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678431 tn?1227557911 I use Albuterol Inhalers for my asthma and I've been recently having some trouble with 'em. My mom and I share the same dosages, which I find really weird since I just merely have asthma and she has emphysema as well. But, I've brought that to the attention of m doctor but she still said I needed the same dosage. Plus, it makes me really jittery and shaky.
Avatar n tn I take albuterol occasionally for my asthma. If I remember correctly, albuterol is adrenergic. When I use it my heart rate increases a bit and I have quite a jittery buzz for about 10 minutes. Not the time to do detailed work. Just don't get concerned if your HR goes up a bit when you use it. It's very temporary and the med does wonders in opening up the airways.
Avatar n tn I just feel like I am breathing from straws all day. I was perscribed albuterol inhaler, but am affraid to take it with the PVCs. I also have stopped taking Claritin because of the PVCs. Do you have any suggestions about which allergy medications would be best to causes the least PVCs? And is Albuterol ok?
1315759 tn?1274048388 my asthma is not under control, at work it always bothers me. i am on the albuterol pump plus the breathing machine, which both does no good. what other inahlers can i use? or the breathing treatments? at the hospital, they give me xopenex, which works ok, not really good for me. the last time i went to the hospital, the therapist gave me atrovent and xopenex, with 4 doses in one. i told them it was making me too jittery, way more than normal and nobody listened.
Avatar n tn I had so many problems when I was using Albuterol in an inhaler. I then started using Albuterol with Ipratropium together in a nebulizer and it worked so much better for me. I only use the Albuterol inhaler now just as a rescue inhaler. Emergencies only! I also use Spiriva and Pulmicort Tubohaler. These two inhalers have helped me more than any inhaler I have ever used. They are powder inhalers but they are work so much better for me.
Avatar m tn I figured I gave myself a bad dose so I took another. Now I feel jittery and I'm having palpitations.. on the bright side I can breathe now Should I be worried about taking two puffs?
Avatar f tn I never had any history of Asthma, until I was 27 yrs old, which was the year I was exposed to Hep C. I also noticed that the nebulizer, the albuterol, and the advair never seemed to work, on my asthma, they just made me jittery! Apparently the Hep C virus may invade the lungs, as well as the liver. Hopefully, with the event of SVR, our lungs will also feel more healthy. Anybody noticed change in lungs, since clearing the virus?
Avatar f tn My problem is that my asthma inhaler was discontinued ( albuterol CFC) and now I am using Proventil HFA, and for the anxiety I take Lorazepam. The new inhaler made my anxiety worst, it was under control with the medication, but now it takes longer to calm me down. I would like to know if there's someone here with the same problem with the new inhalers and which one of the new inhalers makes me feel/ less jittery or shaky.
Avatar n tn The general idea with using albuterol before any steroidal inhaler is to insure optimal distribution of the medication. When inhalers were first introduced there were more powerful gas propellants, however under the Montral protocol, these were banned. The new Albuterol uses a different gas at far lower pressure. Albuterol is promoted as an "emergency" spray, but it also opens up" the passageways so the steroidal spray can be properly distributed.
237249 tn?1211293998 On the hyper side I find anything that interacts with the central nervous system in the way of a stimulant such as caffeine or sudafed and asthma scripted albuterol inhaler, makes me very jittery .. so I cut the otc dosing in 1/2 to 1/4 and it helps but no side effects ..... my endo told me I wasn't imagining this and my reg. dr. is the one who alerted me to the otc cold remedies in the first place while taking Synthroid!
Avatar n tn I have been prescribed a strong antibiotic (a theory my lungs were infected) which didn't work, symbacort, advair and a emergency inhailer albuterol. The symbacort didn't seem to do much after 2-3 weeks, advair didn't jive with me for some reason, it made my lungs tighter it seemed (could be a mental thing I guess) so I quit that after 3 days, and albuterol seems to help a little in emer. situations although it makes me jittery and seems to feed anx.
Avatar n tn The breathing test showed what appeared to be airway inflamation (she improved her small airway lung function by 51% after taking an albuterol type drug). As a child she had been told she was asthmatic however we discovered that she had a deviated septum (this was surgically corrected 2 years ago) and removed Cytomel from her treatment plan which -helped the breathing issues considerably.
393685 tn?1425816122 It has actually been worse this last year when my thyroid got worse. The albuterol can really help. Better, though is a long term inhaler like Flovent and the like. It is an inhaled steroid, but not absorbed systemically. What is a Qvil inhaler? I'm glad that you are getting some relief from it's use. I've been thinking of you. It will be 73 degrees here today. Weird and gross! On Sunday, it will be a high of 20! Bizzare! The kids and I will be out to help you shovel.
Avatar f tn Anticholenergics like atrovent and Spireva have mild broncho dilating affects, but they are not nearly as good as albuterol or the long-acting beta2 agonists (long acting broncho dilaters). The best thing for you to do is to take controller meds on schedule as directed by your doctor limiting your need for the rescue inhaler. Feel better.
Avatar f tn Trips to the doctor's office did not produce much except a perscription for Albuterol Liquid. In the spring about 2 months after the onset of the cough it disappeared. The next two winter (2 & 3 yrs old) the cough returned directly after coming down with a cold in January/February. It persisted for many months and again cleared once spring/summer came. Going to the doctor she insisted it was viral and nothing could be done as far as anti-biotics.
Avatar n tn If that is still making me uncomfortable, than he said that we'll try the topical steroid w/out the albuterol in it. That is what makes us jittery (it's long acting in the Advair and may be called something else, but it is just like albuterol). Remeber when you first used your inhaler? I remember I was shaking like crazy, but just happy I could breath. Now, with Advair, it's a constant ongoing crappy feeling. I'm going to use the Advair one time daily because we have to treat asthma.
Avatar f tn Trips to the doctor's office did not produce much except a perscription for Albuterol Liquid. In the spring about 2 months after the onset of the cough it disappeared. The next two winter (2 & 3 yrs old) the cough returned directly after coming down with a cold in January/February. It persisted for many months and again cleared once spring/summer came. Going to the doctor she insisted it was viral and nothing could be done as far as anti-biotics.
886699 tn?1270783344 Interestingly, I also have asthma and find that using my inhaler causes the same feeling. The Albuterol in the inhaler speeds up the heart rate so that more blood is pumped to the lungs. I went to the ER for a bad attack and they gave me a breathing treatment of concentrated Albuterol and it left me so physically shaky that I couldn't sign my discharge papers and I could hardly walk! Thankfully someone else drove. I can't talk myself into or out of the shaky, jittery feeling.
Avatar n tn Other triggers, (aside from exercise) are dust, certain medications (Advair has been known to cause pneumonia), obviously allergies, underlying medical conditions, and otherwise.
Avatar m tn Of course check with your doctor for any potential drug interactions.Volmax comes in 4 and 8 mgs its albuterol in pill form,for severe asthma,I took it as a teenager,it helped and the jitters do go away!There's tons of vitamin supplements that also help.Does her asthma act up when stressed,sick,or was it caused by allergies? God Bless,Jen P.S. Asthma can be controlled,you just need to find what works,singulair is a definite,I can't stress that enough!
Avatar n tn I have asthma and if I used my rescue inhaler before bed I wouldn't be able to get to sleep as it makes me jittery! Is he on anything else for asthma? I use two other types of inhalers twice a day to keep it under control and I usually don't need my resuce inhaler much. It is unbelieveably scary to feel like you can't breathe, and it sounds more like he is having some sort of anxiety issues about sleeping and not being able to breathe or waking up coughing.
185634 tn?1257074739 I know they've taken the pseudoephedrine out of a lot of stuff but I'm still leery of trying anything. I'm jittery from my albuterol inhaler but I'm taking it every hour so it's time to break out the nebulizer for super jitteriness. The worst was the 1 time I ended up in the ER with an asthma attack (after climbing a big pile of snow in the middle of the night) and they gave me atrovent.
290867 tn?1333572878 (Im not sure what that means) I asked about the Apenea andhe really didnt think that was it...... He perscribed me ProAir (Albuterol sulfate) to use only as needed. Flovent HFA 110 mcg 2 puffs by mouth every 12 hours Fluticasone Nasel Spray 2sprays in each nostril daily Clairitin 1 tablet by mouth daily... For anyonewho knows anything about this will I have to takethis stuff forever?????? Joy did any of the ladies you know ever find out what it was from!
Avatar m tn Apparently you have asthma or some breathing problems already since you are taking Xopenex and Symbicort. Xopenex is similar to regular albuterol which is a fast acting inhaler for asthma (something I use). It will increase your heart rate for awhile after you use it. For me, that means about 10-15 minutes. I also get shaky, jittery hands. But it eases off. The Symbicort is used when asthma is not well controlled yet. It's not a first line of defense with asthma so there must be a problem.
Avatar n tn Up 24 hours now, feeling slightly better but all too jittery to sit still for long long let alone lay, get comfortable etc. I would recommend that those with conditions such as bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders, and insomnia STRONGLY weigh how bad they feel with how bad they would feel on no sleep and more anxious or a manic episode.
Avatar m tn it could increase your anxiety or make you feel jittery, ok ? ... take care of the cough and take also vitamin C , good for wds and colds... Hey, it seems you are not doing bad at all, keep the positive up.
Avatar n tn Hospital testing revealed an abnormal arterial blood gas, showing alkalosis and low O2 saturation of 86%. No other abnormal findings were appreciated, and I was released on Albuterol. It was felt that "heavy metal poisoning" was the culprit, from using a lead based solder alloy in my work. Upon arriving home, the same sequence of events took place about two hours later, but were far less severe.
Avatar n tn Hello, just thought to provide some support... the use of use Flovent and Albuterol has shown to cause PVC's/PAC's in some people. Don't worry for now unitl you have recieved your medical reports, most likely nothing seriouse, see about stopping the use of your inhalers for a period of 2-3 months makes any difference. Take care, Alex.
Avatar n tn now we have ALBUTEROL...its normaly 20mcg's a day..then 40....60......80...100...1 week on 1 week off.........2 days on 2 days off..depends on the person...