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6594675 tn?1382788936 My allergist advised me to go on reactine daily . i took 2 a day very often and then tried to add in juicing and such into my life and eventually came down to half every 3-4 days which is pretty much where I am now. BUT i'm still getting from time to time this Chest pains and hives , It is once every few weeks or around that lines sometimes 2 times in a week then i can go a week or something it varies.
Avatar n tn Juicing is good, but its quite a bit of sugar you're consuming and you lose the fiber. Yes, it maybe easier to assimilate the nutrients but you don't need that much sugar. How about trying to make a smoothie instead. You get the nutrients and fiber, which is great as many pregnant women can be constipated. Hard things like beets, juice and add to the smoothie. As long as the blender is strong enough, apples, beets, could be placed in as well.
Avatar n tn I don't get it. Juicing implies taking the fiber out of fruits and veg, and producing a sugar-rich (including fructose rich) drink. How can that be good for diabetes. I would think eating vegetables, whole, and staying away from sugary fruits, a better option.
Avatar n tn Can you OD on juicing? I have started juicing and drink about two 8 oz glasses per day. Usually I juice carrots, kale, celery, apples. Occassionaly dandelions, tomatoes and spinich. I have been doing this everyday for almost a week. Now I am concerned about taking in too many nutrients. Is that possible? Also what are some good combination of juices, what else should I try?
2065676 tn?1331422440 My wheatgrass has almost sprouted and should be ready to harvest (cut) at 5 inches long this week. Is this okay to take.
Avatar f tn Is anyone juicing during their pregnancy? I am 5 weeks pregnant & have been juicing fruits & veggies! I did it before I was pregnant & am containing it during my entire pregnancy. I have noticed a rise in energy, no more constipation & overall better mood!
5536514 tn?1373500002 I have hepatitis c, genotype2. I have been juicing with fruit and veggies, but I don't know what veggies and fruits to drink. I also have chronic kidney disease. I don't know how much to drink. or how much. My doctor told me to cut out salt. Can I use a very little bit of fake salt.? Are there any other meat I can eat besides chicken and fish?.
2203249 tn?1338990446 I also figure post tx juicing helps replenish your body of depleted minerals and vitamins,helps detoxify your body from drugs we have taken and with juicing you get the nano water factor thrown in.So it can't hurt if your juicing what is right for you. Congrats to your BF on finishing treatment and godspeed on the road to recovery.
2059648 tn?1439766665 If this were a nutrition forum per se or you googled "the positive effect of juicing" I'm sure you would find plenty of benefits reported: some proven, some anecdotal. And sticking to your question per se I would reply you need to discriminate about what you are juicing, e.g., carrots might be problematic beyond a certain quantity, are any ingredients competitive with your medications biological availability, etc.....
6366876 tn?1381757055 Has anyone done this long term and been successful? Its hard to build my menu on here with juicing and green smoothie. Everything is whole serving.
Avatar f tn Juicing is expensive when compared to eating whole fruits and vegetables. It requires special equipment, including a juice extractor, quality knives and storage containers. Like other kitchen appliances, juice extractors vary in price according to their features, durability and other characteristics. High-quality juicers can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Extracting juice also uses more produce than preparing meals.
Avatar f tn I have lost weight while being hypo... 23 lbs in approximately 3 months, mostly by eliminating most breads, pasta and white rice and adding healthy fats, such as coconut and olive oils, avocado, etc. I went back to full fat dairy vs low or no fat dairy and added more red meat, butter and eggs to my diet. The fat made me feel fuller, so I actually ended up eating less calories throughout the day, than I had been on a low fat diet.
Avatar m tn PLEASE SHARE WITH US how many of each and how often do you drink them? I currently have a-fib and just started into juicing! I truly believe juicing and change of diet and lifestyle are the main "ingredients" to help cure a-fib!
Avatar m tn You could consider a serving of juice "part" of a meal. It's not enough to constitute an entire meal, because it won't have protein and fat or enough fiber. Juicing gives you a lot of vitamins and minerals, but it removes all the filling fiber that you'd normally get from your fruits and veggies. You need to have some protein with every meal/snack you eat throughout the day. Protein should make up at least 30% of your calories.
Avatar f tn My allergies were severe, mainly consisting of brain fog and nasal congestion, and allergy eyes. Allergy shots had seemed to be helping. One day I woke up a couple days after my allergy shots with the left side of my face swollen. It wasnt terrible but definatly wasnt something i had ever experienced. I shrugged it off and went to work thinking maybee my allergies had just acted up or i had eaten something that i was intolerant to.
Avatar n tn Juice covers a lot -- virtually anything can be juiced if you're doing this yourself. Fruit juices contain a lot of sugar, but can also be powerful antioxidants, but vegetable juices can be very valuable. Wheatgrass juice is great. So this depends on what you mean by nutritional juices. Most important, avoid anything that's not organic. When you juice anything, you use a lot of it, and that enhances the amount of harmful chemicals that exist on whatever you're juicing.
Avatar m tn I just got an expensive juicer and started juicing last week. However, I am not sure if the raw veggie juicing is a healthy choice for our injured & damaged liver. I saw someone suggested to steam it instead of eating raw. Please kindly comment. Currently the list of veggies I used for juicing are: Garlic Onion broccoli Beetroot cucumber lemons Apples pears grapes celery carrots Ginger Green leafs (all kinds, like cabbage, kale, Lettuce, etc) Another related question.
2065676 tn?1331422440 As far as HCV is concerned, unless you have cirrhosis or issues with iron storage you can eat anything you care to; within reason of course.
Avatar m tn Hi I'm new here, and I've been doing some research on juicing and green smoothies has anyone tried this I don't want to do the interferon treatments, I feel awful all the time I'm so tired and no energy can someone tell me what smoothies work for this disease or if they do
Business woman2 While juicing may have some health benefits, I agree that using juicing (or any cleanse) cleanse is mostly a fad, and you need to incorporate healthy eating and exercise into your plan, or you will only regain the lost weight.
1154561 tn?1275254669 Oh, and really, nothing beats juicing organic veggies. It preserves the nutrients and freshness best, but it is time consuming and you need a very good juicer that doesn't produce a lot of heat as it works -- most juicers get so hot you might as well cook the food. But if you have the time and motivation, it's just a great thing to do.
Avatar f tn At other meals, watch your portion sizes and stick to whole foods, namely lean proteins, fresh vegetables and fruits and whole grains, to help you drop pounds. By eating whole foods, you won't feel as if you're starving. If you do juice to help your weight loss plan, realize that calories from juice can add up FAST! if you include a lot of fruit in your mix. The sugars in the fruit also spike your insulin levels, leading to energy swings and inhibiting weight loss.
Avatar f tn Back pain, 5 bulging disks, neck pain, fibryo, shoulder pain knee pains, are all so bad, I can hardly stand it. I am juicing , taking MSM, lidocain patches, chiropractor, ect., ect. So on and so forth. I feel like Im living as a vegetable. Sometimes I cry so much from pain and start to think about going back on the pain meds, just to have a normal life again. What to do, what do do!
Avatar m tn I use lidocain patches, aspercreme, glucosomine chondrotin, hot pads, and just started juicing today. Ive been reading alot about juicing and how it can heal inflammation as I have about 6 different kinds of body pains to deal with. I will be juicing 2x's a day for as long as it takes. Read up about juicing and how it heals, I think it's a good thing to do after detoxing anyways. Look up, " the juiceman" on you tube.
Avatar f tn I started Juicing and drinking boost plus in chocolate flavor. I overall feel better after drinking the boost. (= the juicing is just really good.