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Avatar f tn I'm 14 Weeks Pregnant & Ive Gotten Thrush Twice Already. Has Anyone Else Experienced This Too?
1526478 tn?1302753344 If experts says that it appears early in the disease, they are talking about usually within a year of infection. Same with thrush. Thrush or glossitis / OHL usually are signs of overt AIDS and do not appear until a person had HIV for many years.. Look, take a test now. your exposure was 5 months ago, right? any result beyond 3 months is conclusive.
Avatar m tn HIV related thrush comes on in late stage hiv and many times thrush in hiv patients results in a diagnoses of aids. That said if you do have thrush it isnt from HIV. Plus you have a negative hiv test which tells you right there you dont have hiv. If you search around on the net there are lots of people with oral yeast (candida) and it come from a bunch of different things, one being diet.
Avatar m tn Can these coughs be the symptoms of any Pneumonia or Thrush in lungs as later complication of hiv? 4. What are the symptoms of thrush in lungs?
Avatar f tn Thrush is not specific to HIV, and when related, occurs late in the disease process (with advanced AIDS). Again, I'm not going to continue to address questions about thrush, you need to address that with your doctor. I would be more than happy, however, to help you with your anxiety.
Avatar n tn You don't have to be HIV positive or have AIDS to have thrush. Antibiotics are a good cause of thrush. Anytime the good bacteria that is found in the mouth is depleted one can get thrush.
Avatar f tn In certain complicated cases, or if the infection spreads, systemic treatment will be necessary in the form of antifungal tablets, or perhaps in the form of injections. Coping with the symptoms of oral thrush Thrush can make the mouth so sensitive that it's impossible to perform regular oral hygiene. Use a very soft toothbrush. It can often help to rinse the mouth with a diluted solution of 3 per cent hydrogen peroxide.
Avatar n tn Regardless, does this seem like oral thrush? I'm not asking for a diagnosis, just logically inferring. And doesn't thrush occur much later on if somebody is infected with HIV?
Avatar m tn In advanced AIDS, you can get severe thrush ( oropharyngeal candidiasis) but you dont have it.
Avatar n tn The oral thrush is to come at later stage of hiv. then how late is late? is 3 years considered late stage? I am not having any pain or swollen lips in my mouth. But however, it is just that from time to time i have a feeling that tongue is burning (mildly) and when i check in mirror....i cant see anything wrong... God bless.
215461 tn?1331866365 Today it still hurt so I examined it in the mirror and noticed white spots on my tongue. Apparently I have oral thrush =(. I am not scared out of my mind because my whole body is just not working. I have become gluten intolerant in this time (I have not ate gluten) and developed some kind of allergies and now this. My doc prescribed something over the phone, and I have to see her next week, but has anyone else had this happen from hashi's???
Avatar f tn I am very scared I have hiv or almost aids. Met a guy at hotel non protected oral protected anal. I have herpes and like an idiot when he came I immediately rubbed his com all over my penis. I feel his is how I became infected as I may have has micro abrasions. I know this is not he norm but here is what happened, 36 hours later I got very ill threw up terrible diarreha and a new rash in between my genitals and anus. Had a very sore lower back dry mouth headache and fatigue.
Avatar n tn I am a male and performed oral on two men over the past month (Two weeks ago, three weeks and four weeks). They did ejaculate in my mouth. I just noticed what seems to be thrush like substance on my inner cheek. I also have an ongoing issue with canker sores. No other symptoms are apparent. I have two questions: 1. Is this thrush a symptom of hiv infection? 2. Are canker sores an issue for hiv infection? Is their presence during oral sex an increase risk for infection?
Avatar n tn I have had oral thrush 3 times in the past 3 months. I got an HIV test at the end of Februrary and ended up negative. Got a blood test and have normal blood sugar ( therefore not diabetic ). I know that the medical community doesn't believe in systemic candida unless they are diabetics or aids sufferers.. but I'm suffering a host of other symptoms like depression and erectile dysfunction.
Avatar f tn Have some confusion on Oral Thrush I've seen in the forum it's NOT a symptom of ARS and occurs in the later HIV/AIDS stages when it does occur? Just wanted to verify. If it can occur as symptom of ARS, would it be expected to stop occurring when the others symptoms stop as well and have run their course? Finally, Oral Thrush associated with HIV would be painful, thick white "cottage cheese" type substance versus a white taste bud type appearance? Thanks so much.
Avatar f tn I haven't tested for aids yet. But so far haven't had much of aids symptoms other than oral candida. I haven't lost weight, and never had diarrhoe (but I consistently poop around twice a day, normal poop, not watery in case of diarrhoe).
Avatar m tn It is not possible you caught HIV and have the negative tests you describe. Something other than HIV is causing the mouth problem. See a health care provider about it. This was posted this in the wrong forum; see the IMPORTANT notice above. No discussion or comments.
Avatar m tn ( symptoms not in order) After the 2nd test result I French kissed my gf ( deep) after sometime she complained about pain from jaw (wisdom teeth), then thigh pain, fatigue when working out at the gym and heart palpitation. Those symptoms are all real and I see that all point to HIV/aids but how on earth am getting negative results. Please help me and guide me of what to do next (viral load test/ cd4 count)?
Avatar m tn in the throat, is this seen in the later stages of hiv/aids OR in ARS symptoms? any clarification would be great. thank you.
Avatar n tn While it is appropriate for the PA to consider both HIV and diabetes since thrush is seen at increased rates with both of these disorders, not everyone or even most people with thrush have either diabetes or thrush. Furthermore, while if the PA thought you had thrush it probably was, there are many other benign oral processes which can mimic thrush. If you were treated for thrush and got better, this is probably what was going on but, just to be clear, all that appears to be thrush is not.
Avatar n tn My tongue does not hurt. I am so scared now that my test picked up a false-negative. I've seen pictures of thrush and I don't think it is that. I had some red spots on my palate at this time too. I also have a very tiny canker sore on my lip. 1.)What are the chances that my result was a false-negative? 2.)Does this sound like it is HIV-related? 3.) If it is not HIV-related then what could it be from? 4.) Could this be a cause of taking antibiotics? Thanks Doc.
Avatar m tn we dont discuss symptoms. how do you even know that you have oral thrush?. was a swab test done by a lab and had a doctor confirm it? or are you just assuming that you have oral thrush. Anyways oral thrush is not HIV specific. Even normal people have oral thrush.
Avatar m tn I read that thrush appears only in the late stages of HIV or better said in the AIDS stages. Is that correct? Please let me know.
Avatar n tn 1) can the oral thrush be transmitted from hasband to a wife? 2) if it is std symptoms can thje oral thrush be appeared as fasf as this period and last for long term? please reply me thanx alot..
Avatar n tn Relax. I'm sorry you were treated so shabbily and I know it doesn't feel good. But the chance you got HIV is very low. More important, symptoms simply do not matter and yours mean absolutely nothing. Only the test results matter, and yours are negative. (For innumerable discussions about symptoms, search the archives and threads for "HIV symptoms" and "ARS symptoms".) Your negative test result at 8 weeks PROVE you do not have HIV; you don't need a 3 month test.
Avatar n tn See multiple other threads vis search terms "HIV transmission risk", "oral sex", and "fellatio". Receiving oral sex is zero risk or close to it (debate among the experts whether truly zero or not), even if the stripper had HIV--which is unlikely.
Avatar n tn I didn't mean that you have to have hiv to have oral thrush. I meant that if he has oral thrush, it isn't due to Aids/hiv. Usually people with hiv will develop thrush long after their diagnosis. You can't rely on your fury tongue to tell you whether or not you have hiv.