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Avatar f tn I' m a medical student but I absolutely have no idea if it's possible to have alcohol intolerance to vodka and tequila and not to whiskey. I hope somebody have any suggestions what could cause it. Thank you!
Avatar n tn A nurse came, this happened in a foreign country so I didn't get all of what she said, but I understood that I had been diagnosed with acute alcohol intoxication (alcohol poisoning), that I spent the night in a vodka-induced coma and that I could've died. I think she said my blood alcohol content was 500 or .50. They kept me under observation all afternoon, tested my urine, and I had to call my parents to pick me up. After that, I had the most awful hangover for a week.
Avatar n tn A nurse came, this happened in a foreign country so I didn't get all of what she said, but I understood that I had been diagnosed with acute alcohol intoxication (alcohol poisoning), that I spent the night in a vodka-induced coma and that I could've died. I think she said my blood alcohol content was 500 or .50. They kept me under observation all afternoon, tested my urine, and I had to call my parents to pick me up. After that, I had the most awful hangover for a week.
Avatar n tn I have a weak stomach and I have always considered that my safety net from alcohol poisoning. I always thought that I would start throwing up long before alcohol poisoning could even become an issue, since throwing up would make me stop drinking that night. But in my reading, I have learned that drinking hard liquor really quickly can actually dangerously slow down your gag reflexes so you aren't guaranteed to throw up efficiently. I have never been one to drink very often....
Avatar n tn After drinking any amount of alcohol and any type I frequently have horrible hang over the following day. Sometimes this will happen after 2 light beers. It starts early in the afternoon and it is so bad I have migraines and am very nauseous. I have tried every traditional cure and nothing works. There have been times the headached will carry over into the next morning- almost 30 hours after consuming any alcohol! This has just started over the past 2 years- I was fine in the past.
Avatar f tn I was reading online about it and it says that it is possible to get drunk faster that way, but it could lead to alcohol poisoning and death, because the alcohol gets absorbed directly into the blood stream (rather than being filtered by the liver, like it happens when ingested orally). However, I would like to tell them that there are other risks of doing this, but I can't find anything else online, Please let me know what other problems can occur.
Avatar n tn I am wondering how you guys turn down alcohol in front of family and friends? I will be going to a big weekend wedding that will last 3 days and interested in tips how to navigate that without raising eye brows. Thanks!
Avatar f tn I was discharged around 4 hours later and was told I had food poisoning. I didn't drink alcohol and was very careful about what I ate for 2 weeks afterwards. I then went out again and had 3 vodka and cokes, the same thing happened again but less severe as I consumed less alcohol. So someone suggested I switch drinks, I tried 1 beer and was fine. I had 3 beers 2 weeks ago and the same shaking, nausea etc happened again!
Avatar n tn Hi I'm a senior at the University of Dayton and went out Saturday night and drank a lot of alcohol ranging from vodka to mixed drinks. I woke up in the morning with uncontrollable shaking and felt terrible (headache, swelling of my face, nausea). This has never happened to me before and after taking some advil the shivering went away about 2 hours after but i broke out in to a cold sweat for the rest of the day.
Avatar f tn I'm shaking and my muscles just don't seem to be as controlled as they should. I fear that I may have had (or still have) alcohol poisoning or had been subjected to rufilin. I have a pretty strong history of anxiety and depression. Should I seek medical help, or just pass these symptoms off as anxiety?
Avatar f tn hi I'm a 15 year old girl and drank gulps of vodka In a short amount of time Saturday afternoon. I threw up everywhere and had some symptoms of alcohol poisoning but I was assured I was going to be okay by some friends of mine so we didn't go to the hospital. i didnt pass out but I felt like absolute ****. I have been drinking a lot of water and tea and eating bread and fruits to try and replenish my body but my head still feels fuzzy and I feel a little out of it.
Avatar m tn My boyfriend is a binge drinker. He will drink a 26 oz bottle of vodka in a 24 hr period. Last week he admitted to me that he is an alcoholic. He is working in another province and after his last binge, became so violently ill that he said he is coming home..where he can be watched, he can't do this anymore and he needs help. That was six days ago. He hasn't left yet because he can't stop throwing up. I am so worried about him.
Avatar n tn Thats some pretty serious binge drinking your doing there. I don't have a clue as to how your getting around alcohol poisoning if your only doing this a few times a month,,Especially blood testing up to a .527.. Hear lately though there have been reports of people testing even higher than that. Up in the .6 and .7 range functioning in a manor that most won't even notice as being "intoxicated".
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363682 tn?1299492962 I don't drink hard alcohol so don't know about vodka, etc. I'm 55 and this only started 3 years ago. Otherwise I'm healthy with mild hypertension. I eat well, am fit, etc. I run 4 kms everyday and running relieves the headache...but doesn't cure it. I also think that a hot water bottle to the neck helps...but cold doesn't. I'm not, however, 'confident' as to what helps. During the day, the headache will last 3 hours or so...but at night they seem longer.
Avatar m tn You say She goes through serious withdrawals that land Her in the hospital. She could die from alcohol poisoning with that amount. That is a LOT of alcohol for anyone. In my opinion this Woman needs serious intervention. How long has She been doing this?
Avatar m tn The big issue that this causes is when it gets out of control it leads her to drinking large amounts of hard alcohol. She'll drink entire bottles of vodka in an afternoon. When she goes through these phases, she's secretive and lies about it constantly until I catch her red handed. After I get her to sober up, she goes through serious withdrawals that have landed her in the hospital. She's able to have just one or two drinks most of the time, so we're not sure if the issue is alcohol.
Avatar n tn Most drugs in the Physician's Desk Reference tell you do not drink while taking this drug and for very good reason. Since alcohol and most drugs are processed by the liver, alcohol, which takes alot of time to be processed compared to other things, affects the way the liver processes everything else. Also, the byproduct of alcohol leaving the liver is a toxin that can also affect your pancreas.
Avatar m tn In Texas (where we both reside) the one that is 95% alcohol (190 proof) is also available. Rum and vodka typically contain 40%–60% alcohol (80–120 proof). In short, it is not how much you drank: You *consumed more alcohol* than you think. You are a college student and sound like a studious one. The answers to the questions you ask encompass more information than you realize. In this case you want facts rather than anecdotal experience.
Avatar f tn It caused the worst anxiety and I resorted to heavy consumption of alcohol over a months time. I drank vodka in excess to pass out from anxiety and to sleep. This was so stupid of me. I now know I caused alcohol poisoning which I researched. It has been 4 months and I now have liver pain, loss of appetite, nausea,as of late, stomach has swelled. I'm exausted. The front part of my liver below breastbone always feels bruised like.
Avatar n tn I know this is vague but i find it difficult to be more specific. 3) if i drink alcohol now, i feel absolutely TERRIBLE for days after. Even if i drink small amounts i will feel rough for a couple of days, nauseous and totally drained of energy. 4) Some days my upper stomach pain feels much worse than offers. However it never seems to be related to hunger/no hunger, or what i have eaten. My question is really, did my alcohol consumption cause permanent damage to some area of my body?
Avatar f tn “The last thing that is making me ask this question is that there has been two occasions around a year apart when I experienced what I think was alcohol withdrawals after drinking heavily” This could be withdrawal but more likely alcohol poisoning. Here are some things about it I think you should know: Alcohol depresses nerves that control involuntary actions such as breathing and the gag reflex (which prevents choking). A fatal dose of alcohol will eventually stop these functions.
Avatar n tn Consuming alcohol may cause a person with pre-existing liver problems not to have the ability to process alcohol and thus cause what is termed as alcohol poisoning. Hopefully someone from the hospital staff can give you more information as to the cause of the liver inflammation and hope he has a successful recovery.
Avatar n tn However, I'm not allergic to beer or vodka, so I know its not an alcohol intolerance. Is it possible that I'm just allergic to rum and whisky?
Avatar m tn My guess is that your liver is at its limit for processing alcohol and that you are experiencing acute alcohol poisoning. If you do not get control of this The damage can be irreversible. One of the most horrific deaths out there is liver failure and liver cancer One suffers so much.. I pray you get a handle on this and go for help as it is dangerous to cold turkey alcohol.
Avatar m tn My blood pressure was slightly elevated but she seems to think it might just be because of my recent alcohol poisoning. If anyone could help inform me what to do that would be great. I have been drinking lots of water and gatorade. I was prescribed medicine to help with the dizziness and headache but it hasn't helped much.
Avatar m tn But in the future don't drink so much. This is called alcohol poisoning and you can die from it. Please if you do drink again, do so moderately and learn what your limit is. - My limit is 1/2 beer, after that my nose gets numb.
Avatar n tn My boyfriend is 21 and 2 nights ago we went out for a work Christmas party , we both drank alot... he ended up getting what i think was alcohol poisoning... he matched all the symptoms. then last night was Christmas so he ended up drinking again and he has a 26 oz of Grey goose vodka. Starting last night he puked up a little bit of blood but thats not even the main problem he isnt doing that anymore he is in sever pain in his stomach. he had a ulcer before but it got better i guess it healed ?
Avatar n tn if you were drinking coke, someone may have kept adding vodka to it. Acute alcohol toxicity could indeed account for the symptoms you describe. There are many other explanation, and it may have been a combination of two or more factors. Even if it was a drug, it will be well out of your system by now, so it shouldn't cause you any concern. If you have any more information, I could give you a better informed opinion, but like I said, no-one will ever know for sure.