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Avatar n tn Hello, I was reading a thread about the irreversible brain damage that alcohol poisoning supposedly causes. I've experienced severe alcohol poisoning, so I would like to know if you think damage to the brain could've occurred in my situation. Back in 2007, I was rushed to the ER after a night of binge drinking. I had just turned 16, I was an inexperienced drinker and didn't know my limits.
Avatar n tn A nurse came, this happened in a foreign country so I didn't get all of what she said, but I understood that I had been diagnosed with acute alcohol intoxication (alcohol poisoning), that I spent the night in a vodka-induced coma and that I could've died. I think she said my blood alcohol content was 500 or .50. They kept me under observation all afternoon, tested my urine, and I had to call my parents to pick me up. After that, I had the most awful hangover for a week.
Avatar n tn I always thought that I would start throwing up long before alcohol poisoning could even become an issue, since throwing up would make me stop drinking that night. But in my reading, I have learned that drinking hard liquor really quickly can actually dangerously slow down your gag reflexes so you aren't guaranteed to throw up efficiently. I have never been one to drink very often.... I have never had addiction...
Avatar m tn You didn't say why you were throwing up. If from too much alcohol, I'd say that may be the cause not only of the stomach problem but of the AFib. If your doctor didn't recommend a mild anticoagulant, such as aspirin, I suggest you talk with him/her about this subject. AFib increases the chance of the formation of blood clots... but in the case of proxo-AFig the increase risk is small, maybe not enough to take the wear and tear of a regular aspirin.
Avatar n tn one of the reasons i think i do this is cause last spring me and my mother where walking around in the mall when i felt very sick so i headed for a bathroom but unfortunatley i didn't make it i throw up about 3 to 4 times on the way to the bathroom and i was totally embarassed bout the whole thing and the fact i hate throwing up period!!!
Avatar f tn There are various causes of food poisoning. Bacteria from the contaminated food, improper washing of hands or ingredients, poor hygiene can lead to vomiting. Food Allergy: Food allergies lead to discomfort, pain, queasy stomach and nausea after eating. Some people have lactose allergy, some have food-color allergy. Some are allergic to gluten.
Avatar n tn Most drugs in the Physician's Desk Reference tell you do not drink while taking this drug and for very good reason. Since alcohol and most drugs are processed by the liver, alcohol, which takes alot of time to be processed compared to other things, affects the way the liver processes everything else. Also, the byproduct of alcohol leaving the liver is a toxin that can also affect your pancreas.
Avatar m tn He hasn't left yet because he can't stop throwing up. I am so worried about him. Does anyone know any reason why he can't hold down even water. He is so dehydrated..saying he is so thirsty and craves popsicles and ice cream. Nothing with stay down at all. He has promised me that he will go to the hospital tomorrow if he is still feeling like this.
Avatar f tn While in college and after it would not be uncommon for her to have anywhere between 5-12 drinks a night. Lately she can't drink even a single drink (beer, wine, hard alcohol) without throwing up almost immediately after. Once she throws up she usually feels almost completely better. She eats TONS of bread and other gluten products so i ruled that out - she hasnt taken any new meds, changed her diet or anything like that.
363682 tn?1299492962 This may be a normal reaction of your body since hot and spicy meals as well as alcohol may cause dilation of blood vessels and increase the blood flow to the area which causes the flushing. However,it is best to have this assessed by your physician.Hormonal imbalance, an underlying allergic reaction,and certain medications may cause this. Have your cervical spine checked by your physician. A cervical spine headache may be a differential.
Avatar n tn Shelly, Thanks. You're right, his dad and I are VERY proud of him. He IS a wonderful person, just chooses to make some stupid decisions. And, it IS tough to be teen, almost as tough as it is to be a conscientious parent. As is always the case, when confronted, the blame is turned on us. If we weren't such nosey parents we wouldn't know this stuff and there'd be no problem. Also, "I'm co-VP of Nat'l Honor Society, treasurer of A.C.T.I.O.N.
Avatar f tn Two weeks ago I got a phone call from my aunt letting me know that my mother was in the hospital confused, couldn't walk, very weak, jaundice, throwing up. This is my mothers second hospital stay. First stay she had a blood transfusion. She stayed two weeks before and now she is back in the hospital. I live 5 hours away from my mom. My mom and I aren't close at all. She chose alcohol over me and the rest of her family.
457617 tn?1254484677 Course now all the sugary products had to be got rid of as i was put on insulin three times a day to control my blood sugar levels, and of course i had to have more scans in my pregnancy than was usual. This is to watch for signs of the baby growing too large. My liver was also tested, which was fine to start with, so no worries at all. The scans always showed a healthy normal baby slowly growing and all was well.
Avatar f tn I have, on SEVERAL occasions, woke up about an hour or so after I dose off (at night) to sleep and I think I see things. Example: I woke up one time swearing that there was a spider on the wall. I woke up my husband and he said there was nothing there. I feel like I'm totally awake, eyes open, speaking clearly, everything. I just don't understand why this happens. Sometimes when it begins, I tell him that it's not like before and I tell him that this time I really do see something. So...
Avatar n tn I recently was rejected to be in a medical study after blood test results came back out of the perameters of the test.I was informed I should see a doctor because my blood test results showed elevated levels of ALT(146),AST(56),LDH(199)and elevated lymphocytes(3.7).I tested negative for Hep B S Ag, Hep C Ab. I'm not a doctor and don't know what this means. I'll see a doctor soon to find out what this means, but if anyone could send me some information about this I would really appreciate it.
Avatar n tn I am embarrassed to admit that for the last 2 months I have been abusing cheap scotch, to the point where my daily consumption grew from 1/2 pt/day to a pt or more.For weeks I have had no appetite and throw up daily. Last weekend I polished off 1.75 liter by Sat 5pm and spent the rest of sun & mon in bed vomiting and shaking with the chills. I vomited so much, I thought I had alcohol poisoning. I just noticed blood in my urine. Could this be from damaging my kidneys or what?
Avatar m tn With this, Its been 3 days now and the hangover symptoms and throwing up are gone but I have an annoying dizziness/ light headed feeling when standing up and walking around. It is bare able. I can still workout, run, go about my day but I always have this annoying dizziness which gets worse at certain times then others. Its almost a feeling of being out of it and its really just starting to bother me. It fades in and out. Im really hoping this isn't something serious.
Avatar f tn There are also some drugs and medications which act as irritants to the pancreas and the stomach, and as a result, a person ends up throwing up blood. It is well-known in medical circles that medicines like aspirin, ibuprofen and naproxen are some of the compounds that can cause irritation in the stomach. Cirrhosis: Cirrhosis is the common liver disease that results in a person throwing up blood. Another possible cause is a potential liver disease.
Avatar m tn But in the future don't drink so much. This is called alcohol poisoning and you can die from it. Please if you do drink again, do so moderately and learn what your limit is. - My limit is 1/2 beer, after that my nose gets numb.
Avatar f tn the last time, the doctor was concerned due to the fact that I was throwing up blood that he ran a CAT Scan, and again, nothing was discovered. Last Thursday (10/2) I ate lunch and starting vomiting a few hours after that; this lasted until about 2:30 a.m. on Friday 10/3; woke up 10/3 feeling queasy; Saturday 10/4 woke up feeling fine, no queasiness, made dinner (Spaghetti w/meat and tomato sauce, broccoli and rolls) and about 45 mins. after that I started throwing up again.
Avatar n tn However after a night of entirely too much drinking (8hrs later), I was throwing up and right before I was about to, I felt like I was dreaming? and the next thing I know I am shaking uncontrollably and my face is smashing into the toilet bowl, resulting in a bloody lip. I can only guess that this lasted about 15 seconds or so. I felt as if I was dreaming the entire time and then once I realized It was real I snapped out of it, with a bloody lip. I almost feel as if it didn't happen..
Avatar n tn I have tried fighting the feeling but it almost always ends up in me throwing up. I think this has to do with my stress level as well as my anxiety. I have felt more anxious about pointless things lately and it is starting to scare me. I think i had a "panic attack" once but i cant be sure. This also happens to me while drinking heavy liquids especially alcohol. I think also that this might tie into an irregular eating schedule but it had never had an effect on me before...
554064 tn?1215628976 My husband ate and drank the same things as me and he was fine. I ended up throwing up violently ALL night long. I felt sharp pains in my stomach (does not happen otherwise). It really did a number on my stomach - think toast only for 2 days. I don't think I will try rum ever again... Thanks for posting the question.
Avatar f tn I called poison control last night and he said that 6,000 mg over 24 hours in a healthy adult is unlikely to do harm. He said I would have been throwing up or having upper right quadrant abdominal pain by then if something was wrong. I suffer with anxiety, so of course I was completely working myself into a tizzy over this, which didn't help with the nausea I was feeling. And of course I'm still a little worried. Thank you for your answers. I really helps to read reassuring things!
Avatar n tn I am 23 years old , and my concerns all started 1 morning after waking up really thirsty because i had some many alcohol drinks the night before with some friends, and since i didn't want that night before going to sleep to be later really be thirsty or have a huge hang over next morning, so i drink raspberry ice tea and it had a lot of sugar on it and a lot of the powder of the raspberry that night and i was even still thirsty that night while i was drinking only the juice with out alcohol.
Avatar f tn Food poisoning doesn't strengthen the immune system - i had hemergatic Ecoli when i was 16, hospitalized for 3 days because i was throwing up water and pooping blood. Ever since then i have an extremely sensitive digestive system, very common post serious food poisoning, stress, hormonal changes cause problems for me - i would not wish this on anyone. You do not want food poising while pregnant, it does pose a real risk!
Avatar n tn I drank too much at the party, and hadn't eaten much of anything all day and ended up getting very sick. I wound up spending probably an hour and a half throwing up in the toilet. I remember retching so hard while vomiting that I thought "I bet I'm going to burst a blood vessel in my eye" from straining so hard. The vomiting eventually turned to dry heaves, and the retching was truely very forceful. I have never thrown up so 'hard' before in my life..
Avatar f tn I was still half asleep in the bathroom, still half in a nightmare where I was throwing up words like ‘spy’ and ‘ahead’ after eating them. It was an intense need to throw up these words that made me shaky and sweaty. Then I went back to bed and felt alright. This irrational fear of throwing up and a fear of feeling nauseous is debilitating and I want it to stop. I can’t believe my mind is fabricating this horrible nausea and nervousness and other symptoms.
Avatar n tn I was extremely tired and feel asleep only to wake up not much later throwing up for a long period. At the same time I knew I was going to have diarrhea. After throwing up I fell asleep on the floor in the bathroom, I was so hot that I laid down and fell asleep right away again. I then woke up throwing up again and then had diarrhea, but it was strange. At first it was really like water just pooring out of me. This seemed unusually long also.
Avatar f tn I took one drink and didn't like how it tasted so I left it on the table.The next thing I remember is throwing up in the bathroom. They cleaned up after me and I laid face down on the floor. Later when I had to be sick again I had to hang on to the toilet bowl to lift my head up to throw up in there. I was so dizzy and sick that I laid back face down on the floor again. At some point I must have asked for my cell phone.