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Avatar n tn How to apply Aldara creme and do you use yor hand for application since it does not come with cotton swaps or gloves?
Avatar n tn Apologies for starting a new thread - I have a new question, but please feel free to move my post if need be. I'm asking because my situation sounds frightenly similar to that of ggazoo's girlfriend. To refresh: my boyfriend and I met when we were virgins about 3 years ago. But, he recieved unprotected oral sex from a woman about a year and half ago. A few months after that (so for the past year and a bit), I got a every irrated vagina, which included a rash between my legs.
Avatar m tn She diagnosed me with genital warts however she referred me to a gyno who also said i have genital warts and prescribed aldara cream. So i began using aldara cream, however on the 3rd week i got severe bad reactions. After every application the wart would actual get bigger in size and i would get tingly feelings in my genitals and due to that i wouldnt be able to sleep at night.
Avatar m tn Without the ability to examine you directly to see the lesions you are describing I cannot tell you whether the lesions you describe are warts or not. On the other hand, I do note that they sound as though they are in a location which is not reliably covered with condoms and after 30 exposures to commercial sex workers, the odds are quite high that you have HPV somewhere, whether these particular lesions are warts or not. If these are warts, it is not all that big a deal.
Avatar m tn I have seen 2 dermatologists and they assessed the bumps unlikely to be warts. Is it very easy to identify warts, especially for dermatologist?
Avatar n tn ok i have left a question before reguarding genital warts,for a year and a half i have been getting these solid lesions or bumps that were greyish or darkish colored, for the entire year and a half i was ripping them off by hand and letting the skin heal, and everytime they came back i ripped them off, i must have done this around 20 times, they come back so fast, and i also noticed that twice when my skin was normal, i had unprotected sex with my girl and one bump came back right after that, f
Avatar m tn I'm a male in my early thirties. I've recently started to use Aldara on some HPV warts that I've developed over the last few months (what a pain). My dermatologist at the time gave me a sample and a prescription, and at first, I didn't feel anything. I wasn't sure if I was using too little, but I don't think so. I'm on my 6th treatment, and a few days ago when I masturbated, I found small tinges of blood in my semen.
Avatar n tn They started out small and grew to be about 5mm in diameter. They looked very much like the warts on my hand did years ago. I had the pube warts frozen off. Shortly after, I noticed a reddish/pinkish growth on the underside of my penis, on the rim's flap area, that looked more like flap then a wart. I went to doctor and had the penis 'flap' and had the area where the 2 warts were in my pubes, frozen off because it looked like the pube warts were coming back.
Avatar f tn Years later my warts started to return I continued to treat them with aldara. On the other hand I haven't seen any warts in a very long time. I read a individuals post that you commented on HPV genital warts strains 6 and 11 you said that the virus usually clears itself in about 2 years.I wanted to know since I haven't seen any warts in a long time is it gone or is it suppressed.
Avatar m tn Does treating a good % of the flat warts on the hand somehow benefit or affect ones that were not directly zapped with liquid nitrogen? Or does each and every one need to be hit, probably multiple times? My concern is that if it takes a few treatments, and if every wart needs to be nitrogen'ed, then I'm going to be walking around with like 80% of the skin on my hands blistering up in a monstrous way. Not an ideal scenario...
Avatar m tn 14 months later...she has not noticed any warts or anything. While this is a hopeful sign, I do realize that for women, sometimes things are actually more on the inside. She goes for her annual pap smear in a few days, so hopefully we'll have more information to work with soon. Anyway, to make a long story short: a dermatologist has diagnosed me with Lichen Planus. This is after three biopsies from different parts of my penis.
Avatar m tn I have recently been diagnosed with Genital warts. My GP started me on Aldara 5%. I have 2 starting and now i have about 15. Im getin depressed over this as i cant see any improvement and started a new relationship the same week i was diagnosed. I have of course talked to him about it and he has been checked out at the local STD clinic and is clear. Im so upset about this im not sleepin. Has anyone any advise as im considering getin them frozen off.
Avatar f tn the warts were permanently removed in a couple of days and no surgery was needed. I finally found an article on this: The article says that 'ZOVIRAX can control the severity of warts' but in my case, it did much more than that: it actually cured the infection entirely. I hope this helps. Always consult your doctor (urologist) before you decide to try ZOVIRAX or any other treatment.
Avatar m tn I have a couple more questions if you don't mind. 1) Is HPV responsible for warts on your hands etc? I once had a wart on my hand, I applied cream over a couple of weeks and it went away and never came back, does this mean I have a type of HPV that is now dormant and 'cleared'? 2) If I get diagnosed with genital warts, get treatment and they go away, what are the chances that they will come back?
Avatar m tn Hi all. I am a 32 yr old female and was diagnosed with vaginal warts two weeks ago. I have only slept with two people in my life so I know who gave it to me. I am sad and depressed because my ob made me feel like a **** and didn't really say anything except that I shouldn't have slept around and that I shouldn't have sex ever again. She subscribed aldara .5% cream and in have been using this med for a week now.
Avatar n tn Anyway back to the aldara, if you have insurance its like $160 for the 4 month treatment, otherwise its $1200, when you burn off all the warts, THEN apply the aldara because the aldara did not clear my warts, but after 4 months of using it, it PREVENTED them for 8 months. So basically, Im thinking about just using aldara 3 times a week for life, to prevent. Untill then I'll use compund.
Avatar n tn These bumps grew into warts. The warts looked like the warts I have on my hand as a kid. They were round flesh colored, very hard except of a mushy top layer. As the years when on they did not multiply but seems to protrude more and more. I was a smoker during this period. I don't smoke any more (its been 8 months), excercise regularly, take a multi vitamin and achnachia every day.
Avatar m tn I have a weird question can u transfer gential warts from ur penis too ur hand?I have white bumbs on both my hands and my penis and they have been there for over a year.
Avatar f tn I got tested for all STDs except genital warts. My results were negative. My doctor said that there was no way to test for warts until I actually have a visible bump. This person is now my ex. I don't want to move on with my life and find out that I've been spreading gw. I'm so terrified. I only had sex with my ex one time. We used a condom but he took it off during. I noticed it wasn't on anymore about halfway through.
Avatar n tn i was recently diagnosed with genital warts, but mine are all in my pubic area instead of my vagina (thank god!!). Since they've popped up, I've only tried shaving once, and ended up cutting every single wart. So shaving is out of the question. But personally, I can't stand not being hairless down there (of course then I don't have to look at the warts). Does anyone know if Nair or something similar is safe to use with GW?
Avatar n tn use of dental dams by your partner for oral sex on you, wrapping a dental dam around the base of your penis, wearing a shirt and boxers or pants, wearing socks, identifying up front which hand you use to touch yourself vs the hand that you use to foreplay your partner, keep kissing to the minimal, not performing oral sex on your partner, etc. As I understand it, this is a skin disease and whatever can be done to reduce skin to skin contact reduces the odds of transmission to your partner.
Avatar n tn 1) How did the warts transfer to my anus? Since HPV is a virus, can it recur in other places like the anus, even though I've never had any sort of gay or anal sex? 2) I have had unprotected sex with women over the past 2 years (I know, it's awful, and I've told those partners that I have HPV). But if I don't have any warts on my penis, but do on my anus, is there still a high risk for passing the virus from vaginal intercourse?
Avatar m tn I've been with this now for at least 10 months, it seems, and have gone through a few rounds of treatment, and am currently using Aldara on a bunch of visible warts. My question is, at some point, will these warts just go away on their own? Is the Aldara or some other method of treatment the only way to eradicate them? I wonder if I shouldn't just count 'em up, and call the doctor for a quote (no insurance, unfortuately).
Avatar m tn I think it is a very admirable thing to do and I am sure that this site has helped more people than I can imagine. Now as far as the issue at hand, I am a 28 year old male, germaphobe, serial monogamist, that has been very careful when it comes to sex. I have mainly been in long relationships my whole life except the last two years where I have had sex more than the time frame up to that point but in total I have not exceed 10 partners thus far.
Avatar f tn I just can't understand why that doc would tell you that you got gential warts from a wart on your hand. Have they texted you to make sure you even have HPV? If you can't see the warts what did she do to determine that you do have them internally? While low risk HPV warts can be found inside they are more often found externally in the gential area. A high risk strain (s) causes cell changes on the cervix and is found with a pap. No, warts are not related to itching or pain.
Avatar n tn i have scars, several big ones, on my penis shaft due to electrocauterization last year (ever since then, I always treated my new warts with ACV or aldara, never with electrocauterization anymore). Do you know any cream/treatment that can help me to remove or at least fade these scars? I dont think the scarring will go away on their own as I have a bad skin type and it's been a year since I got those scars.
Avatar n tn I’ve since been to another dermatologist that re-froze the same lip wart and two other little one’s she saw on my lower lip and she gave me some Aldara 5% for the hand warts that I didn’t want her to freeze yet because I want to see if these two other ones are going to scar bad, and she told me to come back in 6 weeks. I asked both dermatologists if it was possible they were sexually transmitted and they both said it was possible, but didn’t seem too concerned with finding out for sure.
Avatar f tn Mini Update: This whole experience has been a bit of a whirlwind. I noticed a bump back in early January. Finally gained enough courage to visit my gyno on 2/14. He wasn't 100% sure what it was...but applied TCA to the "warts" or whatever they are. Anyway that seemed to work somewhat. Just went back for a follow up this past Tuesday. I asked the doc what the hpv test came back? He said he didn't take a sample of the "wart" because it seemed to match the criteria of a wart.
Avatar f tn Don't worry about who gave HPV to who, there is no way to ever know and at this point you do share it if you do have a low risk HPV causing warts. Even though you have warts he may never. Many people never have any symptoms. Usually the immune system passes the strain (s) within 24 months. When you go to the doc be sure to get a pap smear as well. Always be good about getting your yearly paps and dental exams. This is true for men as well, to have yearly exams.
Avatar m tn The figure for men is less well studied but similar, as you know. In some persons such as you HPV will cause genital warts, in others it will not cause warts but, in some women the infection may lead to changes in PAP smears. In nearly everyone who gets HPV, warts or otherwise, the infections will resolve by themselves without therapy in 8-24 months.