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Avatar n tn If a person is addicted to ambien, a doctor should be consulted to seek appropriate professional treatment (Drug rehab programs). No attempt should be made to stop taking the medication on one’s own. Lunesta though effective causes weird nightmares on waking up. Lunesta is also seen to cause a very nasty metallic taste in mouth after intake. You should consult your healthcare physician for advise on which drug would suit you better . Do write in if you need any additional information.
148588 tn?1465778809 “At that time, Stribild’s price was 35% more than Atripla, the company’s best selling combination HIV/AIDS treatment, and made Stribild the highest priced first-line combination AIDS therapy. Now, Gilead has set a new benchmark for unbridled greed with its outrageous price for Sovaldi—a price that some pharmacy industry sources suggest represents a retail markup of 279,000% over the cost of actually producing the drug.
Avatar m tn Some programs are for those with specific conditions like HIV/AIDS or end-stage kidney disease. Programs may also coordinate with Medicare benefit plans. You may see these called state pharmaceutical assistance programs (SPAP). Assistance Programs Run by Nonprofit Groups Partnership for Prescription Assistance: A program sponsored by drug companies, doctors, patient advocacy organizations, and civic groups. It helps low-income, uninsured patients get free or low-cost, brand-name medications.
Avatar n tn Congress and the White House are preparing to ramp up spending on programs to combat AIDS and related diseases around the world while removing some of the ideological blinders that have long undermined the effort to slow the spread of the AIDS virus.
807542 tn?1238224675 I am in Treatment ((meaning))) Methadone I have been in Treatment for over 20 something years I only been clean on Methadone with out the use of Herion orCocaine its been 18 years The only job I had was elling my body now today I am A Community Advocate/OutReach Worker /HIV/AIDS Peer Educatoras well as well as A Awareness Woman For Street Harmony ran by my GodChild & Husband where we work with Youth from 8 years old to 30 years old and belive me if I would have not been in Treatment I no I
764075 tn?1234495599 reading on Neupogen and have read that although it is not FDA approved for the treatment of,HCV, no generics being manufactured and is quite expensive. Are there assistance programs out there to assist with cost of Neupogen if my Dx prescribes. I am on a basic health program and co-pay 50% for all meds.
Avatar m tn I have hep c and am un insured and am interested in getting into treatment with one of the new drugs coming this year. Any suggestions on where I should be looking for programs for the folks that cant afford treatment?
Avatar f tn this whole thing scares me ,But. Its better to do something then nothing so If anyone. Has any info on how to get treatment in my situation. It would be appreciated .
Avatar m tn is any one who can tell me ,witch alternative i have , to get the treatment , ? without paid a lot of money?
Avatar f tn d lost another 5 db on the left since my test last year. I am also in treatment for TMJ which I discovered because of ear pain and pressure from my lower jaw pushing back towards my ears. (Confirmed through multiple tests including an MRI.) Up until now, it was determined that the technology available in hearing aids wouldn't help my "bad" right ear much. With the new technology, my Audiologist anticipates I'll have between 30 and 70% speech recognition in my right ear.
537639 tn?1232053569 have no insurance. does anyone have any ideas as to how i can go about getting treatment? does any place offer treatment when u can afford to pay for it? i jsut want to get the **** over with so i can go on with my life. i'v stressed over this for a week now & im tired of stressing. thanks for any help that anyone can give.
Avatar f tn I really don't know what is wrong with me. I get so tired but when it comes time for me to go to bed it is almost like I can't do it. Almost like I am afraid to. I am exausted but I lay there fighting against myself. I have tried natural and prescribed sleep aids but they don't work at all or for a very very short time. I don't know what to do. It seems to have come on in the last few months and the only change in my life has been the deathof my father back in September.
1722607 tn?1335747858 I contacted my insurance company today to ask about the price of the meds for triple treatment. A 3 month supply of interferon, ribavirin, & Victrelis would cost $180.00 (so about $60 a month) I thought it was going to be a lot higher. But I forgot to ask about "rescue drugs". Not sure how that works and how much that would be. Any one have an idea?
1054665 tn?1305508455 If you are not able to have your hearing aid repaired, I recommend you contact some of your local organizations such as the American Legion, The VFW, The Elks, the Rotary Club, etc. Some have programs that cover the costs of purchasing new hearing aids (you do not need to be a member or even know one, it is a benefit they provide for the community).
Avatar m tn Today, HIV should not progress to AIDS with treatment. You have neither so it does not concern you.
712314 tn?1303098090 I think that from your mentality right now, you are in a good place to get treatment. As far as relapse goes, while you are in treatment it is so so important while you are there to discuss relapse prevention, and most programs that have any idea what they're doing should have this as a part of their program I would think because it is so crucial.
Avatar f tn what did you mean not anymore ? because i did find some info that was like 2010 and said that if you take the treatment right you wont get aids. how far before did you mean ? years ? months ?
Avatar m tn As a person who has gone through a number of treatment programs, I can tell you, that a treatment center is not the thing that ensures sobriety. You knowing you are serious about quitting, and will go to any length to do so, is what's going to ensure your success. When you first go to a treatment program, they have you stay in a nursing station, where they help you get through withdrawal, by giving you something to settle down and sleep. A doctor can similarly help you to do this.
429700 tn?1308007823 Also, in many states there are programs to help those cover the cost of getting the hearing aids if you have a hearing problems no matter the diagnosis, in AL the vocational rehab centers will often help cover the cost.
Avatar f tn You have stopped your pain medications, which is good and you are receiving sleep aids to help you sleep. You should stop becoming anxious about sleep as this becomes a vicious cycle and you may face problems falling asleep. Follow good sleep hygiene measures like going to bed at the same time, waking up at the same time, avoidance of alcohol, smoking and caffeinated beverages. Maintain warm, comfortable bedroom environment and engage in relaxing activities like a warm bath before bed time.
Avatar f tn Dear Tessy2, I would contact your insurance company directly and ask for the eating disorder treatment programs on their panel. You could then call each of their contracted facilities. If interested in any of the programs, have the treatment program intake department run an insurance verification to determine your financial responsibility.