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146298 tn?1258715847 please see the post in your other thread
Avatar f tn A repeat CT scan should definitely be done along with tests for tuberculosis and PET scan for lung cancer if the CT scan does not show resolution of the inflammation. Please seek another opinion too from a chest specialist. Hope this helps. Take care!
Avatar n tn I don't feel short of breathe, but do have a lot of mucus that seems to come from the area described. Still pretty easy to cough up. Sometimes use Albuterol inhaler, generally at night to help sleep, but no great problems with steps, moderate exercise, etc. I've read a little on fibrosis and other issues, but am confused about COPD, ILD, Bronchitis, and cancer. From what I've read, it sounds like ILD or cancer. What are my options for either?
Avatar n tn My 63 yo mom was diagnosed w/ lung cancer and COPD 3 1/2 years ago. The cancer was caught very early and she had a lobectomy. She was given several medicines for her COPD including albuterol and spireva (sp?). She initially followed up with her oncologist but no longer sees any doctors because she is afraid of what they will tell her. As a result, she has run out of all her meds except for her inhaler which she uses frequently. Recently we have found that she cannot finish a sentence.
Avatar f tn Not to mention that my dad's mom died of lung cancer/lymphoma, as his father, and now my dad has lung cancer. Could this shadowing, mass and lymph nodes be something other than cancer? Where do I go now? Who should I see? Please, please help. Thanks and God Bless everyone.
Avatar n tn My husband told me that can be the begining of cancer in your throat, go to the doctor. I went, per 6 years I was treated with inhalers and albuterol. One day I was really sick, after the new year dinner (of corse I eat a little more and a little spicy), vomiting, short o breath...
Avatar f tn My mother has had a double mastectomy and found stage 3 breast cancer. She has had all clean tests since the mastectomy and she is doing okay that way. She refused chemo and radiation as well as Hormone pills etc. No treatment other than mastectomy. She has been having increasing problems with her asthma and breathing and I'm concerned, the doctor says that it's just because she is a smoker and her asthma is just going to get worse. I am aware that she should quit but I can't make her quit.
Avatar f tn I've tried everything and even spent time awake at night wondering if this is lung cancer. My chest hurts from a year of coughing spells and I feel crazy. I'll try the Drosera suggested in another post and any other suggestions are so welome. I've been told everything from allergies to psychosimatic illness...yeah right. Thanks for the posts and if I find the magic cure I will be sure to share...
Avatar n tn Another followup CT was recommended. Of note, cancer is prominent in my family. My mother (a smoker) died of lung adenocarcinoma in 2000, and other cancers in my family include bowel and pancreatic. I have a very respected pulmonologist, but he doesn't elaborate often.
Avatar n tn I had a thoracotomy to remove thyroid cancer that had spread to the chest area. The surgery only took 45 minutes to prep me, go in with a video thorascope, when that failed to retract the node a full thoracotomy was done. The node was behind the subclavian a few inches below the collar bone. Now the surgeon says the accidentally burned the phrenic nerve and my right lung is paralyzed. It has been 3 months since the surgery and still no change.
Avatar n tn No known genetic dispositions (unless you count a maternal grandmother with asthma and lung cancer), no prior exposure to toxic chemicals, no diagnosed connective tissue disorders, no pet birds. I am usually able to manage it with OTC Mucinex DM, but not this time.
Avatar n tn My mother has just finished radiation, following chemo for breast cancer and I know he has been very stressed. He doctor says he can't find anything wrong, that he's just getting older (he's only 77!) and may have to adjust to this as a way of life. I live at an elevation of 3000 feet and when he comes to visit - which is very rare now - he says he can't breath very well. Any ideas?
1431210 tn?1283268299 How do I tell which of these I have? I ruled out COPD and lung cancer based on my symptoms and age, and I suppose it might be acid reflux cough... I dunno. I'm sure there are people here who know more on the matter, what do you think?
Avatar n tn My chest has only hurt a few times when laying down, and I mostly cough up thick saliva, sometimes chunky stuff and every now and then my chest rattles. Before my mom died last year of liver and lung cancer, I used her little lung thing and I couldn't even get ball up a quarter of the way. I have not had good lung "action" for a long time. My mom was waiting for a new liver and did better than i did. What are my chances this is lung cancer?
Avatar f tn signs of possible lung cancer. I am not a smoker, never have smoked, but in the back of my mind--I know folks who've had lung cancer and never smoked either. I guess I read online that possible symptoms of lung cancer is: coughing or a new cough, wheezing, etc., those are the only two symptoms I'm experiencing or have experienced thus far. I have wheezed before--but not recently.
Avatar m tn I got better, but I havent been able to breathe for 7 months. I have an albuterol inhaler. I have absolutely no cough, no tightness in chest, it doesnt wake me up at night, it seems to get worse when I think about it... like at the grocery store or the gym. Its constantly on my mind tho, so its hard to gauge. It didnt come in gradually, one day I could breathe, then I got sick, and the difficulty breathing never went away after my cold was gone.
Avatar n tn I know I dont have lung cancer because I had a chest xray years ago when my jaw was dislocating in the night and causing severe chest pain. The chest xray was clear my doctor told me. Also I used to smoke pot quite regularly but with long periods of abstinence inbetween. Please can you tell me if you think it is asthma as the symptoms come and go and arent as bad in the doctors surgery probably because it is warm and clean there and I am sitting down waiting for about an hour before I go in.
Avatar n tn After about 6 months I went back because they were persisting; blood work and a sperometer were done which rules out infection and low lung capacity. While in europe during the summer I had my first severe attack on a train. My throat felt constricted and weezy and I had BAD disorientation. It subsided, but sinse the attack in europe at least 10 more have happened. I'm on Protonix for acid reflux which fixed my heartburn issues BUT I still get these terrifying spells.
Avatar n tn S, which were normal. i run 15-20k per week ok and am 43. Should I have spirometry done to confirm lung function - should I have other testing done to exclude any disease process. I will never have another puff in my life!
Avatar f tn Two spots on his lungs of 4mm and 14mm might not be worrisome as an incidental finding in a seemingly healthy man with no history of cigarette smoking but, occurring as they do in association with a (presumably) new onset chronic cough productive of “dense green mucous, with particles of blood”, they are a cause for concern and warrant further investigation.
Avatar n tn Like most asthmatic, I carry a rescue inhaler of albuterol with them all the time (including on the airplane), for use as directed by their doctors (but I've never needed for any of us it on the dozens of flights we've taken). As with anyone traveling, it's important to hand carry all your medications on the airplane and bring enough medicine for your entire trip, as well as a little extra. It's also useful to bring a written prescription for all your medications as well. Best of luck!
216281 tn?1189759426 I was wondering what findings there would be on a CAT Scan if there was a possibility of lymphoma or lung cancer. I have enlarged lymph nodes with inflammation and emphysema. I am only 43 years old!!! Any input would be greatly appreciated. I just had the scan on 9/11, go figure!!!!
Avatar m tn An unspoken truth is, Hospice will give a patient whatever they are wanting, even a cigarette when they are dying of lung cancer. So perhaps checking into hospice care for your brother is what you need to do, to make him as comfortable as possible. However, if his doctor doesn't think he is nearing the end, then Hospice might not be available for him.
625831 tn?1221902217 The only thing I have continued to use is Albuterol breathing treatments to keep the tissue soft (in my mind, no doctor ever said breathing treatments keep lung tissue soft) and I like to keep an Albuterol puffer on me for when I get SOB which does happen quite often on exertion or sometime just sitting. I guess to sum it up I would say to live while you are here and put you're faith in God your creator, not man. We're all terminal. I'm 62 years old and like I said, getting tired.
Avatar n tn I was worried about lung cancer, so went to my family doctor. She said there was a little noise in my left lung so did an x-ray and bloowork. According to her, my x-ray showed a little imflamation in the ledft bronchi and what could be just a little sputum. My bloodwork showed that my white count was up a little. She put my on prevacid, albuterol inhaler and an antibiotic. I needed to know what the radiologist thought and my dr.
Avatar f tn The negative chest X-ray effectively rules out the diagnosis of lung cancer and the clinical problem, as you describe it, is not at all suggestive of the diagnosis of cancer. Yes, however, you should be concerned that you may have either lingering bronchitis or sinusitis. Minimally, at this time, you should be re-examined and have a sample of your yellow phlegm to the lab for culture.
Avatar n tn My father-in-law goes to the Clinic for cancer, and my father goes to University for cancer and heart problems. We have had awful experiences at both places. If you think it would be worth it to come out to National Jewish, please post comment. Thank you very much.
Avatar m tn Did x rays they show donut rings in the lungs. So tried doing nebulizer with albuterol did nothing for 3 weeks 3 times a day. Did another dose of prednisone double the dose of last time a week in to it and she is getting worse. Started amoxicillin and Enrofloxacin couch stopped 3 days into the medication and she gained a ton of energy. After the 2 weeks of antibiotics a week later couching got bad again. I started her on Theophylline 200 mg morning and 200 night .
Avatar f tn My mom suffered from severe COPD and was on oxygen for quite some time before she died from colon cancer. My 80 year old dad has had part of a lung removed from lung cancer and also has asthma and is on breathing medications. I'm not sure what to do next, but what has been being done is not working. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!
Avatar m tn It's such a scary thing to watch happen to the man I love. He can't get a lung transplant as he's had lung cancer although I don't know why they didn't offer him one years ago.