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Avatar m tn i m looking for treatment of HBV for my son 3yrs old found positive on 23 May 2015 and his mother also chronic carrier of HBV. Pl. suggest.
Avatar n tn Sir Thank you very much for comments. Sir I have a small question, what are the cause of this problem and apart from that what will happen if there's little delay in the treatment or the test that you have said. Sir I live in New Delhi so do you know any good Doctor or Hospital where I could go for the treatment or examination. Sir I don't have that much funds but i'm looking for an advised where I could get the treatment done in less amount.
Avatar n tn raghu here, yesterday 5th october 2008 i went to prostitute , i did not take preventive measures,i dont know wheather the prostitute has hiv or aids, how to test that i infected with hiv or not , how much time should i wait to get the hiv test done
Avatar n tn Nudoxa is being used as a chemotherapy drug to treat various cancers, particularly, breast cancer - the second most common type of cancer, ovarian cancer - the fifthleading cause of cancer death in women, and AIDS-related Kaposi sarcoma which develops in people who are infected with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).
Avatar m tn I do not know any personallyh. Indian ophthalmologis is excellent. You need a pediatric/strabismus eye MD ophthalmologist. You might check a medical school staff or if you know a pediatrician have them refer you.
Avatar m tn But from this forum and talking from lots of Hbv Patient i knew that best place of treatment of hbv in india is ilbs delhi.
Avatar m tn Hi Asim, I think you will find that this is retrograde ejeculation, its when sperm from your sperm bank leaks into your bladder, so see your doctor and see if he conferms that.
5994222 tn?1378018692 I'm not diabetic. I've started using Neem Soap. Any other suggestions?
Avatar n tn Dont worry u will live normal treatment of hbv in india is ilbs delhi.
Avatar m tn Well, your hunt ends here as with the world-class facilities available at PSRI hospital in New Delhi, you can get all medical facilities for kidney transplant procedure at reasonable cost. Meet the senior consultants here at the hospital and give at end to your worries.
Avatar m tn The company is said to have soft launched a product called Exxura, made with a local partner in India, to reduce the treatment cost by almost half. BT is yet to get this confirmed by Roche. .....
Avatar n tn Please let me know about the follow up to this new doctor. Try to find out a physiotherapist in Faridabad. He may not be in a position to travel to Delhi every time.
Avatar n tn Can u suggest any name of a Dr in Delhi. Next month she will going to her school. Whether there will be any problem because is under drowsiness during day time also. What precution we can take. Her mother, Kaval, is always available on 9990958896.
Avatar m tn last i read its being tested in Delhi India......write the manufacturer....i did but they never got back with me...
Avatar n tn her cyst was removed in SIR GANGA RAM HOSPITAL,NEW DELHI,INDIA.she is studying in grade 5 and a good student.I want to know is there any thing by which she can walk.please tell me This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/295912'>Severe Pain from Spinal Cord Cyst C-7 thru T-2</a>.
Avatar f tn If you live in Delhi , please visit Institute of Liver & Billary Science Delhi . you will get very good Liver specialist. This hospital is doing all research in liver related disease.