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Avatar f tn i have had facial flat warts for about 6 years and are really widespread now. i have seen two dermatologists and was finally prescribed aldara cream. i have tried this for nearly 4 months now with no sucess. i would be grateful for any advice This discussion is related to <a href=''>Flat warts on face</a>.
Avatar n tn Can I apply Aldara on the area that has been treated by liquid nitrogen for a month now (sign of burn still visible).
Avatar m tn I have also tried the following prescription creams Salex, Retin-A Micro and Aldara. Aldara worked for a couple of weeks but then it started attacking parts of my skin that I did not have warts. I started getting blisters and fevers. I had to get these blisters treated because they were oozing. I went to urgent care since my other Doctors weren’t available. They prescribed Floucinonide which stopped the burning and the blistering.
Avatar n tn Hello, I have also suffered with flat warts for almost 3 years now, and I know the pain you and especially you daughter feel. After trying various treatments, nothing seemed to be working at least not permanently. One thing that reduced the appearance of the flat warts was retinol cream at a strength of .05 but it is extremely drying to the skin and is very harsh especially on skin that is not used to it. I also was told to try aldara to no effect.
Avatar f tn I'm sure you've all read about apple cider vinegar for warts. They are indeed fantastic for plantars warts - got rid of 2 of my son's and 3 of my daughter's foot warts (thank you public swimming pools;-) and it works easliy and fast. Unfortunately, flat warts are much tougher so it's not enough for them. But, since it obviously IS strong, I use it for her as a facial 'toner'. Then I put tea tree oil, as that is anti viral as well.
Avatar n tn I will be making yet another appointment tomorrow to see my dermatologist for my facial warts. From my last biopsy I had done it came back that the were indeed flat warts. I will let you know what my Dermatologist advises this next visit. After reading about my immune system being lower due to me being pregnant that is probably the reason they are spreading. Ahood, my heart goes out to your daughter I can't imagine what this is doing to her self esteem.
Avatar n tn I would freeze the wart using liquid nitrogen applied on a cotton swab. This is tolerable for an 8-year-old, does not scar, and works on facial warts if it's repeated enough times. Overall, the warts will stop bothering him sooner rather than later. Aldara is tedious and irritating and often fails. Best. Dr.
Avatar n tn So, 4)could they have tested her for HPV itself or are there HPV tests for women without warts at clinics, in this case, after a normal pap smear result? She couldn't really explain to me in detail exactly what type of testing they did, she didn't have any paper work or anything, and this has me confused. I wanted to ask you first these things before I re-question her.
Avatar m tn I would like to know if HPV symptoms can show after 3 days of exposure with an infected person. What are the symptoms of genital and facial warts? Can one encounter cause genital and facial warts simultaneously? Is underwear conducive to HPV and allowing it to be transmitted? If this is HPV what do i do? Would immunotherapy help, interferon? Aldara? Herbs? Would my body fight it off eventually? Lastly, would getting gardisil vaccine now be pointless if I acquired the disease?
Avatar n tn We just know that STD specialists almost never see oral or facial warts; and given the frequency of oral sex and of genital HPV, that means either that transmission doesn't occur, or that genital type HPV strains don't survive in the oral area. (But the lack of visible warts in your past oral exposure means nothing, since most genital HPV infections are asymptomatic.
Avatar f tn Warts around the anus can be treated like genital warts, with liquid nitrogen, podophyllin, cautery, Aldara, etc. As for internal warts, it usually isn't that big a deal; and just like external warts, internal ones usually clear up on their own after a few weeks or months. For all these reasons, in my STD clinic, we generally don't even look for internal anal warts - we just treat the external ones.
Avatar m tn Warts around the anus can be treated like genital warts, with liquid nitrogen, podophyllin, cautery, Aldara, etc.
Avatar n tn but that is the most effective process i have seen for a resistant wart. aldara seldom cures stubborn plantar warts and the acid is not much better. as for shots, that gets expensive and is debateable too. there are not any homeopathic remidies to a wart that has resisted conventional medicine as i know it.
Avatar f tn Thanks for the info frank, did you also use aldara on your genital warts? I have it now, and doctor told me to apply it twice a week for 16 weeks, i hope these genital warts would be gone soon, I have a question, if these warts are gone, is still there any chances to infect your new partner? I am new to all these, I hate that I trusted the wrong one before. I felt like dying inside having these sufferings.