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Avatar n tn Mental health problem not an HIV problem. People don't go around injecting tainted blood- that's an urban legend. Seek professional mental help.
Avatar m tn People getting infected through microscopic holes is an urban legend. Since your condom was intact (you proved this to yourself remember), you were _completely_ protected from your CSW partner's fluids. Condoms work by blocking fluid exchange. NO RISK.
Avatar m tn and the only thing that comes up is an urban legend. someone might be able to assit but try posting in the dental forum.
Avatar f tn Unfortunatley the thought that you can spot reduce fat is an urban legend - the best way to get rid of belly fat is cardio exercise that burns body fat as a whole... your body itself decides how to distribute the fat cells...
Avatar m tn I know i have a phobia and it is like an urban legend. But i was drunk and i blacked out and that small red spot scared me. There was no bruise no redish and no muscle pain.
Avatar m tn Thanks Teak My concern is how I currently feel. I have tested to the extreme with over 10 Elisa tests from week 7 to week 14.5. Every test came up negative including RNA & DNA. I talked to 3 doctors and 3 PHD HIV research scientists. Everyone said the same thing that it's beyond conclusive that I'm HIV negative. Everyone told me to stop testing but my issue is hypersensitive skin. My skin has changed to dry skin and it's painful to touch anything.
Avatar f tn Condoms are designed to break open completely when they fail, there is no such thing as micro holes, which is an urban legend. So since it didn't break open then it didn't fail and therefore the wetness you felt was hers. Good job on using the condom, cause so many others here don't and then freak out about it after the fact when they should have made better choices ahead of time.
Avatar f tn For the most part, the rates of HIV are substantially lower in rural than urban areas. However, HIV/AIDS certainly is not absent in less populated areas of the US, and in some geographic areas the rates may be nearly as high as in urban areas. The rate may be higher in certain rural areas of the southeast than in urban areas in many urban areas.
Avatar n tn Now a days every kid has a crazy unique name. So having a name like Benjamin would be unique now if you think about it. I'm going to name my baby boy James.
20208478 tn?1492509208 NO ONE is carrying around syringes filled with HIV blood, injecting people and trying to infect them. This is urban legend. If someone had injected you, you would have KNOWN it for sure. You do not have any risk for HIV. If you continue to be afraid of unrealistic events, you should seek therapy to help you cope with these fears.
4372583 tn?1358902146 Poise in pregnancy is an urban legend!
Avatar n tn Time to move on...your result is conclusive. You are negative. Also---a lot of what you read on the internet is BS. The idea of "delayed seroconversion" (meaning taking longer than 3 months to test POS) a bunch of **** is an urban legend. Doesn't happen. A person exposed to HIV will test POS very rapidly.....without a doubt by the 3 month window period end.
Avatar f tn People running around stabbing others with needles is nothing more than urban legend. Wound-to-wound contact isn't a risk unless there are large, gaping, actively bleeding wounds, such that both parties would need medical attention.
Avatar f tn Before gizzy becomes an urban legend, here's an update....... He is not married, yet... he is OK, and miss us all. Cindy is with him and everything is just fine.
Avatar f tn Ok girls my due date is July 1st but I been getting told about this full moon legend which is on the 13th Idk how true it iz I rather just leave it in gods hands whenever my son is ready to come but Idk I have feelings I'm not gonna make it till then at least the way I'm feeling what do yuhh all think?
2121625 tn?1350484749 I've always heard that you should never lift anything over 20lbs. not sure how it hurts u or baby, but its not good. Pretty sure 35lbs is considered "heavy lifting" and the bigger you get, the worse it is on you. As for the arms over the head, complete urban legend. I even asked my doc & he said if cord is.wrapped around neck it had nothing to do with raising ur arms. It either happens or doesn't, u have no control over it.
Avatar f tn I'm not a health professional, so keep that in mind, but it sounds a bit like a medical urban legend that has no basis in fact. I am a volunteer in a in a Cardiac hospital, and commonly family dogs are allowed to be visitors with patients who have had bypass. The furry friends have to endure some common paw-washing procedures that we all should do entering a CVCU, and like humans, they are instructed not to sit on the bed.
Avatar f tn Delayed seroconversion is an urban legend- it does not happen. I'm not really sure what else to tell you. Testing with a PCR and combo test is pointless because you don't have HIV- you might as well take a pregnancy test. Continue to work with your doctor, but put your focus on causes other than HIV. I will not respond further but will leave this thread open in case Apollo wants to add anything.
Avatar m tn You do not have HIV. For starters, the exposure you describe was zero risk for HIV, hepatitis of all sorts and other STDs. Thus you never needed testing and you have taken your test results at 8 weeks, 11.5 weeks and at90 days as proof that you do not have HIV. Finally, let me tell you with confidence that the idea of "late seroconversion" is essentially an urban myth. Folic acid is largely taken in from the diet.
Avatar m tn Hello All, I would greatly appreciate some input, I’m desperately seeking some answers, please help. I'm scheduled for my 3rd Endoscopy banding April 10, 1st banding 6 were done, 2nd banding 5 were done. I called the doctors office yesterday asking how many were going to be done this 3rd time and they said "at least 2 more". He said the 1st 11 were of the larger variety. And yes he did mention that they'll probably need to be redone at some point.
Avatar f tn The news about the Chinese man killed during an argument with a woman who allegedly squeezed his testicles till death is classified as urban legend. There were similar stories coming from remote villages in Africa.