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Avatar m tn I DO NOT recommend messing with your dosage but I would definately make sure my dosage is right in oder to get on the right track for weight loss.
Avatar n tn ing actually makes each successive attempt at weight loss more difficult, cuz our bodies hoard the fat/weight to protect against another "famine." Exercise is the weakest link in my overall DM management, so it helps me, too, to encourage you to increase your activity level. We're not physicians here, so our advice is coming only from personal experience and reading. If you like what you'll read here, chat with your doc about whether/how it could apply to your specifics.
1580703 tn?1651904887 at what dosage dose and length of time does prednisone cause brain damage and memory problems, thinking problems? thanks!
Avatar f tn This season came around and sure enough, when he got a cold it went straight to lungs (wheezing, SOB, coughing) We started inhaled steroid (budesonide), albuterol regimen again. Proved unsuccessful to resolve cough. Round of Orapred proved unsuccessful to resolve cough. After four months we consulted with Pulmonologist. Switched up steriod to inhaled Flovent 44 instead of nebulizer and albuterol qid. No results. Chest x-ray and blood allergy (why not at this point) ordered and clear.
Avatar m tn I am already aware of Gastric Bypass Surgery intended for use in weight loss. I have a family member who underwent this procedure. He lost the weight and has also put his Diabetis under control. Interstingly enough I have not heard of the Xsophy procedue yet. Sounds like a good tool to aide in surgery with less complications for the patient . Minimal inscisions are always a plus too.
678431 tn?1227554311 I use Albuterol Inhalers for my asthma and I've been recently having some trouble with 'em. My mom and I share the same dosages, which I find really weird since I just merely have asthma and she has emphysema as well. But, I've brought that to the attention of m doctor but she still said I needed the same dosage. Plus, it makes me really jittery and shaky.
Avatar f tn I have not experienced any weight loss. I do have weight fluctuations up and down about 8 pounds but I also have a thyroid problem and had a hysterectomy recently. I am tired of feeling asthmatic and having this annoying sinus drip. I am tired of the nagging cough and shortness of breath that I believe this drug is causing. After two weeks of being on Flovent and Albuterol without relief, I am going back to my doctor and tapering off of this drug to see if I can get better.
Avatar f tn I've had asthma for 24 years. I'm a 25 years old female. My father also suffered from asthma and my daughter, whom is 4 years old. I workout 4-5 days a week but see myself using the albuterol inhaler 10-20 min into my cardio workout. I really wished I was like the others who can jump on the treadmill and run without using medications. I was wondering if this frequent use of the albuterol inhaler will affect me negatively.
Avatar n tn I'm on week 31 of tx. The HepC is no longer active and I only have 17 weeks remaining on the program. The results are very positive. However, I still suffer from all the major side effects and had to go on leave to try and just focus on my health. The most important one to me has been my weight loss. Since the beginning, 03/09, I've lost 60 lbs and am still loosing. My appetite has been little to none, but I am attempting to change that.
Avatar n tn Hello, Over the summer, I started having symptoms of hyperthyroid (anxiety, heart palpiltations, insomnia, weight loss). My tsh in my bloodwork came back low (.3 i think) They retested me a couple weeks later and it was within range (.6 i believe). The symptoms cleared, but recently I noticed a few returning - got tested again and now tsh is borderline (.45). My doc said to get tested again in 6 months. All my other levels are in range, but in some cases barely.
Avatar f tn You should be aware, though, that weight loss medications are, typically, not meant for long term use, and while weight loss may result, you risk regaining the weight, as soon as you stop the medication, if you don't adopt a healthy lifestyle. Before you resort to weight loss medication, I might suggest that you first determine if your thyroid hormone dosage is optimal.
Avatar n tn I am not a physician, but a mom of a type 1 child, and the daughter of a type 2 diabetic. I know that from experiences with my daughter it was hard for her to gain weight. When she was diagnosed the endo wanted her to gain 5 pounds. It took her over year. I have a sitter that is a type one diabetic, she needed to lose weight.
Avatar n tn html There are many success stories of people losing weight on topamax. If you read the side effects, weight loss is one of them. It helps suppress the desire to eat even smoking which I have quit too. I have had all blood tests ran on me. I've been going to my doctor for 10 years. I like how you just jump to conclusions without doing any research. For anyone else who has any experience using this please write.
Avatar m tn It takes 4-6 weeks for the medication to reach full potential in your body, and it's not unusual for people to notice worsening symptoms, when starting on medication, as the body adjusts to it. It is odd, however, that your are reacting so quickly, since the medication must build in your system. If those symptoms persist, you may be having a reaction to fillers/binders in the medication. How will synthroid help you?
Tbd Weight loss can definitely affect dosage! If you've lost weight, definitely have your BP checked. The cause of weight loss can also affect meds. (Has happened to me; I am not an MD, but am a pt interested in BP matters.
Avatar f tn Lexapro can cause weight loss or weight gain. I have heard about Wellbutrin for weight loss. But I wouldn't recommend that he just starts using it again for weight loss. It was for sepression so the dosage prescibed was for that condition. Encourage him to see a doctor.
Avatar n tn It has for me. I just have no appetite. I'm hoping that turns around once my levels are up!
Avatar f tn Any way that hyper is treated (surgery, I-131 or meds), weight loss of 10-15 pounds may occur but w/ careful attention to diet/exercise, this can be limited.
Avatar f tn I have been taking 100mcg for years but now my doctor is changing my dosage to 88mcg. My tsh is .0005 and my t4 free is 7.56. Would those levels have caused hair thinning all over my body and hair texture change? My weight has pretty much stayed the same. I'm worried that the lowering of my synthroid will cause hairloss as my hair has just seemed to stablize recently. my doc thinks I have telogen effulvium due to stress in addition to the change in my thyroid.
Avatar n tn m a 30 year old morbidly obese diabetic (blood sugar well controlled, weight loss steady since 01/09). Smoked for 10 years, quit 11/07. Was thought to have asthma since late teens due to occasional wheezing and shortness of breath. Doc finally sent for PFT, which came back normal. The wheezing seems to get a lot worse when I'm sick, but it's usually manageable. August 12th I got sick with what the doc told me was a common cold... stuffy nose, wheezing, coughing.
Avatar f tn Severe weight loss, nausea, debilitating cough and shortness of breath, migraines,severe mood swings,extreme fatigue, insomnia, leg cramps, etc. Still managing to eat a little with Riba doses, and so far water intake is good. Food starting to be repulsive to him, as he says it tastes like pure salt no matter what the food is.
Avatar f tn Is that normal to loose hair after RAI? i had it done for about 2 1/2 months ago.