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Avatar m tn i actually took antidepressants occasionally but not on the fateful night I took 2 tablets of sertraline the next night .
Avatar m tn Hello, On the 4th July my friend and I got drunk. That very same night I puked once. The next day I woke up with what I thought was a hang over. I puke twice that day. I tried to sleep it off and it did not work. Now a week has gone by and I still have a very very slight head ache, fuzzy vision, and a slight balance problem. I have still managed to excel at basketball and go to work. My mind appears to feel the same and my work ethic has not changed. Do I have Alcohol Poisining?
Avatar m tn I was drinking some rum with my buddies an i blacked out i know i threw up a lot but i was fine the next day just didnt feel good but im on day 3 now and i have diarrhea upset stomache and a lil confused is this normal how long till i feel better
672475 tn?1227796766 I ended up getting really really tired and falling asleep. The next morning I obviously had a hangover, so didn't think anything of the dizziness, and confusion. But now, a month later, I still feel dizzy and confused for almost all the time. Since that night, my panic attacks and anxiety also came back after almost a year of being gone, and I know that anxiety and panic attacks can cause dizziness also... Anyway, I would like to know what the chances are that I got brain damage that night...
Avatar n tn His wife took him to the hospital 2 days later and the Dr said he had alcohol poisoning and to drink a lot of water. No IV. The 3rd day he was the same so his wife took him to the ER. They said it was alcohol poisoning. Gave him 3 bags of IV. Sent him home after. It is no the 4th day and he is still the same. I forgot to mention that we were camping and to get anywhere, you'd need a boat. So my question is, could he have brain damage?
Avatar m tn And anytime I drank, my anxiety would be through the roof the next day. Alcohol affects the chemicals in your brain in an adverse way. And if you're already prone to panic and anxiety, in my experience, alcohol only exacerbates it. I hope this helped and I hope you're feeling better soon.
Avatar n tn I have tried every traditional cure and nothing works. There have been times the headached will carry over into the next morning- almost 30 hours after consuming any alcohol! This has just started over the past 2 years- I was fine in the past. My sickness will happen even if I have a full stomach before drinking. Am I allergic to alcohol? Is this a sign of a problem liver or kidney? How can I remedy this?
Avatar m tn stick to the symptoms only and forget about the poisoning... poisoning doesn't work like that. also you aren't "brain damaged" but rather your brain and cognitive functions are "disturbed" by something. it doesn't necessarily mean that it will damage your brain. stay calm, Doctors are trained to recognize emergencies. when they don't recognise your symptoms it probably also means that they can't do anything about it... so why even bother insisting.
Avatar f tn Hi there Just to say the odd time I drink too much alcohol I always pay the price of nasty palpitations usually the next day. I hardly drink at all now and if I do it's only 2 drinks at the most - even New Years Eve!! If I drank 3 bottles of wine I dread to think of the palpitations I would get! At 45 you are around the same age as me and HRT has helped decrease my palpitations enormously.
Avatar n tn I am not able to go about my daily activites which results in me staying in bed sick until I wake up the next day. My body doesn't recover until 2-3 days after. It's hard to explain, but the last time I drank my stomach felt like it was eating away at itself (as if it was caving in). Has anyone had similar experiences or have any suggestions on what may help?
Avatar m tn A lot of times if you drink too much, it can lead to alcohol poisoning. If you were taking it because of the next day hangover - don't, it won't really help all that much, I personally would drink, not just water, but also Gatorade, it has electrolytes that your body needs. I hope you're feeling better.
Avatar f tn In early March I had 2 small glasses of wine, with food and a lot of water, and it just made me feel very tired, lightheaded, and sick to my stomach. The next day I felt horrible. Last night I had a little over half a beer and it made me feel the same way, just feeling bad all over. Even today I feel kind of spaced out and nauseous. I know it's not good to drink alcohol anyway but I just wonder, why I am I like this when I used to be able to handle alcohol well?
Avatar f tn Friday night, I drank half a handle of vodka, tequila shots, and beer. I induced vomiting at the end of the night to make myself feel better. The next morning, my stomach wasn't feeling so great, but I ended up drinking again Saturday night. On Saturday, I didn't have as much to drink as I did on Friday, but I got EXTREMELY sick. I was vomiting profusely for the better part of four hours. Obviously, Sunday morning I wasn't feeling well.
Avatar m tn He has a problem in the pancreas and to compound the problem, blood work showed food poisoning on top of everything else. He also was given a second drug to stop DT's. I can't thank you enough. He was very badly dehydrated. He swears he will not drink anymore and when he is released, he will be coming home so that he can be closely monitored, at his insistence and his suggestion..even giving up the high paying job he went out there for.
Avatar n tn While outwardly your body appears to have a high tolerance for alcohol with low or no BA scores the inside of your body is probably a much different. Please stop before you cause yourself more physical harm. While you may drink only a few times a month the amounts you consume when you drink indicate that you drink to excess when you do drink. This is not a good sitaution. A great place to get help is AA.
Avatar f tn Im a 20yr old women and i used to be such a heavy weight when drinking, i could down 20 shots of sambuca n other stuff mixed in and have just a mild, normal hangova the next day, sometimes i wouldnt even have a hang over.
363682 tn?1299492962 I also have not noticed the flushing during the taking of any other meals during the day - again just the evening one - but it is also true to say that the other meals are rarely preceded by alcohol. The onset of this would probably have coincided roughly with the prescription of the tert-butylamine, but I cannot be certain of that.
Avatar n tn FLU LIKE SYMPTOMS, but much worse, shaking, fever, vomiting, gagging, depression, loss of appetite. Try to nip it in the bud now. This drug is a demon and will take you down day by day while others sit and watch helplessly. I have to go in for a liver test to see if my addiction did any damage to my liver. Confront him, if he wants to know where he's going....tell him to ask us.
Avatar m tn When I try to come off of it, I feel ok for the first day, but after that I start to get nauseated again. my stomach aches and I have to take it consitently for a few days to get back to square one. I assume that I can't stay on omeprazole for the rest of my life, and it worries me that 1) there is some potential underlying cause not diagnosed 2) that I am slowly getting dependant on acid reducers.
Avatar f tn Hi! The other day I spent all day throwing up after having consumed dark rum the night before. I am a healthy, all-around normal 23-y/o female (some acid reflux). I am an avid enjoyer of wine and whiskey, and have never had issues with either beverage. Beer I need to stay away from because it gives me horrid cramps and bloating, but never have I felt nauseous. The only drink I've know to make me this sick is tequila. Even the smell has instilled nausea in me.
Avatar m tn Do what you want with vitamins and SJW and anything else, but, at the end of the day, its all about the alcohol. Strong spirits? Spare me. Alcohol is alcohol. Whether gulping 3 martinis or chugging 12 beers in an hour, it is the alcohol in whatever form you take it that works the "magic." So, to put another arrow in your quivver, consider going to some AA meetings and getting on a program. I appreciate all the work you have put into your messages and wish you the very best.
Avatar f tn I wasn't sick or anything but when i got home I had a bit of water and went to bed, but all night i felt really dizzy. Next morning I felt dizzy every time I moved and didn't eat all day and had some water. 3 days later i'm still really dizzy and haven't gotten a great a mound of sleep since but i have been eating and drinking lots of water. I'm away on holiday so would the heat effect me ?
Avatar m tn She's able to have just one or two drinks most of the time, so we're not sure if the issue is alcohol. We think it has more to do with her anxiety, but every time she goes to the doctor, they give her meds to curb her cravings, even though she doesn't really crave alcohol. We need to figure out a solution to her anxiety and why it is she relies on alcohol when it gets bad. Is this a common issue? Does anyone know of any solutions?
457617 tn?1254484677 Slowly over the months i started to replace the sugar in my diet with low sugar products, and Canderel in my tea. Day in and day out i ate what i was told was good for both me and my baby and so i thought everything was going to be fine. After about 6 months of pregnany and the many tests that i had to have, something started to change. My liver was slowly getting high readings in the tests they did on me, firstly the reading were slightly raised, then a month after, they raised a little more.
Avatar n tn Most sites I read specify that you must abstain from alcohol totally for the length of the treatment. My specialist recommendation is no more than 7 standard drinks a week and not all at once, it's to try and help you manitain as normal life as possible. I go from 1 - 5 per week depending on my social activities, I'm careful not to exceed 5 so as not to push my luck. What are people's thoughts on this?
Avatar m tn Ironically, last night shortly after I made a posting to a thread in the Janis message board about the promised healing of His blood cleansing the poisoning of my blood by the dragon that I was led to Revelations 12 the Word talks of the red dragon and his fall from grace to wander the earth after his defeat. It spoke to me that no matter what, the dragon can be defeated!!!!
Avatar n tn almost everymorning i have at least the dry heaves, my stomach is not settleled until i am able to force food down, but thru out the day i always seem sick to my stomach, the doctores have run every test a still unable to determine what is going on, need help
Avatar m tn Confusion Vomiting Seizures Slow breathing (less than eight breaths a minute) Irregular breathing (a gap of more than 10 seconds between breaths) Blue-tinged skin or pale skin Low body temperature (hypothermia) Passing out (unconsciousness) and can't be awakened It's not necessary to have all these signs and symptoms before you seek help. A person who is unconscious or can't be awakened is at risk of dying. Take care.
Avatar n tn I was out of breath bending down to put my trainers on. Basically i returned home and over the course of the next year i must have been back to my GP around 20 times about the above problems. My ectopic beats settled down after a few weeks. My tests have involved an ultrasound on my stomach, ECG's, blood tests for everything as far as i know, i have been referred to the infectious diseases clinic, been put on Prozac (they thought it was all in my head).
Avatar f tn my ex is an alcoholic because he blamed himself for the death of his sister. the alcohol fills the hole where his sister would be. my friend jersey is addicted to dope because the woman he loves and mother to his children wont take him back.. the homebody ogre is addicted to heroin because of his family life and neverending homelessness.. people become addicted for a reason, and they stay addicted because they cant deal with that reason..