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Avatar m tn the counselor at UCSF Aids said 2 weeks to 6 months. was surprised. 1/4 guys here in sf has hiv. so do you think the results will change teak?
Avatar f tn you are conclusively negative and further testing is NOT needed. until you are in a monogamous relationship where both of you have tested, ALWAYS use condoms for penetrative anal intercourse. sex lasts a few minutes...HIV LASTS A LIFETIME ! ! ! ! !
6708370 tn?1471490210 I don't personally know of any primary doctors at UCSF. My primary doctor has always been outside of UCSF but my insurances have covered seeing doctors at UCSF as well. That is how I got my first referral to the UCSF Hepatitis Clinic in 2008, headed by Norah Terrault, and later the Liver Transplant Unit after it was determined I would need a liver transplant. Any UCSF primary would use the UCSF protocol for monitoring someone like yourself who has cirrhosis and is now SVR.
13091087 tn?1430188596 we have appointment tomorrow afternoon at UCSF with a liver specialist, dr. john gordon. maybe we'll come home with The Plan.
738075 tn?1330575844 It is amazing to hear her suggesting supplements instead of handing over scripts for drugs. I am impressed with UCSF for having forward thinking doctors. So, she has recommended a spinal MRI. Don't be surprised if the results come back normal as Quix tells us all the time that lesions in the spine can be tricky to see on MRI. You are also going for an SSEP, hopefully. It could very well pick up some abnormal activity.
1094370 tn?1317134825 PS -- oops, typing too fast for my brain: I wrote above about "bacteria (such as AIDS)" ... when even silly *I* know that AIDS is caused by a virus. Sorry for the misstatement.
Avatar n tn I was researching all night and some sites like UCSF say it is still possibly to get HIV through fellatio and cunnilingus. She said I should get tested after a month for HIV.
Avatar m tn I have just found out my Gastroenterology specialist is one of the best in California, he is one of 51 the specialist in the ucsf. The ucsf is the best in California and 4th in the usa. Anyway there is no fibroscan in the bayarea .
Avatar f tn Here I am so close to Stanford and to UCSF does anyone have a good one? My rheu md ordered my mri 'cause my neuro gave me an appt in May and I can't imagine not getting an answer by then!!!! Oh the frustration!!
5032487 tn?1365824021 Call the UCSF Medical Center Physician Referral Service at (888) 689-UCSF or (888) 689-8273 to find out.
Avatar m tn The gastro will do the routine stuff which is what they are qualified to do. UCSF will direct your treatment. So UCSF will tell your gastro what to do. Yes you need a MELD score of 15 to get listed at UCSF. Remember MELD will change over time so in a few MELD it could be 15. Get a bone density test and take the 550 mg of cipro per day as the hepatologist said.
5032487 tn?1365824021 I have all the imformation my GI doc needs for a referral to UCSF for liver trans eval. I was sick two years ago and UCSF has my records. (very sick but not sick enough to be listed)...which was good news. I called UCSF and they know nothing about a new standard of transp listing. I have an appt this thursday...quack doctor? or is he on to something that I'm not aware of.
Avatar f tn Chiari is one of his specialties, he was trained at UCSF. UCSF used to have a chiari specialist named Nicholas Barbaro, he did my consult last summer but he has since taken a position in the mid west...his nurse practitioner was extremely helpful to me...have you met her?
446474 tn?1446347682 sorry hector but i dont have experience on the benefits of this.
Avatar f tn with an MS specialist at UCSF (200mi away). He made a personal call to him and descrbed my case and the Dr agreed to see me (is that good or bad?!?) I understood that this was a one time visit and that my local neuro would be the one to continue my care. So the UCSF trip was great and the specialist and I had a big talk about Tysabri and agreed it is the best treatment for me short term until the MS oral treatment comes out.
Avatar m tn I have responded to you in another entry. I had my work done in SF at UCSF by Dr. Jeff Olgin. Go online to the UCSF medicla center website to read about the arrhythmia program. I imagine that UCLA and USC have similar programs. Check them out.
Avatar n tn Yes, in AIDS Journal November 22, 2002 issue, a study from the University of California San Francisco published a ten-year study of men who only had oral sex with other men in which the rate of HIV transmission was zero.
Avatar f tn The specialist at UCSF is switching me to Tysabri and has told me to go ahead and stop my Betaseron. It has now been 2 shots that I missed (well didn't take) and for the past 2 days I have been feeling like someone beat the crud outta me. My husband is insisting it is cuz I am not taking my shots. I don't see how that can be. We went to UCSF Monday night (4 hr drive), had my Dr appt Tues which took 4 hrs.
6708370 tn?1471490210 http://www.uctv.
Avatar n tn Hepatitis, alcohol, inherited disorders of iron and copper metabolism, fatty liver and many others. If you are talking about the GI and Liver Transplant Practice at UCSF, they have some of the best care for hepatitis C patients in the country. (My hepatologist at UCSF is the head of the Viral Hepatitis Research in Liver Transplantation). You willl be in good hands, so please try not to worry. First they will assess that status of your hepatitis and liver disease.
Avatar f tn He was taken to UCSF. Can you please tell me what the common symptoms or problems that may be encountered for a baby born this early. I believe he is on a ventilator. I just want to understand what we will be going there a critical period?
1571146 tn?1399909692 ve been looking around online and stumbled on to something that looks interesting and wanted to pass it on. It looks like UCSF is holding two different clinical trials for some form of IVF. I have no idea what must be done to qualify, but here are the links to the trials:
Avatar f tn I have a list of the UCSF neurologists and I had a bad experience with one of them. I'd like to get a referral from patients who are happy with their neuros. It does not have to be a UCSF doctor. I am open to any other suggestions in San Francisco or the East Bay.
4806014 tn?1424501878 Kaiser does not not treat advanced cirrhosis. When patients gets very ill they are referred to the UCSF Gastroenterlogy/Hepatologist department and are evaluated for liver transplant. UCSF has the experience, expertise and resources to treat decompensated cirrhosis and End-Stage Liver Disease. I have been treating at UCSF for 5 years and I have met dozens of Kaiser patients over the years. Kaiser in Oakland sends all their sicker patients to UCSF. Kaiser provide good health care.
Avatar m tn and someone told me in HB forum fibroscan is available in san francisco the ucsf. i really wanna try fibroscan .