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Avatar f tn In January of 2015 I started taking Phentermine in just 3 months I lost a total of 50 lbs it was amazing than I became pregnant and had my baby in December of 2015 I breast fed her for 2 months than I decided to start back with phentermine to my surprise Phentermine was no longer helping me I was doing exactly what I did in the beginning 1200 calories a day 30 min work out 3 times a week but I would get crazy hungry at night I felt light headed and even though I worked out I still felt so lazy
Avatar f tn I am 18 weeks and I take one a day women's gummy vitamins because I have a hard time with the big,chalky prenatals. But lately I feel so lazy and like I have no energy anymore. Is there anything I can do to get more energy back?
Avatar f tn I dnt take my pre nadal vitamins is thT. Bad thing.
Avatar m tn New Product Review: Multivitamin and Multimineral Supplements (Including Vitamin Waters) Recent tests by found defects in 30% of the multis selected for testing. And many products exeeded tolerable upper intake limits for certain vitamins or minerals. Specific problems included: * 75% of children's multis were too high in vitamin A.
Avatar f tn I am currently taking the Smart Sense Prenatal Vitamins it has 800mcg of folic acid in it so is that ok? My first pregnancy I took the gummies but they made me feel sick so I'm trying something different this time.
Avatar f tn Vitamins make me so sick. Isnt one better than none?
Avatar f tn In my past detoxes Ive found that the vitamins and aminos do help, but I started to use 5hr energy or stacker 6hr power and they really helped with energy. There not bad for you like energy drinks, they are just in tiny bottle about a shot worth of liquid. It has the same b vitamins, l-tyrosine along with some other amino's and vitamins, some caffeine about the same as one cup of coffee.
9310208 tn?1410859285 I've been taking some gummy prenatal vitamins. I've been getting tired of the taste of them so I wanted to switch. I went into GNC and bought the women's prenatals with dha. They were 19.99 for 90 pills which I though was a great price for three months but I did some research and you have to take THREE pills a day.... anyone else bought these ?
Avatar f tn If you can afford to try the organic ones at a health food store. Oceans mom and ultimate women's prenatal are the vitamins I changed to and have gotten nauseated since. The oceans mom is the dha vitamin with a strawberry flavor. I haven't got morning sickness since...
Avatar f tn is there anything out there to give one some Energy???? i can drink a whole pot of coffee and fall asleep...caf. doesn't help...i have tried multi vitamins with energy...all types of vitamins..every type of B vitamin...those little energy shots dont do a thing for me ... nothing seems to help...that is why i was taking the percs...for the energy... i would buzz around and get all my work its such a struggle to get things accomplished... any suggestions?? thanks so much.
12033218 tn?1423011288 it may just be that addingor increasing energy is not the factor wich needs attention.many people take energy drinks and cafinated beverages wich deplete vitamins in the body eventually wich can worsen situations rather than addressing the root cause . healthy diet plenty of fruit and vegetables and antioxidant foods berries. nuts for protien or healthy snack .by boosting immunity you may enable your body to control ebv better .
Avatar f tn I see people on this all the time talking about prenatal vitamins and im wondering should I be taking them? The only thing my doctor told me to get was folic acid and now im worried incase I should have been taking something else all along? :/ ... Should i get them? And also what kind? I dont have a clue about these things :( I dont see my doctor until the 26th..
Avatar f tn I feel very crappy and tired most of the time from this, I guess, and was pumping my body full of energy vitamins-which actually helped! did I screw up my liver more from taking these? sometimes 3-4 a day for a while there!
1508698 tn?1360215710 i find if have something to look forward to i can get out of bed easy, if i already know my day is going to be stressful i just wanna lay there, i also take a one a day vitamin and alot of B vitamins sometimes get those 5 hour energy, but i dont feel like they put on in the commercial lol
Avatar f tn When did everybody start getting their energy back?? I am 8 weeks and literally can not wake up before 10.... and even then I dont want to get out of bed. I am exhausted all day too.
Avatar f tn Lawdy it is very hard. But it also sounds like you are getting the game down properly. Dont forget vitamins and supp's after you are clean. Some amino's are good for energy while others are very good for a foggy head!!
1157054 tn?1266094164 you can always do searches on drugs and their interactions with herbs and vitamins.....most of the vitamin warnings will only be interference in absorption, so usually recommend taking vitamins a couple of hours away from meds. When taking synthroid, take all vitamins at least 2 hrs apart, except for Calcium and Iron take at least 6 hrs apart.
486507 tn?1237242081 are you taking vitamins also B-12 will help you must force yourself to do some type of workout also try Emergen-C all those things worked for me im on day 18 also eat lots of meat and veggies Good luck Dave
1378700 tn?1287319403 agreed to contact me immediately whenever they have the result ,so to save me time and energy,but no call or text. Maybe tomorrow I'll go check it,and see my doctor..