Albuterol updraft

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Avatar n tn What is the standard dose of albuterol updraft? Is it 0.5ml to 2.5ml saline?
Avatar n tn Out of curiosity, did they put her on an antibiotic that is in the "c" family? That's what they call it at the Dr's. It's not in the penicillin family, but I think maybe for those who might be allergic to penicillin, they give this "c" family med. The reason I ask: my granddaughter, who also goes to daycare, had similiar problems...
Avatar m tn He is 3 years old. Also, would something like albuterol help if he were bronchocontricting and that were causing coughing, but no wheezing? Also, does the asthma cough sound productive? Thanks for your help.