe itching on head and body, but no rashes. HELP me I dont know what to do. Allergies maybe??
Avatar m tn The most likely triggers for acute urticaria are allergies to pets, horses, latex and foods, such as shellfish and nuts,bee or wasp stings,allergies to medicines,Viral infections, such as glandular fever and herpes, dental and sinus infections, fungal infections, blood transfusions and vaccines. The cause of chronic urticaria is often more difficult to identify.
Avatar m tn im so worried because i dont know what is the cause of this rashes coz i dont have any allergies and this is my first time to have a rashes like this..
Avatar m tn about a month ago i had oral sex with some girl i met two days later i started getting rashes and little red dots on my penis head it was itchy and a little sensitive it lasted more than a week then it went away but every time i have sex they comes back its not itchy anymore but the red dots and the rashes are there i was thinking that it might be the soap i am using but i be using it for a long time and never had a problem i am thinking of getting an std test but i wanna heard other opinions fi
Avatar f tn topical steroids for skin rashes and itching; oral steroids in more severe cases and bronchodilators in cases of difficulty in breathing and wheezing. These medications all help to relieve short term symptoms of allergic reactions. However, there is a way of preventing the long term symptoms of allergies. This is through a process known as immunology, more commonly referred to as an allergy shot.
571042 tn?1271447141 Brock has very sensitive skin, and I have asked about allergies as well. One of his cheeks is always red. The ped. said that one sign of allergies is a rash around the mouth...not just redness, but a splotchy, red rash. I'm assuming it looks darker. We haven't had any issues with allergies to foods.
Avatar n tn have any of your babies had food allergies and if so, how did you know. She has no rash anywhere else. It almost looks like as if she had sunglasses on and when they were taken off, the lines below them are red with pimple like bumps. I hope I am making sense. Any thoughts?
572280 tn?1217159185 I have attached the picture of my feet and as you can see it is so much dry and discoloration from the sides have developed. i have consulted a dermatologist before and given me some meds to apply and take, i'm sorry but i forgot the name on the cream. I'm taking virlix (the derma said this is for the allergy) but i stopped it because i dont want to be a dependent on the meds. taking virlix cures it for a day but totally not healing it. please help me.
Avatar n tn I dont have any allergies and I consider myself a healthy male.I have got rashes on my glans of penis and the internal skin which covers glans.Its very itchy and because of itching I got minute wounds in the form of dots which are really the points of rashes these burn intensely when i urinate. What is it?Is it an STD?What should I do?Please explain everything specially the reasons of its cause and how I got it?
Avatar f tn No only from scratching, & I don't have any known allergies
Avatar m tn how allergic that person is to a specific thing and how much of the allergen is ingested. Also not all allergies and intolerance shows up with diarrhea- you could also get bloating, rashes, swelling, nausea, headaches, etc. If you think you're experiencing an allergic reaction to something, don't have it again (if you know what it is).
20668025 tn?1503261651 The rash on my neck has a long welt where I believe I scratched it Thursday and the rashes on my arms have inflammed since Thursday due to excessive scratching. The skin irritation doesnt appear to hurt much but is definitely itchy and somewhat sore.
Avatar f tn I've had a rash on my right groin area and lower abdomen for the past maybe 3 weeks or so. It started off on the right groin and then I noticed maybe a week later that I got another rash on my lower abdomen. They have tiny bumps and it is itchy but I haven't experienced any pain, fever, or any fluid coming out from the rash. The one on my lower abdomen is red and the one on my groin is older so its a bit brown, darker in color. The skin on the oldest rash (right groin) is rough.
Avatar f tn Hope you get your rashes taken care of. Do you have food allergies?
1798727 tn?1315739792 m still itching immensely now. i kno its not any allergy cuz i do not have allergies and it cant be food poisoning based on the food i had yesterday. i need some medical advice please!