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Avatar n tn He says he hates school because the kids are so mean to him. They call him names like loser, stupid and so on. I now kids will be kids, but can this be why he is having these ADHD syptoms too. I tried taking him off cold turkey for two days and he just flipped out. he was in the Principals office those two days, and she threatened me that if I don't put him back on the meds that she will have to suspend him. I could not beleive it. He is not a violent child.
Avatar f tn The vast majority of these children were believed to have food allergies. More recent studies have shown that approximately 60-70% of children with and without allergies improve when additives are removed from their diet, that up to almost 90% of them react when an appropriate amount of additive is used as a challenge in double blind tests,and that food additives may elicit hyperactive behavior and/or irritability in normal children as well. ref:http://en.wikipedia.
Avatar m tn find out if she is upset, what is happening in her life and tell her this behavior is not good and not healthy ...
Avatar n tn ve only had one high risk behavior in my life and that was about 9 months ago when a condom broke on me. THe girl said she is 100 percent sure she has nothing but that is not really enough assurance for me.
Avatar n tn My 5 year old son keeps on throwing things at his classmates that result to hurting other kids. He is very competitive in school. He always wants to be the first in everything...first in arriving in school, first in finishing projects, first in brushing teeth after snack time, first in line,etc....The teacher says he does this because he is an only child and doesnt have any playmates at home, therefore he doesn't know how to interact with other kids and becomes competitive.
Avatar m tn I had my friends kids over on Saturday while the adults went on a boat trip and when we returned her daughter (5yrs) was upset because my mother in law spanked her for something she had done. While taking my mother in law home she explained to my husband and I that the 5 yr old had taken our 3 yr old son in the bedroom and locked the door, undressed our 3 yr old son and began playing " husband and wife" . I am not sure how to react to this or if there is something I should do.
Avatar n tn Definitely sounds like your son is not happy at that daycare. Try to find a daycare that has a calm surrounding with less kids. If the daycare provider only has a few kids, the provider should be able to give more attention to your child. Also, if the daycare has lots of singing that would help with his attitude. Like my grandmother used to say "A singing child is a happy child". Do you have lab proof of the ADHD diagnosis?
Avatar n tn He get very overwhelmed if there are a lot of kids together at a park or party and he will choose a spot to play where there are no kids. I have a feeling that he is scared of other children. We constantly reassure him but it doesn't seem to be working. He also lacks confidence to do anything new or different even if we constanly assure him that it is safe.
Avatar n tn Better supervision, how can they behave like this if they are being looked after , set bounderies and do not allow that kind of behavior , put them into time out or when older remove the things they want for a few days.Give them lots of positive attention, and make sure they have physical activities and Games, sports, they are bored. check out if they behave at school.
Avatar n tn my little girl is 10 and she said she is having trouble breathing if she has to lay flat she cant breath she has to have her head up and it feels heavy on her chest
127124 tn?1326735435 Then he gets into a situation like your home, which might be very much like the home he came from, kids and all, and he starts to feel more like his old self and he begins to display the behaviors that landed him in rescue in the first place. Growling is not a behavior to mess around with. Growling is a warning. A warning you don't want to ignore or try to get past alone, especially if you have children. Ask your vet to recommend a good behaviorist.
Avatar f tn Hello, I am reasonably new to step- parenting and I ask these questions knowing I have much to learn. I am also respectful of the fact that these kids are my partner's and she has every right to choose the way her kids are raised. I by no means want to upset any systems or routines she has et in place. I have been welcomed into her family and I want to honor that in the way I treat her kids. My partner is often very tired as she has a demanding job and also suffers from chronic pain.
Avatar n tn My daughter has asthma and numerous allergies, and once we had the surgery her sinus infections cleared up and her sleep was better and deeper. Your poor little grandson must be so tired!! The surgery will make a huge difference!
Avatar f tn What is a "recent 18 yr child?" Are you saying you have a teenager, and ... what, he or she has not been with you until recently? I think you should try reacting differently. Your reaction is in your control. Try singing your answer. Try not answering. Try ANYTHING different. Yelling is going to get you nowhere. Blaming the kid won't, either.
Avatar f tn We recently had him place in a partial hospitalization program primarily for hitting our other kids and now most recently us (parents). The psychiatrist seems to be ignoring the apraxia and has determined that he has bipolar disorder which does run in my mother's family. Is it common for kids with apraxia to have behavior problems even when speech is improving and is it common for kids with appraxia to be misdiagnosed with bipolar disorder?
Avatar m tn It sound like the teacher was trying to protect you child from something that she thinks was dangerous and tried to correct him by putting him on a time out this seems reasonable and she was doing her job, but it seems he did not like the punishment and acted out in an inappropriate way, yes kids will be kids, but even at a young age should not try to hurt anyone.
754367 tn?1233692384 MY little girl has always had behavior issus. We have had her in counceling and at times I thought she had ADD. Food allergies run in the family CORN ,WHEAT, CHOCOLATE. I have been doing alot of reading on food allergies being linked to behavior problems. What I was wondering is if anyone else has heard about this or delt with it?
Avatar f tn Have you ever had him tested for ADD/ADHD? I first discovered my son had ADD at age 5 but I tried medication and didn't like how he reacted to it so I've tried home remedies and holistic ways to control his outburst and behavior aspects and have found that between school and home corporation things have gotten better. A lot of times children can be misdiagnosed for ADD/ADHD and they just are exceptional kids who just need to be micromanaged to keep them focused.
Avatar f tn Hi Everyone, October 2013, I had anaphylactic shock to the flu mist. The Allergist I was seeing said I couldn't have been allergic to the flu mist. My family and I have been living in Columbia, SC for a year now. The Allergist did the skin test, and blood work. Then, come to find out I am Allergic to most of the trees, weeds, and grasses here. I continue having allergic reactions, and anaphylactic shocks even after being on a bunch of medications, and steroids to help fight the allergens.
Avatar n tn One other possibility meds given to children with ADHD can have side effects like aggression and violence, so I would speak to the doctor and ask about the meds and dosage
1232362 tn?1333135406 Our older Spirit (about 12ish, spayed) has been sneezing clear mucus, has bright clear eyes, good appetite, normal behavior (wants to play and does her pm yodeling and such) but this has lasted a good week now. She seems completely fine except for the sneezing and snotting. Could it just be some sort of allergies? We're using the same litter, same food, same same same.
Avatar n tn I feel when a child has so much anger, they need to see someone to find out if there is more going on. Why does she get more than the other kids? Let us know her age and we can go from there....OK?
Avatar m tn Mum is this you?? LOL I almost have the same problem with my son, but it's managable... I dont freak out but we are firm when we need to... BTW, he actually listens to my husband more than he does me. Parially because I give a lot of warnings and no follow through, but he doesn'e and he follows through on his threats. Ofcourse if kids see other kids getting away with murder they will try to push the limits with their own parents to see what they can get away with.
Avatar m tn As the babysitter I would keep track of the boys behavior and also bring it to the boys Mothers attention. There could be similar issues at home...but I would be careful as to how you approach it because the last thing you want to do is have the parents question you. It sounds to me that the boy might have someone in his life "teaching" him these things (not you but possibly a male figure). He might be the victim of sexual abuse.