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Avatar f tn I take my zoloft and ativan in morning as it me jittery and causes insomnia. I have seasonal allergies and was wondering the best OTC antihistamine would work better. Allegra, Zyrtec or loratadine. I was on 12.5 zoloft for 2 weeks and tapering up to 25 mg (split another 12.5 in half so 3/4 a pill then one whole 25 mg. I have to do this slowly as I am super sensitive to meds. Thanks for any help. Plus I eventually need to taper down my ativan when I level on the zoloft.
1402935 tn?1281962299 I tried just general Benadryl and had the same reaction. Red face hard to breath through the nose. I was recently prescribed Allegra and am nervous to take it as it looks like it has a lot of the same medication as benadryl but stronger. Are these medications the same? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/283310'>Post-Nasal cough?</a>.
Avatar n tn Hi, I'm pretty new here, too and everyone's been great. I suffered from insomnia with my pregnancy- 3 months with no sleep and my ob had me take Benedryl. He did stop my Allegra for my allergies when I got pregnant. I know it won't help during the day if it makes you sleepy. Of course you should double check with your doc, too.
Avatar f tn I've tried taking Clariton, Allegra, Reactine but they do not work for the throat swelling. I also tried Cortisone inhalers and nasal sprays and had no luck. I'm sick of going to the doctors and having them look at me like I'm crazy or just giving me more antibiotics.
Avatar f tn On synthyroid and atenonl, progesterone and allegra. What are safe and natural long tern sleep remedies that are okay to take with prescription meds? Thank you.
Avatar f tn I'm just wondering how many of us are agoraphobic and to what extent. I know that I am and fight it all the time but make sure that I do leave my home most days. I have a very dear friend who hasn't left her home in almost 7 years. She has had all kinds of therapy and has tried SSRIs and other meds but is now VERY meds phobic and even with the CBT she finally gave up and just stays home. I'm wondering if there are others on this forum who are like her or are the majority like me.
Avatar n tn I know the first time I took it I was sick within an hour and today I've not felt anything other than a headache but honestly I think that's due to my insomnia and not going to bed until 6AM this morning and getting up at 8AM... It seems that people that can tolerate it have had success with it. I'm doing okay with the hcg shots so I mainly hope the Metformin will help with the PCOS. Also, Metformin is being used for a weight loss aid I guess in people with stress issues.
Avatar n tn The dizziness resembled being carsick, with lightheadedness and occasional moments of nausea and feeling faint (but I never passed out). I had a CAT scan and blood work twice, and so far no diagnosis for the dizziness/fatigue. It got better for a few weeks but last week I began to have dizzy spells again, this time accompanied by maxillary sinus pressure. I had just switched allergy medications, from Nasonex to generic Flonase, right at the time my symptoms returned.
Avatar m tn My face has started itching (as if a fallen hair follicle has fallen on my face and I need to itch that area). It is hard to relax and has led to many many sleepless nights and insomnia. The itching at night has very little to do with showering because I rarely take showers at night (by rarely I mean hardly ever). ANY HELP OR ADVICE WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED... Here are the items I have thought about: Circulation problems?
Avatar n tn I have been checked out by Neuro, ENT and GP and NOTHING. I'm wondering if I have TMJ but I don't know. Here are my symptoms... Right ear pain Right ear fullness/ringing Pain behind right eye spot headaches on right side grinding teeth at night stiff neck - going into my shoulders I had an MRI/MRA back in Oct and all it showed was chronic sinusitis which I am being treated for by my ENT however he knows the pain is not coming from my ear. I am worried. Could this be an aneursym?
256220 tn?1210939062 - of a new cycle of severe rash, pain, inflamed neck, swollen face, irritability and insomnia. New red spots spread to places of my body where I didn't have them the last time (and never during Tx). By day 5 without Lidex, the situation gets so bad that I can't sleep at all and I feel like I have 1000 needles in the back of my neck. I take Ativan but nothing helps the suffering - I squirm, grunt and groan, seriously doubting I can continue much longer through this misery.
Avatar f tn The Prozac causes insomnia, that's where the Ativan comes in. I have been having an in creased heart rate off and on, mostly at night. I have had this problem in the past when my levels are off, both Hypo and Hyper. I have seen a Cardiologist in the past and everything is fine. I will see one again this afternoon just to make sure. I have read that Cytomel is contraindicated for those with heart palpitations. I will as the Cardio today.
Avatar n tn It happens when I am driving on the freeway and is worse at night. I have a long history of insomnia though.
Avatar n tn Hi everyone, I have been having this problem for the last 4 years and still didn't find a solution for my problems. It started with ear pressure and my ears feel clogged and full all the time and I keep trying to pop them every day. I keep opening jaw and pushing through nose to try to keep them open but with no longterm success. This has been happening on a daily basis for the last for 4 years and it is really hard to live like this.
Avatar f tn I have bad pollen allergies and take several 24 hour Zyrtec a day (Claritin and Allegra did nothing). In the spring I get very itchy with the pollen allergy. I layer on a few Benadryl when it gets unbearable. I hope that helps you and gives you some actions to take so that you can start controlling your reactions better. Oh, I am also allergic to ibuprophen. You should avoid ALL NSAIDs - aspirin, naproxen, celebrex, ibuprophen... NSAID allergies tend to cross react with each other.
Avatar f tn 1) KEEP the dog out of your bedroom. We put a baby gate up in our door way when we got the puppy. I knew I was allergic to dogs and had just been diagnosed with asthma. Keeping the dog away from me was a priority. The dog rarely comes past our daughter's door. He is now 10. 2) Wash your hands well after handling the dog. 3) Vacuum and clean regularly. Bathing the dog often will help keep pollen off of his coat from bothering, but really does little for true dog allergy.
Avatar m tn Hi, I am sorry about the trouble your hubby is having. I took two antihistamines during treatment. Benedryl and Allegra D. The "D" part is important because it is a decongestant. It is available as an over-the-counter drug in most states. However, it will also keep some people awake especially when they first start taking it. I took it for a long time prior to treatment and it doesn't bother me anymore but still. Your hubby should ask for help with getting some sleep.
1711722 tn?1356491154 took 2 Advil; Insomnia 4 -- Flu like symptoms (AM); took 2 Advil; Insomnia 5 -- 6 -- 7 -- 8 -- Rash; took Benadryl; applied Cortisone 10 (helped for an hour), CVS anti-itch spray (no improvement); Insomnia 9 -- 2nd SHOT, 9:30 p.m.; Rash; applied Gold Bond Medicated Lotion 10 -- NO NEW SIDES!
Avatar n tn I went to my family doctor on Monday and he told me he believed I am having migraines and possibly sinus problems. He prescribed Allegra D and Midrin and told me if I didn't feel better by today, Thursday, to call him back. I am not feeling better. I called today but I did not hear back from him. The Midrin does help with the pressure that I feel on the right side of my head but does nothing for the eye pain. I feel that the eye pain is causing the headache and not vice versa.
1711722 tn?1356491154 pending. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ A Summary of Side Effects BigDaddy suggested we write down side effects and remedies, so I might as well do that here, while I still remember. Since I am on treatment with Victrelis, I have a previous entry about SOC side effects, and then those once VIC was added.
Avatar m tn I was then prescribed nasonex and allegra (which I have been prescribed before) for allergies that were cropping up - that night, I had a hot flash after a hard workout, developed an anxiety disorder and insomnia for a few months. I stopped taking all drugs and returned to normal for a week. Then I went to a bar, had not too many drinks, went to sleep, woke up, and everything came back again.
538894 tn?1389310148 I have experienced strange symptoms that changed and also would come and go. About 3 months ago I had a pressure on my left temple, combined w/ confusion, and vision changes, my left arm and hand were tingling/numb as well. I went to the ER thinking I was having a stroke, and they did CT scans of my brain which were normal. The following day I went to a Neurologist who did an office exam and promptly sent me for an MRI of my brain as protocol for MS.
Avatar n tn I have been to about 30 doctors- including ENT's allergists, neurologists, chiropracters, opthamologists. psychologists, dentists and everything else u can think of. All CT scans, MRI of brain and blood work keep coming back clean and ok. Nothing I try seems to work. There was a period of time about 3 and a half years ago that the symptoms lifted for about 4 months and then it returned full force.
Avatar f tn I have pain under my tongue where it's connected (started recently), pain/tightness - what feels like a super tight muscle knot/ball - at the back base of my jaw right below the ear, ear tube pain, ringing in my ears, more so on the right side, which also hurts more. Have a small (unmovable) lump on right side in mouth almost directly under bottom molars. Hasn't changed in size in the year since I noticed it, but a lot of the pain in my ears/throat is right around there.
Avatar f tn elevated CK, proximal muscle weakness, fatigue, hypertension, cognitive difficulties, and insomnia. After you concluded your week at the Cleveland Clinic, what was the follow-up plan? How are you feeling today? What medications to you currently take every day? ~•~ Dr. Parks This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical or legal advice. The information presented in this posting is for patients’ education only.
Avatar f tn I truly am following everything explicitly, so I guess I just have to be patient. However, I do have "itching insomnia" and have had to take Allegra or Benadryl every night for years or I literally cannot sleep. The doctor told me last week when I began the shots that I could take no medications unless I had "permission." I finally had to break down last night and take Benadryl after itching/not sleeping for hours.
Avatar m tn I take double the recommended dose of a strong inhaled steroid as well as advair. I take allegra and accolate.I use a rescue inhaler and meds via nebulizer. Still, it is not enough.Please help! What is this? What can I do to stop it? Is there anyone else experiencing this?
Avatar f tn ) She has frequent heart palpitations (up to 180 bpm) and cardiologist suggested testing thyroid. Has anxiety 5 or 6 SSRIs have failed to help. Chronic insomnia. Sometimes has night sweats and dizziness/fainting episodes. Takes Allegra for allergies, risperidone to see if helps anxeity, lamictal for epilepsy, and spironalactone for hormone issue (high testosterone). Also Zofran for chronic unexplained nausea and vomiting (2 years).
Avatar m tn heart racing, hyperventilating, dizzy... tingling arms legs and torso, pulled over and fell out of my car and was rushed to the ER only to be told there was nothing wrong with me... and released 8 hours later... .for the past 4 days I have been on meclezine because the doctor diagnosed me with vertigo, but from what I understand vertigo is just a symptom, not a condition???? if anyone shares my symptoms, or experiences... then please come forward and let me know I'm not alone in this...