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Avatar n tn severe rashes, difficulty breathing, stomach cramps or collapse, a condition known as anaphylaxis. If your symptoms persists every time you drink alcohol, it is best to avoid liquor or alcoholic drinks. Take care and regards.
Avatar n tn The possible allergens in alcohol can be contaminants with alcohol, hapten carrier responses, alcohol or metabolite conjugates. One more important thing is agents like alcohol are believed to increase the rate of allergen absorption. I hope this helped you. Take care and regards.
Avatar m tn I used to be able to drink liquor, but the allergy began developing, first with dark liquor and then with all liquor. Is there anything I can do other than not drink liquor? It's so good!
Avatar m tn Hello, It is usually not the alcohol that produces the allergic reaction to the wine or beer. The other ingredients in the alcohol, such as yeast, sulfur dioxide, and additives are often the culprits. Beer may contain a variety of ingredients, including barley, corn, wheat, and rye that may precipitate an allergic reaction. ref: I feel that it is important to find out the ingredient in beer to which you might be allergic.
Avatar n tn I don't know that I can be much help....but I do know that there is such a thing as alcohol intolerance. My friend has it and refers to it as her "alcohol allergy", she gets violently ill if she drinks any alcohol, the higher the proof, the worse it is (wine is worse than beer, and liquor is worse than wine). Within 30 minutes she starts sweating and shaking, she gets violently nauseous and gets very bad diarrhea.
Avatar n tn Also it is true that allergy to alcohol can cause anaphylactic reaction which may be life threatening. Hope it helps.Take care and pls do keep me posted on how you are doing.
Avatar f tn Hi Welcome to the MedHelp forum! It could be due to alcohol allergy. There is a possibility that you are intolerant to gluten (Celiac disease). This gluten is found in malted barley, which is used to make beer and some hard ciders. Some beer also contains wheat. Other beverages sometimes made from wheat, rye, and barley include vodka, whiskey, gin and bourbon.
Avatar m tn Our reaction to alcohol is what makes us alcoholics, not how much we drink. The best way to describe it is an allergy to alcohol. When we drink all bets are off. We end up with consequences. Her relationship with you was based on the Tony before the bottle of Vodka. When you become that Tony again, things will change for the better. But the most important thinking in sobriety is to be sober for YOU and you alone. Learn to love yourself. All else will follow.
Avatar n tn Some people are allergic to just one or more types of hard liquor, the most common being to gin. Such allergy could possibly bring on an asthma attack. Also, alcohol should not cause a heart problem.
Avatar n tn You could read more about the condition at the following link - It would help to take a vitamin B complex and also consult your doctor for your symptoms if they persist. Post us if you have any other doubts and let us know about how you are doing. Regards.
Avatar n tn I just read a submission, and your response, to a 10/24/99 question about alcohol allergy. It was the second time I have seen a reference to Asian intolerance to alcohol... I am not Asian, but am 1/2 Italian. My dad was adopted, but lineage tracing appears to reveal mostly Irish and some French heritage - no Asian. However, after the birth of my first child in 1991, I too have developed a severe reaction to alcohol. Sometimes just touching a drink to my lips causes it.
11236850 tn?1416449590 I have drank alcohol since I was 15 years old, now at 53 ,6 months ago I drank beer , started itching severly, inside my mouth ears etc, took some benadryl, finally got relief, since then one sip has sent me into the itching, whelp, rapid heart beat, throat constricting,tried several filtered beverages, helps a little, have to drink very slow, what is going on , im not a alcoholic,I have even tried taking benadryl prior to 1 beer and man that was a mistake, almost hospitalized, I would like to d
Avatar n tn Some people truly can't drink, a true allergy to alcohol. I have pancreatitis and was a result of drinking too much. I chose not to drink anything, the key is moderation. If you have elevated enzymes, take a look at life without alcohol.
Avatar n tn Then, in my mid-20's I developed either alcohol intolerance or an alcohol allergy. I didn't have restricted breathing but I did have a runny nose and a very noticeable increased heart rate. I'd get this after just one drink, and it didn't matter if it was beer, wine, or liquor. I haven't been tested for allergies but if I take a Claritin a few minutes before I drink, it prevents these symptoms. Don't take Benadryl and then drink because that can cause real problems (read the Benadryl label).
Avatar f tn That is VERY possible Please be careful if you think you have an allergy to alcohol. A dear friend of mine started off with slight symptoms when he drank...they progressed over time...he began to get very violent when drinking ( after only one drink!) night he simply stopped breathing after only having one swallow of beer. As with ANY allergy, you never know when the severity may change.
Avatar n tn True alcohol allergies are rare but the reactions can be severe. What most people believe to be alcohol allergy is actually a reaction to an allergen in the alcohol. Common allergens in alcohol include: barley hops yeast rye wheat gluten histamines (often found in red wine) sulfites (often found in white wines) People often call alcohol intolerance an alcohol allergy — and vice versa. I find that I have a reaction to the histamines.
Avatar f tn For years I drank on the weekends, going out after work,( I worked as a paramedic for 11 years and thats usually how we ended our long weeks at the bar our way of de-stressing ) and never had a problem other than the occasional hang-over.. then in 2004 i stopped drinking all together and in 2011 started again occasionally. I am now noticing that every time i drink i get very stuffed up and sometimes "wheezy" . and it doesn't seem to matter if I drink dark liquor or light..
Avatar m tn It would be best to try to avoid beer or any other food stuffs that you are allergic to. You could consult an allergy specialist to discuss in detail about your symptoms and the possible remedies. Let us know if you have any questions. Hope this helps. Good luck.
Avatar f tn Yep, sounds like you've acquired an allergy to liquor. Not a bad problem to have. I haven't had a drink since '99 and don't miss it a bit.
Avatar f tn So it is my opinion that your are experiencing an allergy like response. It may happen with all alcohol or you may find that there is only one type or one brand that you can consume. I am sorry that this happens to you. If it is the alcohol it should also happen when you take a cough medication or mouthwash that also contains alcohol. If it is important to you than I would suggest that you consult an allergist. Best of luck to you.
Avatar f tn It first happened to me when I was about 25, and would only occur if I drank a certain type of liquor. Now it happens no matter what I drink. I don't get any red bumps, but I just feel like my skin in the neck and chest area have this tingling, burning and itching that just makes me want to rip my skin off because it's so annoying.
Avatar n tn Within the past year or so, it has come to the point where EVERY single time I drink (no matter what it is - beer, wine, mixed drinks, hard alcohol, malt liquor) I will get sick. For example, last night I had one beer. I felt the slightest buzz for about 30 minutes and it wore off and I spent the rest of the night with friends. By 2am, like clockwork, I started getting the chills. I have to go to the bathroom every 15 minutes or so.
Avatar n tn I would have no reaction until I physically stood up out of bed? Is this an allergy to alcohol, a byproduct of alcohol, or something else? Also, is there a way to prevent it from happening? Thank You.
Avatar n tn It sounds like you are asking whether alcohol is causing your sleep and allergy symptoms? I think that alcohol is indeed causing your problems. I had very similar problems that disappeared after I quit drinking. I had sleep apnea, terrible snoring, nose bleeds, sneezing fits and trouble sleeping for more than one to two hours at a time. Try complete abstinence from alcohol for a few days and see what happens. If you are addicted to alcohol, this will be rather difficult.
Avatar f tn I highly doubt that cutting back on carbs caused an intolerance to alcohol. A person can suddenly develop an intolerance/allergy overnight. Here's an interesting read on alcohol intolerance.
Avatar n tn This is what we in the forensic business refer to as a "clue." You drink, you feel like ****, you drink and you feel like ****, you drink and get my drift. So at the least I'd say to put away the booze. A FEW drinks? Hmmmmmm. I realize that the definition of "too much" is "you drink more than your doctor," but "few" sounds like some number that is large enough that you can't remember what it is.
363682 tn?1299492962 For around three or four years now, I have been suffering from headaches some two hours or more after the consumption of any amount of alcohol - although typically as few as two drinks upwards of any kind of alcohol. The headaches come on slowly but persistently and follow a line from the left side of my neck across the top of my head to just above the left eyebrow. They are not sharp pains but more of a constant 'throb' and can go on for hours.
Avatar n tn I'm 30 and have experienced these symptoms throughout my 'drinking life' every time I consume the slightest amount of alcohol. I don't drink beer as I can't take the taste but prefer wine coolers or grain alcohol drinks. I drink rarely, about every other month or two, but when I do it doesn't take long for crippling shoulder pain, yawning, and fatigue to result.