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Avatar n tn s allergies. Even though these are signs of inhalant allergies, check for food allergies too. When I quit drinking milk, my hay fever symptoms almost disappeared.
1152061 tn?1262040956 My general practitioner thought the sore throats were from ragweed. It was always ragweed season when they occured, and batteries of tests for strep throat, yeasts and other things always came back negative. I just got interdermal testing and did in fact come back reactive for ragweed, as well as molds, some pollens, dust mites and, unfortunately, cats ( I have a cat).
Avatar n tn its gotten alot worse over the last three..have been tested i am severely allergic to all tree pollens grass and ragweed pollen mold and dogs..i have tried everything ( including the drops under your tongue) nothing reaaly helps i am tired of feeling like this all time..
Avatar n tn This symptom of itchy throat is not rare in people with allergy to pollens, especially to ragweed. And those individuals may have worsening of the itch with the ingestion of banana or melon, especially cantaloupe. You might benefit by preferentially breathing through your nose and from the use of one of the commonly available non-sedating antihistamines. If your theory about this being an especially "bad" year is correct, you should expect relief of the itching with the first frost.
Avatar f tn I feel like I need to avoid almost everything. I am 35 years old and seem to continiously develop more and more. All I can do is try and avoid these foods and I have never heard of anyone else being allergic to so much.
Avatar f tn There is such a thing as environmental allergies like gas exhaust, pollen , dust. There are all kinds of things someone can be allergic to. Even something like grass pollen.
Avatar f tn Trees, White Ash, Birch Mix, Elm American, Oak Mix, Maple, Cottonwood, sycamore american, walnut tree, willow black, hickory, grass, kentucky blue, orchard, bermuda, red top, timothy, ragweed, giant ragweed, short ragweed, english plaintain, redroot pigweed, lamb quater, mold, candida albieans, dust&animals,housedust&dustmite, mixed feathers, dog hair, cat hair, cat pelt, cockroach mix." Anyway, I still wake up every morning with swollen eyes.
5986700 tn?1380791380 Hey my peeps, I haven't chirped very much lately as I've been feeling really sh*tty. Anyway, I was starting to get concerned as I thought that I was allergic to the L-Tyrosine, which has been giving me energy and I didn't want to stop taking it, Or I thought maybe it's the Milk Thistle for my liver.
Avatar m tn The pollen count for my area has been extremely high the past three weeks and this is when the phosphenes and the dry eye syndrome started. The ragweed is in total full bloom where I live, it's all over the place. There is a lot of wind which is blowing it all over and into my house. I have to keep the doors closed. My eyes have always been healthy until Aug 15 when the high pollen count happened. The highest it can go is 12 and it has bgeen 11.1 here.
Avatar n tn The symptoms seemed to be improving but now hit really hard last night, i thougth of trying to get to dr but and week and dizzy and dont thinnk I can drive. Can hardly focus enough to type this.
Avatar n tn My husband has had life-long food allergies and airborne allergies, ie; timothy grass, ragweed etc. He is 3yrs post UPPP surgery and has developed a dry cough that is brassy sounding on exhalation. Positional changes such as laying down or tilting head back will start a "tickle, itching and tightening" in his throat. He can feel postnasal drip at all times. Diphenhydramine and oral prednisone, 20mg qd, offer some relief.
Avatar m tn It is possible to be allergic to the pollen and not the grain or fruit. I can eat pork with no problems. If I am anywhere near a hog or pig I will get quite ill with respiratory symptoms. No pot bellied pig pets for us. However, some people do have cross reactions with the pollen and grain/fruit/edible parts of a plant. Ragweed is cross reactive with chamomille, cucumbers,and a few other things I can't think of right now.
1666434 tn?1325262350 OHHH on the gummies .. those with ragweed allergies .. some of the gummies contain the immune boosting ingredient that actually is derived from the root of a plant .. I wish I could recall the name of it .... it's very common. OH OH --- Echinacea (not sure how to spell it). Our allergist suggested we stay away from Echinacea due to my kids documented and symptomatic weed allergies.
6594675 tn?1382788936 My allergist advised me to go on reactine daily . i took 2 a day very often and then tried to add in juicing and such into my life and eventually came down to half every 3-4 days which is pretty much where I am now. BUT i'm still getting from time to time this Chest pains and hives , It is once every few weeks or around that lines sometimes 2 times in a week then i can go a week or something it varies.
Avatar n tn nt seem to help, the throat clearing seemed to be getting worse. He was then tested for allergies and it was found that he had only a very mild allergy to ragweed and it was so minor the doctor said it did not need to be treated. This is the 2nd doctor we have seen Please help!!
Avatar n tn I get unbelievable allergies during the end of each summer and I pray for the winter. I have tried many otc pills and I am never even 50% after them. Are there any certain prescriptions that helped people during this season?
Avatar m tn Sometimes it brings up phlegm; other times not. We know she has allergies to ragweed, grass, weeds, flaxseed. Her food contains nothing that she's allergic to. I understand that her allergies may act up in the summer, but her coughing is year-round (we live where we have winter from Nov.-Mar. so the grasses are dead part of the year). They have diagnosed her with pneumonia and found a shady spot on her lung (our vet thinks this may be scar tissue from a previous bout of pneumonia).
Avatar n tn I suffer bad hay fever allergies, and this is the worst time, besides ragweed season... I highly doubt the aggression occurs without a cause. Another idea is, some antihistimes cause drowsiness. It could be the drowsiness that is making your son cranky.
Avatar m tn He is highly allergic to dust and dustmites. We live in Houston, TX. and the pollen and ragweed are also a major problem. In our house we have the big filters in the attic for the a/c and furnace. We will have them replaced in the morning to see if this helps. This is very frustrating when you see this in young people and nobody knows what to do. Thanks for repying and I will let you know how it goes.
Avatar f tn I know your post is almost month old, but I hear you right about now. I'm 4 weeks pregnant and this ragweed is killing me. Showering during the nights, using a saline rinse, and occasionally benadryl or zyrtec. I feel bad taking it but I can barely see and function, without my 2 week pill.
Avatar f tn I get itchy watery, puffy eyes.I sneeze a lot. The doctor says its allergies and noticed that in the upper parts of my nose i am swollen. I also have been having some dry cracked skin on my upper lip and am not sure if this may be part of the allergy, but its there. does anyone here have the same thing or know what it is for sure. doc says its allergic rhinitis, but i thought that it should have stopped by now.
975357 tn?1252704723 Problem is, I went to an allergist, and he tried to do the skin scratch test and stopped and told me my skin was dermatographic and that the test would generate false positives on everything. He did a east panel, but it was for mostly food allergies not pollen and outdoor allergens. So how do I go about finding out what I am allergic to in order to be able to get immunotherapy. Apparently, about 4% of people have this..
Avatar m tn I received a low positive ANA test twice in the matter of 2 months. My doctor said he'll retest me in 6 months to see where I stand because he found out that I have some allergies, such as allergic to Cow's milk, Sesame seed, and ragweed. I complained to him about itching all over my body, but no rash just skin irritation, and some body aches. Was prescribed Methylprednisolone and Cingular...relieved me for quite some time, but the itching is back, but now with some mild testicular pain.