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Avatar n tn About one year ago I was in Cape Town and met a guy. We kissed but did not have penetrative sex, but I remember that he did touch my vagina and try to penetrate without using a condom. Obviously I freaked and pulled away. Things did not go further and I told him to leave. I was thankful nothing had happened but when i returned home the topic came up with my girlfriends about hiv and how bad it is especially in Cape Town of all places.
611067 tn?1458591483 I found this online and laughed the whole way through it - if this is true - no wonder we're in so much trouble! LOL!!! A travel agent for thirty years in our nation's capital has this to report: "This is why we're in trouble! I had a New Hampshire Congresswoman ask for an aisle seat so that her hair wouldn't get messed up by being near the window. I got a call from a candidate's staffer, who wanted to go to Cape town.
Avatar f tn Paloma Werner, 50, of the Cape Town Sailing Academy, and her partner Ralph Mothes had been watching the whale from a distance in Table Bay, near Cape Town harbor, when it moved toward their 10-meter vessel and breached 20 meters away. Southern right whales are a common sight in Cape Town waters during the breeding season from June to November, drawing whale watchers to the region.
Avatar m tn Hence not knowing the likelihood of the girl having potential bleeding gums (almost sure she was positive . black southafrican part time sex worker in cape town, who i met in a nice lounge) I was prescribed PEP 9 hours later. I am day 21 after exposure. What are my odds of getting infected. When should i get my first test after pep ? Thanks a lot for your help!
Avatar m tn Hi im from cape town and im very much addicted to sex and porn, i have lost my girlfriends due to my addiction.what should i do.
Avatar n tn I am about to start an 8 week elective in a hospital in South Africa, Cape Town next week. My hep B levels are between 50 and 100 and I am receiving a booster dose this Friday. Will I have my immunity levels be sufficient and when is the soonest that I can retest my levels to take account of the booster dose?
Avatar f tn 3 years ago me and few mates were in Cape Town and got very drunk and decided to go to a brothel. It was very clean and was showered before engaging in sexual activity. I was made to wear a condom for everything including oral sex and I'm not sure if I even had intercourse as was too drunk to peform and if I did it was brief and I was wearing protection. I cant remember if I performed oral sex on her but just wondering what the chances are of my contracting HIV ?
Avatar m tn This time i did my test in a private lab in India..(But my sexual encounter happened in nigeria)... even i am living in cape town.. i was really worried .. becoz i was very carefull about my sexula relation .. whn i work in South africa... i did nt have any sexual encounter in South africa.. but i did my first mistake in sexula relation .. with a girl in nigeria . 2009 may... I asked the lab person to do ELISA/WB test for me .. i gave my blood ... and they asked me to come after 3 days ..
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Avatar f tn Hey I am 24 year old guy lives in Cape Town a week ago I met a lady in a bar we took of to my apartment and I had unprotected sex and now um starting Tk have strange fluids dropping out what might it be
Avatar m tn 1)Hi,my first question is can CMV interfere in Hiv test 2) i had hiv ag/bg combo axsym and vdrl testing which was negative,can the virus be detected in both these test even if you have aids and take the test past 5 years ,im still worried because i had OI which i had mentioned earlier im still nervous about the hiv virus,is it possible it might have turned into full blown aids thats why the results were negative,can you explain what is full blown aids 3)Do i need cd4 count test,please explain
Avatar n tn Thanks, i was worried that there may have been some outdated test still in use in some parts of the world that was only able to test for full blown aids rather than the early stages of HIV. So i can assume that international testing standards are more or less equal?
Avatar f tn I just found out about 12 years ago my mate was unfaithful and i have gotten tested recently with an third generation eia antibody test hiv1/2 with reflexes, a rapid blood test, 4 oraquick home tests and all came back negative. But ive read ur post that some people with aids antibodies wont show on those tests. Im very scared that im in that stage and the tests i took arent sufficient enough to know for sure.
Avatar m tn I went to massage palor in Cape Town had sex with a prostitute and used a condom.Worried that she had put baby oil in her vagina and i inserted my penis wearing a condom and had sex.I had it was risky? What is the risk. Therefore I WAS FREAKED OUT.I CONTINUE TO BE SCARED FOR MY LIFE.I had to beg her next day and paid her cash to do a HIV-TEST we waited 30 minutes for the results in a hospital and we were both negative. Please help i never thought my first time would end up this horrible.
Avatar m tn I have seen a post in the community saying that the fourth generation test can completely exclude AIDS after 28 days. I would like to ask the next. After having sex 26 days, did 4 generations test, can you rule out AIDS infection? I wonder if the 26 day fourth generation test is the same as the 28 day fourth generation test? Does it have to be 28 days later? Does 28 days include the day when I have sex?
Avatar f tn Mery christmas Doctors I want to get the professional advice my grandmother has diabetes and live in the very tiny town and require insulin shots she cannot take herself she needs someone to give it to her . There is a man in that town (not a doctor but as we call him in our country a “syringe operator”) he gives syringes and take blood samples and take money for that. Last week I was visiting her and saw the process.