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Avatar f tn Well I leave Thursdays to do an inpatient detox and rehab. After several surgeries I became dependent on oxycodone 15mg 5xday. When I first realized I was addicted I tried to ct and ended up passing out due to my Bp dropping. Then I decided to taper but my dr stopped that as well because they said I needed to have a 3rd back surgery even tho my last one was in April. I'm not walking correctly, kinda hunched over.
Avatar f tn How many have gone to rehab? Was it a good experience? I need to go but I'm scared.
323051 tn?1206928283 Where in Canada,in the 70s-1988 or so,we got to go to the states for alcohol and drug re-hab all covered on the provincial tab.and not ****** places,top of the line,places in Califirnia,Texas and Florida to mane only a few.Some people went for the reason os spending a warm winter at a resort,but for the most part those American Re-habs where a blessing.Now-adays that is all cut-out In Canada the average price is 30.000.
Avatar n tn I’m an alcoholic and against the proverbial wisdom I readily admit it, which I suppose according to the cliché is the first step. I became addicted to alcohol after I inadvertently became addicted to Xanax. I know it sounds like a specious scenario, but that’s really what happened. Anyway, that’s how I became an alcoholic. I really don’t buy the line that it’s a disease. A disease to me is malaria. I didn’t “catch” alcoholism.
Avatar f tn But her family feels that rehab is the Better way to do things, as does she. I don't know much about rehab but I do know that suboxone isn't something to come off of in a month or so. I am guessing that with Suboxone, rehab wouldn't be much of an answer since you should taper slowly off of suboxone. Just an opportunity I would hate to see her miss out on.
Avatar f tn i have been in an out of at least 40 different rehabs..some for alcohol..some for pills...i find them all pretty much the same as far as noone has a private room..there are usually 2 to a room..there are never any tv's in your room unless you go to beverly hills...there is usually one tv in the lounge for everybody and the time is limited to when you can watch it..usually only at night,after classes.about 8 pm.. everyone wants to be left alone when they detox..
Avatar f tn // In the meantime, I understand your wanting to do this and that is great but you need to be working with your OBGYN to find a safe way to detox. Have you contacted your doctor yet? Does he/she know? Stay here and talk with us and we will help you. Glad you are trying to get clean but let's talk about what is safe for both you and your baby.
Avatar n tn My wife used to say I was addicted to rehab! It took quite awhile to be completely drug/medication free. The places I went did the suboxone detox and after each would put me on the most popular anti-depressant at the time, plus and ant-anxiety med and a sleep-aid such as seroquel or trazadone. None of these medications are addicting, however you certainly arent your true self. Seroquel, specifically, is an anti-physcotic first and foremost, which happens to make you drowsy.
Avatar f tn They finally went to a detox/rehab that dealt with dual diagnosis. And that detox/rehab set them up with a really good aftercare program. Personally, I think with your history of the suicide attempts, the bipolar, and the addiction, an inpatient program would be really beneficial for you. Good luck. It's great you're on day 3 and it's great you're thinking this out and thinking about what's he best way for you to handle it.
Avatar n tn I am sorry but I do not have experience with rehab or alcohol. I just wanted you to know that we are here if you just need to talk. Jen I did not know you were an alcoholic honey. It brings new meaning to me when I see Intervention with the alcoholics. I see how much pain they are in. I am so sorry jen.
Avatar f tn I'm researching places in Oregon to recovery from drug and alcohol abuse. They seem to be running around $25,000. But I found one that only costs $5,500. That would be great because my insurance doesn't cover this. I will pay out of pocket. Does anyone know if it's possible to have a 30 day treatment only cost $5,500? Will it be scary/ghetto? Can anyone tell me how much their rehab cost. And does anyone have suggestions for places in Oregon?
Avatar n tn My brother is a chronic alcoholic who has been in jail a few times for DUI's and other alcohol related incidents. I know very little about in house rehabs, but know he needs to enter one soon. He agrees, when sober, and feeling guilty about whatever he last regrets. We live in Hawaii, but I think we need to send him away from the state for awhile. Any suggestions on rehab centers? He has Medquest. He is only 24 years old, and already has many misdemeanor and a felony conviction against him.
Avatar n tn Just like any other chronic disorders, an addiction is never fully treated. However, during your alcohol rehab stay you learn to abstain from alcohol, learn to cope with stress with out drinking, and learn to maintain sobriety for the rest of your life. It is manageable if appropriate treatment is rendered. The treatment can be effective and very successful! Good luck!
Avatar m tn Addictions are progressive, and alcohol can produce an addiction more stubborn than heroin--ask any rehab counselor! Proceed with caution here....better yet- learn to deal with your own feelings without the need for drugs!
332041 tn?1194976936 It creates false negatives for THC, alcohol, opiates and basically everything. Fun time is over now. You are battling people, places and things your son is into. And he will find everyway to get there. Sounding militaristic but enlist some help and support from his peers parents or family members. And begin lifestyle changes for yourself. You have to lead your child out of this and he is not going to follow someone he thinks might be a hypocrite. Keep us posted.
Avatar f tn From what I've read here and other places alcohol is alcohol and no matter what form it can be just as bad. I guess it goes down to the amount of alcohol proof in the drink. If you're drinking enough beers to equal the amount in wine, you'd still be getting the same amount, probably with added carbs...It would be equally as damaging. I'm sure people on this forum who have experiance can give you more advice and support. I don't think I'm that off base from what I've researched.
Avatar m tn 1. what are the options to involuntarily have this person checked into a rehab program? (i am familiar w intervention techniques and talking to this person is no longer effective, i'm looking for last resort options) 2. what are the best rehab programs out there located on the east coast for a middle aged adult?
Avatar f tn My mom accompanied me to my Suboxone appointment and the doctor said there is no need for rehab, Suboxone has no withdrawal and all the other stuff that he said to support Suboxone. I have not been living life at all, I simply exist. Not only is Suboxone causing a huge financial hole, its taking its toll all around. I know now I should have never gone to Suboxone, let alone be on 8 mg. Now over 2 years have passed me by while I just exist, anxiety ridden and depressed.
Avatar f tn hi and welcome, i myself was an alcoholic and also addicted to benzos, in a strange way, the addictions were linked, i had to come off the alcohol first, for the obvious reason , the alcohol wouldnt make you think clearly and rationally . so i did a home detox , supervised by my dr. but stopped drinking immediately ,and tablets given to help on a sliding scale for a week, next thing was coming off the benzo, my dr.
Avatar n tn What happens when you are taking Welbutrin and you drink alcohol. I drink occasionally and wonder if I have to stop altogether.
Avatar n tn hello. abrupt cessation of alcohol consumption can be potentially life-threatening. depending on many different factors, you may be at risk of having seizures or suffering from a condition called delirium tremens. i spoke with a gentleman thursday night who is presently in a treatment center who has had 4 seizures while hospitalized. he now has neurological damage that may or may not be reversible. i have had both seizures and experienced d.t.s and they're not things to be taken lightly.
Avatar n tn What happens when you drink alcohol What happens when you drink and take Xanax?take Xanax?
437036 tn?1225288404 If you want to just knock it all out in one fell swoop - check yourself into REHAB. There are several places that service both alcholism and eating disorders all together. Just a suggestion.....if you want help....
401095 tn?1351395370 I would hate to think I could never drink socially but the last thing i need is an alcohol problem/i am a people person and many times alcohol is involvedin lots of social functions...alcohol seems to get some people in trouble even more than pills...
Avatar n tn My boyfriend is from a big family, who always have had alcohol in the house and at social affairs his whole life. When I first began dating him 5 months ago, he did not really drink in front of me, and if he did, he had one or two beers and that was it. However, a couple months into the relationship, we went to parties and weddings with his friends, where he easily downed about 15 beers in a 3-4 hour span.
Avatar n tn otherwise I think It's REHAB!.....I Have a Question......does anyone know how long these Withdrawls LAST???????
380309 tn?1246471340 well as the saying goes u did squeeze the toothpaste outta the tube with the DUI's and now u deal with the consequences!think about how much u spent on alcohol in ur life...and the possibility of killing someone driving it would exceed $400..i was stopped five times for dui's tween the years of 1972-1982..been sober /clean 24 grateful i never hurt anyone else other than myself with my drunk driving.
Avatar n tn I am debating the issue of going to rehab. I have excellent insurance, so I am lucky. I just can't get over three days without massive debillitating deression. I am weighing all my options. Any feedback would help. I Have CTed a few times and if I can make it a week I can last a long time without even thinking of drugs or cravings.
535822 tn?1443980380 Maybe some folks here could answer me something I dont know , I heard on the News that Tiger Woods is making a Golf comeback ,after completing ' Sex Rehab' would someone explain what Rehab actually means what do they do to you that in a very short time are you cured' especially of a sex addiction.Indeed I am puzzled by the whole process of Rehab for anything , one hears of it a lot that one of the Stars is going into 'Rehab' for drink or drug addiction, then they come..Cured "?