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1674874 tn?1332721274 In some cases, as little as 6 drinks in an hour for a smaller person have proven lethal. Many alcohol poisoning deaths occur after participation in drinking games or dares – scenarios where a person might drink far more alcohol far more quickly than they normally would. These games are especially dangerous due to the lag time of alcohol absorption into the blood stream.
Avatar n tn PLEASE FOR YOUR SAKE, stop the drinking now and if its hard then ask your doctor to give you some Librium. It takes away the shaking, believe me dying from alcohol is one of the worse deaths you can have. I reallly am a miracle to be alive. Trust me, STOP DRINKING!!! Now I dont only feel much better but look at least l0 yrs. younger. I am able to live again. Good Luck to you and May God Bless.
Avatar n tn The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that in 1997, over 16,000 fatalities from traffic accidents were attributed to drunk driving. There are also a number of alcohol-related deaths from acute alcohol poisoning and accidents, which are reported on college campuses with increasing frequency.
Avatar m tn My guess is that your liver is at its limit for processing alcohol and that you are experiencing acute alcohol poisoning. If you do not get control of this The damage can be irreversible. One of the most horrific deaths out there is liver failure and liver cancer One suffers so much.. I pray you get a handle on this and go for help as it is dangerous to cold turkey alcohol.
Avatar m tn ) Also see Alcohol Consumption and Mortality, Alcohol poisoning deaths, CDC report, 100,000 deaths. That's more than a statistic. That is 100,000 individuals with faces. 100,000 individuals with lives not fully lived. 100,000 individuals grieved by mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, and children. Every year.
Avatar m tn The CDC reports that over half of the 80,000 deaths attributed to alcohol use each year are related to binge drinking. Excessive alcohol use costs society over $200 billion annually, and 75% of these costs are related to binge drinking. Taxes on alcohol recover only a very small amount of the financial burden to society. What are the dangers of binge drinking?
Avatar m tn Okay, I get the whole smoking is bad for your health thing, believe me, but being a diener in the morgue at a New York city hospital, I can assure you that there are 75% more drug and alcohol-related deaths than there are smoking-related deaths on my table. What is the deal with that? My last patient was in and out of the hospital fourteen times in six months due to alcohol poisoning along with other drug-related and alcohol-related issues. This at a whopping 980.
Avatar n tn After doing some research, I realize that I need to cut out the Ibuprophen, as well as the alcohol intake. Should I be extremely alarmed about these numbers? If so, what can I do to get the numbers where they need to be? Are there any natural remedies I can try? Thanks in advance!
Avatar f tn --28 percent say they had ridden in a car driven by someone who had been drinking alcohol. --41 percent had drunk alcohol. --20.8 percent had smoked marijuana. Keeping kids who drink away from cars would go a long way towards keeping teenagers safe. Teaching them about the dangers of drinking, illegal drug use, and smoking tobacco would help, too, of course.
Avatar f tn anytime i drink i cant stop till im wasted to the point of almost having alcohol poisining but i dont drink beer srry i think beer and wine is ***** i can drink a bottle af vodka or white rum or bacardi all by myself i dont drink often maybe once a month or every other month but when i do i end up not being able to walk or move and puking all night i have past out next to my toilet twice and been hospilitized for near alcohol poisoning twice. and i sumtimes crave alcohol.
99052 tn?1270987120 but one might suppose that drinking alcohol when one has HCV could be a bad idea. Yes; the alcohol content are low. If one did not know one was drinking alcohol though one might go back for refills and thereby could inadvertently be "partaking" without knowing it.
1747881 tn?1511918860 “I am glad to see our elected officials, from the local and state levels up to the federal level, taking steps to respect the will of the voters,” said Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol co-director Mason Tvert. “I’m proud of the way our bipartisan congressional delegation has come together to back the will of voters,” said Republican attorney and marijuana reform advocate Rob Corry.
1028452 tn?1398781730 Research has also suggested that aged garlic extract may help to protect the body from heavy metal poisoning. When aged garlic extract was combined with red blood cells it prevented lead, mercury and aluminum from destroying them. When no aged garlic extract was added to the blood samples, these heavy metals ruptured the red blood cells. Garlic is the only antibiotic that can actually kill infecting bacteria and at the same time protect the body from the poisons that are causing the infection.
4810126 tn?1503946335 Gang-raped by baseball game attendees. Died 3 mos. later of Alcohol poisoning. 32. Oh, Alice..How I wanted to protect you. If only, you'd believed in yourself a little more. You didn't have a chance with your background! Shayla worked in a factory. She wasn't history. She's just a number. One day she gets her final pay and she goes far away. Green trees call to me. I am free but life is so cheap. Scenery is still outside of me. All alone, trapped by its beauty.
Avatar m tn I'm so proud of're going to be hearing that a lot, but every single person who tells you is being truthful with you -- we ARE proud. Without rehab I wouldn't still be sober after almost 4 years. AA is wonderful, but it's not a place where I could figure out why I drank the way I did. I finally learned that I had low grade depression my whole life. Not knowing it was depression, I called it being "bored.
Avatar n tn Maybe it's because of where things are grown now--a lot of food now comes from China believe it or not--remember the Chinese gluten in pet foods that was said to be the cause of all those pet deaths. I've read that certain foods have higher levels of pesticide residues than others and wheat is one of them. Wheat is what i find to be the biggest problem. I've told this to people I know and after they cut out wheat their symptoms went away--like my friend's son's migraines for example.
Avatar m tn This abuse is similar to alcohol addiction and sudden withdrawal may result in central nervous excitation, with tremor, anxiety, hallucination, or even delirium which may be fatal. In patients suffering from chronic chloral hydrate intoxication, gastritis is common and skin eruptions may develop. Parenchymatous renal injury may also occur. Withdrawal should be undertaken in a hospital and supportive treatment similar to that used during barbiturate withdrawal is recommended.
1684282 tn?1505701570 Abstract Among the remedies which it has pleased Almighty God to give to man to relieve his sufferings, none is so universal and so efficacious as opium. Attributed to Thomas Sydenham, circa 1680 Overdose deaths from prescription painkillers have skyrocketed in the past decade. Every year, nearly 15,000 people die from overdoses involving these drugs—more than those who die from heroin and cocaine combined.
203342 tn?1328740807 I know. I had to watch my uncle die of alcohol poisoning. It was horrible. I felt so bad for him. What a horrible way to die.
233616 tn?1312790796 And how does it know what to do with each atom, each molecule? Why does it prioritize and try to remove toxins (like alcohol etc.) first? How does it detect what is lifethreatening, and where is it’s database, that each cell can know just what should be done with the thousands of compounds showing up each day? The amount and complexity of the work done each day by this organ is truly staggering. Back to work: Here is a good primer on hepatoxicity. http://en.wikipedia.
765775 tn?1366028291 AMEN Mollyrae. I too feel that we are blessed in Wisconsin that our PCP are able to prescribe our pain medications. Who knows us better!! I am scared silly that this proposal will effect that privilege. Red it's great you posted this information again. We need to be on top of this. And you are correct. Our children die every day from illegal street drugs. And they die or suffer irreputable brain damage from "huffing" or alcohol poisoning?
Avatar n tn I worked for a time in a medical examiner office and can assure you that oxycontin has been implicated in numerous deaths. There are generally co-factors involved. Alcohol especially, but often other drugs, from valium to tramadol, blach, blah. I would not want to discourage use of oxycontin, because it has a place in medicine, however. There were reasons why it became such a tightly controlled substance.
Avatar n tn Well, thankfully that is almost gone, but i have noticed that on each side of the vagina (lips) towards the bottom, right next to the vaginal opening i have these two extremly painful sores(like craked skin) and i can barely even walk. They sting like alcohol trough a wound and itch a lot form time to time. I have tried neosporin, baby rash ointment, and even preparation h (recommended by a friend) and nothing seems to be helping.I have had these for about 3 days now and i am veyr much in pain.
Avatar f tn Her BF, who was also a drunk, and feeding her booze (she had lost her license, had no car, and coudln't have driven anyways) also died a year later (alcohol poisoning) and I was able to reclaim her personal effects. One of the things was a personal journal she kept in her mid-twenties...I've been reading excerpts from it and I am stunned by how much her addiction had her by the THROAT even back then. I think she was a full blown addict by the time she graduated high school.
225275 tn?1276961493 Although I do believe milk thistle probably helps to minimize damage done by drinking moderate amounts of alcohol...probably. The very best naturalistic treatment for hep C is abstaining from alcohol (although a little bit is ok once in a while), smoking and drugs etc, eating a healthy diet filled with fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean meats and lots of fresh water, plus plenty of vigorous aerobic exercise combined with resistance training.
228686 tn?1211558307 No prob, wish I could do more. What you're going through is one of the main reasons I decided enough is enough and am coming off. I've used pot in your situation to, but nothing will make you feel okay until you get dosed again or finish the 2 weeks of hard core detox. I'm guessing your really stuck, since most people couldn't handle what you're going through and would have to do *something* Here's a link to scare the hell out of you, by the way.
Avatar f tn I found some very interesting information online with regard to Mercury poisoning. It was the very first time I have seen all of my symptoms described together. It is like I wrote it myself: "...The primary symptoms of mercury-poisoning are vague psychic ones. Short-time memory deteriorates. You will find it difficult to concentrate on tasks which require attention and thinking. It is easier to execute tasks that are well known rather than to learn something new.
Avatar m tn a-lipoic acid (a-LA) is a thiol containing antioxidant widely used in a number of conditions related to liver diseases, including alcohol-induced damage, mushroom poisoning, metal intoxication, CCl4 poisoning, and hyperdynamic circulation in biliary cirrhosis. However, little is known about its effect on the hepatocarcinogenic process.
1415174 tn?1453246703 Hi and welcome to the forum~~ Sounds like you have been surrounded by alcohol all your life and have seen what this addiction does to a family. You have one of 2 things here to do, either you become them or you set a different path for yourself and you sound like that is what you are doing as you are asking questions. I would really recommend trying Alanon or some support group for family members. You got the brunt of their addictions and that wasnt fair to you.
695000 tn?1316139648 How do we know that some of the symptoms a lot of MS patients feel after years of using these drugs aren't because of these side effects? When you drink lots of alcohol, you throw up, right? What does that mean? Doesn't that mean that you have intered "poison" into your body and your body is reacting? So how come we don't think about how our body reacts when we enter all these chemicals in it? I want to say that I am not against meds at all.