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Avatar f tn As i understand there is no effective and guranteed treatment for Tinnius If you find some treatment, please inform me. My mother, and my siblings have the same problem. I am stone deaf since last 11 years. I use hearing aids. They are not satisfactory as natural hearing.I understand tinnitus may lead to deafness.So pursue the treatment till he is ok.
Avatar m tn Today, HIV should not progress to AIDS with treatment. You have neither so it does not concern you.
Avatar n tn Hi Sleep disturbances may be caused by underlying physical or psychiatric disorders. Hence, symptomatic treatment of insomnia should be initiated only after a careful evaluation of the patient. The failure of insomnia to remit after 7-10 days of treatment may indicate the presence of a primary psychiatric and/or medical illness that should be evaluated. Both Ambien and Lunesta are used to treat insomnia.
612325 tn?1220793757 m on 25MCG of Cytomel right now and have my RAI injections/pill and scan 11/3/08 - 11/5/08. If the scan comes back that more treatment is necessary the radiologist will speak with me that day (the 5th) and I'll start treatment immediately. I suppose the moral of the story is to get your tests in a timely fashion, don't believe statistics and go with a doc that is pro-active. I'm still trying to wrap my head around the whole experience.
Avatar m tn Thank you so much! I will definitely talk to my parents about that and see how everything goes, and hopefully they will understand. I will be sure to update if there's anything to update. Thanks again for the advice!
Avatar f tn what did you mean not anymore ? because i did find some info that was like 2010 and said that if you take the treatment right you wont get aids. how far before did you mean ? years ? months ?
Avatar n tn Hello, Uvilitis is inflammation of the uvula, the small tongue-shaped piece of tissue that hangs from the top of the back part of the mouth. Treatment includes salt water gargles, hard candies, sprays for example, Chloraseptic) and lozenges. Acetaminophen or ibuprofen may help control the pain. Usually it goes away with the treatment. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided.
Avatar m tn Is there anyone who can answer my question?
231441 tn?1333892766 ll do that once I get back and will have to bend my pride to accept that I do need hearing aids. Other stuff is more or less unchanged. Everything settled down significantly and is about baseline level, though continuing in mild form (particularly the weird sensations & burning continues, but eyes only fire off noticeable a few times a day rather than nearly continuously). I guess that's good news.... despite the limbo land.
Avatar n tn I've had tinnitus and benign essential tremor for over twenty years and have tried everything both alopathic and alternative. Finally after having a vasectomy and being given an opiate I realized that it calmed the noise in my head and stopped the tremor. Before that I was drinking heavily and my doctor prescribed hydrocodone which was compounded to avoid additives. I took that for about three years.
Avatar f tn NO. You should have already started. You're close to be diagnosed with AIDS.
Avatar m tn Good morning, After advice from friends in the Forum for the treatment of obsessive-compulsive disorder and the fear of AIDS decided to go for the Assembly of AIDS patients in the city center and the meeting was fantastic and shook hands with many AIDS patients and talked to them, but from within these handshakes person was his ăĚŃćÍĺ and bleeding Stopped of minutes may have shook hands with him and touched my back welcomed me do this method is safe and there is no fear of them in the transfer
Avatar n tn Your test will be 100% conclusive and accurate. Any HIV antibody test done 3 months after the last possible exposure is conclusive. I would say that 13 YEARS later, it would be conclusive :) The only diagnostic test for HIV is an antibody test.
Avatar f tn t possible to progress to AIDS that quickly, usually takes 8-10 years without treatment. If you really have Kaposi Sarcoma it isn't because you got AIDS from your recent encounter. If you tested for HIV on the 8th week it's pretty sure you are negative.
Avatar m tn aids is oral thrush.
Avatar n tn Hi i've had growing medical concerns for a few years now and it is so horrible that i now see floaters all across my vision and cannot balance correctly walking around. I also cannot digest food very well and have to avoid most all refined grains and other foods that i have eaten freely all my life. This wide range of symptoms has seemed to me to be something like hiv...
1748829 tn?1338037041 Hey everyone I have been away a lot lately but I just wanted everyone to know that i will be starting treatment with vic on Feb 25th! I am excited and scared to finally be getting to start this journey instead of just waiting around and worrying lol! Thanks for all your support so far!
2203249 tn?1338990446 s treatment for genotype 1 is only for treatment-naive patients (those that never have treated their hep C) and includes peg-interferon and ribavirin. All other projected new HCV treatments for 2014 for genotype 1 will include peg-interferon and ribavirin. Janssen's Simprevir Boehringer Ingelheim's Faldaprevir BMS daclatasvir + Asunaprevir Non peg-interferon treatments are not expected to be available until 2015. Good luck!