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Avatar f tn My problem is that for the last three days I have been experiencing extremly dry mouth. I am not on any kind of medication and my period started two days after the problem started, is it due to my periods? I should state here that I havenot experienced any thing of this kind before. Thank you.
Avatar m tn I have been everywhere on the web and here and nothing seems to fit, until i did some research and saw that dry mouth is sympotmatic of diabetes. Can anyone shed some light? Its more of an inconvenience than anything else. I can still swallow, doesnt affect taste, throat isnt sore, sleeping is not a problem. I should also mention this doesnt happen everytime and its also varies in dryness. I am going to be changing from a GP to Internest within the next couple of months.
Avatar f tn ve been feeling tired, light headed at times, blocked nose, dry mouth and wake up during the night out of breath. Do you get these symptoms?
Avatar f tn It would swell my eyelid almost till my eye was shut. I have a pretty bad history of staph infections. Also the roof of my mouth has been itching and when it starts to itch it will get these hard lumps on one side at a time. They don't hurt or anything they just itch. Now I'm starting to get a cough with phlegm in it and nausea like you would get from taking an antibiotic without eating first.
Avatar f tn Since December I have had a really dry tickly cough. It happens every couple of hours around the clock and keeps me up for hours every night. It always starts with a tickly throat and then proceeds to a cough that makes my throat even worse. I've been to see my GP countless times since it began and have been prescribed antibiotics, steroid nasal spray, throat spray, inhalers, antacid tablets and have even had an x-ray, all of which have failed to work or diagnose a problem.
Avatar m tn I get dry mouth and urinate frequently at night. I do not have diabetes according to my labs (A1C and BG). Additionally, I have dry, red allergy eyes. I believe the eye issue is caused by my allergies, although I have read about Sojrens syndrome (I am male, and have no other symptoms aside from dry eyes and mouth). I was wondering if an of this rings a bell for the med help community or its doctors?
Avatar n tn Shih tzus are very prone to a disease called keratoconjunctivitis sicca, or dry eye. What happens is their eyes stop producing their own tears, and the eyes dry out and become very itchy and irritated. As a result, the skin around the eyes becomes red and inflamed looking, and it COULD have something to do with the redness and hair loss around the mouth as well, since these dogs have such short faces, the itchy eyes cause them to rub their faces on carpets, rough-textured furniture, etc.
Avatar m tn m 16 years old. My body weight is 180 pounds and my height is 6 feet. So is it normal for dry mouth to last this long? I'm afraid to go to the doctor because he may report me to the police for the illegal use of an ADHD medicine. Please help.
Avatar f tn Hi everyone.. i just recently started to have this same problem 4 months ago. I've become allergic to all the lip balms/ products out there. Like u guys, i've had the itching, rash, swelling, redness, tiny bumps around the edges of my lips, etc etc. So finally i went to the doctor. He checked my nose, and told me that i got a lot of polyps (they form around the nostrils when u have allergies or asthma).
Avatar n tn So it could have very well spread to my mouth, which would explain the dry mouth. I have never had any problem with my eye however, and the constipation has lasted for at least three days and has not responded to laxatives. The dry mouth persists even as I drink plenty of fluids. I have been researching all I can find out about STDs, and have not found anything that matches these symptoms. I'm also not prone to sickness at all.
Avatar f tn For the past two months I've been having bad allergies. I first had a dry mouth/throat, now I have post nasal drip which is causing my throat to be red, I have congested nose and ears. I noticed after I took sudafed today that I have mucus like on my tonsil area. I don't know what else to do, I've tried every medicine and nose sprays already and I've been to 4 different doctors they all said its allergies. Please help!
365714 tn?1292199108 those dry mouth can be relieve if you manage to breathe clearly on your nose. why dont try lip gloss.
Avatar m tn Hello and hope you are doing well. Allergic reactions are mediated by IgE antibodies, which are released on exposure to a particular allergen. These in turn activate mast cells and lead to a local response or systemic anaphylaxis. So, antihistamines might help, but sometimes the allergic reaction depends on the quantity also. So it's best to avoid those foods.
Avatar f tn t come out of my nose, and it is always very thick, sometimes in a solid round shape, and is either brown or green, but this usually only happens in the morning, but the past couple of days it has been more often, occurring along with a very dry throat and mouth.
Avatar n tn Burning feeling inside the mouth could be due to dry mouth. Sjogren’s syndrome is a possibility you must explore with your doctor. Also was a thyroid antibody test done? Prickly heat like rash that you have could be due to SLE, Hashimotos Thyroiditis, or Rheumatoid arthritis. Where is this prickly heat like rash? What medicine are you taking? This could also cause decrease sweating as a side effect. You should use the sauna only when the diagnosis is confirmed.
Avatar n tn In your case,dry mouth or decreased saliva can be the cause of your white coating by candida.Have you verified what is the cause of your dry mouth?Allergies don’t seem to be related to this white coating. For confirmation,microscopic examination and culture of the scrapings is usually done.Even a small sample is sufficient to test for candida but false negative results are possible when the scrapings have been scrapped off or some hot liquids taken before the test.
Avatar m tn During the day, I breathe alot through my mouth, and at night, I know I breathe almost exclusively this way. I always wake up with a dry mouth and sometimes, a sore throat which subsides later in the day. A month ago I brushed my tongue for the 1st time. A day or so later I noticed what looked like some bumps in the middle of my tongue. Concerned, I've bought a tounge brush and have been brushing once to five times a week.
Avatar f tn I have allergies and woke up this morning with a very dry mouth and it felt like my soft palate was very raw. I am having a lot of drainage and feel terrible. I took a Zyrtec hoping for relief but nothing is better. Is the raw feeling caused by allergies!
681148 tn?1437661591 I have tried everything I can think of. My scalp is dry and itchy. It sometimes has eczema or dermatitits in addition to this problem. I've added healthy oils to my hair and scalp and left them in. In a short time, my hair is back to its dry, dull and frizzy self. I'm at my wits end with this. I have loads of allergies, so I'm careful as far as that goes. I don't wash more than once every week or every other week.
Avatar f tn I know lots of ppl on here are being treated for dry eyes and I am wondering if meds could also cause dry eyes and mouth bad enough to cause these tests?? Does anyone have these sx's due to neuro probs from MS? Just trying to figure all this out.
Avatar n tn re just very dry. I also have dry mouth and very mild urinary retention in the morning (takes long to urinate in the morning), which I assume are side effects from my overdosing on medications. So, my question is, would it be worth it to go see an allergist or do I have to suffer until the end of allergy season? I feel like I have tried all classes of medications available.
Avatar f tn so i just got an 11 year old American bull dog from the rescue center we are fostering and we have not taken her to the vet yet. she has been getting really pink in the mouth and on her gums, sneezing a little and rubbing her face? we feed her from a plastic bowl and we also have another cat and dog could it be allergies?
Avatar m tn Now my throat mainly in the afternoon, feel dry and tight. Could this simply be allergies. I have been taking Clariton, but seems to be not working. When I eat or drink, my throat feels fine. I just want to make sure it is not anything worse than allergies.
Avatar f tn Depending on what you're allergic to that is causing your symptoms, it could stick around for a while. If it's season allergies to something outside, such as ragweed, the symptoms should dissipate as the weather changes and those allergens are elminated. However, if the cause of your allergies is something in your home, such as dust, dust mites, perfumes, cleansers, etc., it'll be around a lot longer. Determining what it is that you're allergic to would definitely help.