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Avatar m tn When there are generics available then the patent has expired. I would go to a good pharmacy to buy my generics. Who knows what you get online, as it is not regulated. You can try to reduce your asthma symptoms through getting plenty of rest, a good diet and keeping your bedroom clean. Dust mites is one of the most common asthma triggers, so your sleeping environment (that you sleep in 8 hours/day), needs to be as clean as possible.
Avatar f tn I have been prescribed an albuterol inhaler, and usually only have to use it about 3 weeks out of the year. Otherwise, I take Singulair year round. This year the humidity is especially high. I have had trouble breathing for over a month now. I am a REALTORĀ® and am outside alot, and have been showing a lot of vacant bank repos with no air, and lots of mold and moisture problems. My inhaler ran out about a month ago (and was expired anyway).
Avatar n tn This past week, I was diagnosed with bronchitis and was put on prednisone and given an albuterol inhaler because my body was achy and I have been having a mucousy cough. I also took a some tussionex to sleep and realized it was later expired. My cough didnt improve and yesterday I noticed I have a red rash all over my stomach which isn't itchy at all but its a bunch of tiny red bumps like pimples but they don't pop or anything. They cover the entire front of my abdomen and stomach.
Avatar m tn It is a larger room connected to a another room. I do have albuterol inhalers but Like I've stated, I hadn't had any flare-ups in quite sometime. I go outside regularly exercise etc but had no reason to take it. That's how I know fairly quickly when my environment or specific things trigger my allergies. It could be dirty air vents, mold or just the chilly air, maybe a mixture of all three things. The basement is fairly deep with no windows. Once again thanks for your reply.
Avatar n tn I have a history of exercise induced asthma and thought that maybe I just needed to increase the use of my albuterol. Unfortunately, I didn't have any refills that weren't expired. I usually don't have any asthma problems, just when I was in high school athletics. I toughed it out for 5 days and decided I needed to see my doctor. She was out of town so I saw someone else and he told me that I needed to see someone else if my problem doesn't go away after taking albuterol. Well, it didn't.