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Avatar m tn I have a rash all over my body, it does not itch but stings a little, also I have a headache and want to sleep a lot. I went to the doctor here in HCMC, he said I have the Flu. I do not feel this is the Flu at all.
Avatar f tn Dear Sir / Madam From last 40-50 days I am suffering from rashes with unbearable irritation on all over my body sometime on hand sometime on lags sometime on back or sometime all over the body it is come for 30-40 mnts then gone autometicaly. I visit my skin Dr. also they prescribed me Citrizin and some styroids og 10 mg and then 4 mg but no improovment. I am attaching herewith some photos of rashes. Please help me to come out with this problem.
Avatar f tn hi! since one month i itched all over my body but there is no rash or any other symptoms. It is relentless when iam taking bath in my thighs.
Avatar f tn Hey I m in 33 week of my pregnancy! Getting itching and red spots all over my body is it natural?
Avatar m tn I was infected with std and my dotor gave me 1 vial of penicillin injection and 10 days of antibiotic doxycycline the discarge was gone but afterseveral weeks i atarted to feel itching all over my body sometimes there's a rash or but not specifically on my palm or feet. the itch came from random area of my body head, face, hands, legs, chest and etc. please help me on what do i need to do to resolve this thank you!
Avatar f tn im scared im allergic to something and mightve now developed some kind of rash? ive been itchy all over i try not to scratch but its sooo hard. just on both of my sides where my bra would be sitting ive developed some red lines and are super itcHy. they are also kinda swollen and bumpy when i touch them. anyone know what this may be and should i be worried?
Avatar n tn I have a friend who suddenly devleop rashes all over his body. And its very itchy. The rashes are red spots and it occurs mostly on the inner thighs, legs, feet, hands and his back. Do you know what possible skin condition is this?
Avatar n tn Help!! my mom started with a rash on her thighs and later moved to her belly and chest and it would come and go. Now, it's all over her body but not always at the same time. It didn't itch before but now it does, and it has moved to her lower legs and feet. It itches and feels like a sting all over and her body feels hot but she does not have a fever. Can anyone help me??
Avatar m tn Hi! I was wondering if you could help me with a problem I've been having for a few months now. About five months ago, in April, I tested positive for having the HSV virus through my OBGYN. I had gone in for a pap-smear and for possible hormonal imbalance blood testing that I thought might have been causing small bumps on my lower buttocks/thigh area. The bumps were small-dime sized and itched, especially if I sat on one wrong.
1690397 tn?1341110391 I don't know if these things are connected but I started out with many years of moccasin athlete's foot on both feet that I couldn't get to go away despite various OTC (eg cortisone or antifungal creams) and folk remedies at various times with only temporary results (eg apple cider vinegar or H2O2 and borax or magnesium oil or lavender oil or diluted clove oil).
Avatar n tn Have you changed detergents lately? Or fabric softener? I can't use the ones my Mom uses or I break out in an itchy rash. Have you changed shampoo or body wash. You might want to rinse your clothes in the washer with a cup of vinegar to get the soap/detergent out of them. And a bath with baking soda will also help with the itching. the antihistimine is also a good idea. but as Jemma said, you might want to find out if you have an infection somewhere causing the itching.
Avatar f tn Two days ago I called and ask about how about him...he told me that he got rash on his legs,hands and all over his body except his face....and today I called him again ...he took some medication about allergic but he still got the rash ...same not less than the first day he got. I don't know what happened ...can you tell me what he has to do (he is stubborn...doesn't want to see doctor). Thank you.
Avatar n tn For 3 weeks now i have had a very sevear itch all over my body, it first started on my stomach, 1st the itching then the red bumps appeared, like mosqito bites (but not), this then spread to my thighs, and backs off my knee's, the bumps are all over the backs off my knees, but my thighs, its like a cluster off smaller red bumps, and on the front off my thigh, there are alot off spread out red patches, that are very itchy, (on both legs).
Avatar n tn they guessed Scabies, but all the other doctors agreed it is not that. They all have guessed an allergic reaction, but I have changed all my soaps, have not eaten any fish, besides oysters. I am confused and in utter discomfort, I need your help!!! This discussion is related to <a href=''>Rash, bumps, itching on penis</a>.
Avatar f tn me and my boyfriend had been experiencing itchiness all over our body except on face and genital area we have no idea what could it be we don't have any rashes except sometimes we get little red spots not to noticeable and they only come if we itch that certain spot also at night is when we feel it the most it's not intense itching that we can't go to sleep we are able to sleep. Help ?
Avatar n tn t stop, it was so itchy it almost hurt. Now my whole body itches all over-- hands, head, arms, legs, everywhere. I have been treated recently with macrobid for a bladder infection and took a single dose of More Milk Plus. My urine is a dark color too, and I have no rashes, bumps or dry skin, but very, very itchy! Please help.
Avatar n tn I lifted my shirt and there were huge red lumps all over my body. My whole stomach up til about my rip cage, the bottom half of my back, my arms(most brutal), and my inner thighs. It was red lumps varying in size all over. It spread extremely quickly too. I am a college student living in a dorm, so my mom wanted me to go to the E.R. just incase because she wasn't here so she didnt know what it looked like at all.
Avatar m tn During sleep i would wake up a few times because my legs were itching. I woke up this morning and i noticed a rash pretty much all over my body. The back and front of my legs and my groin area is were the rash is most intense. It is also on my chest and faintly on both of my arms. The rash doesn't itch at all. I am thinking its possibly a severe form of heat rash. Any help is appreciated.