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Avatar f tn I don’t have any kind of Hiv risks but I have all the symptoms of aids,my tongue is white always ,I have white lines in my cheeks it started about 5 years ago and still is.
Avatar n tn I am a male and performed oral on two men over the past month (Two weeks ago, three weeks and four weeks). They did ejaculate in my mouth. I just noticed what seems to be thrush like substance on my inner cheek. I also have an ongoing issue with canker sores. No other symptoms are apparent. I have two questions: 1. Is this thrush a symptom of hiv infection? 2. Are canker sores an issue for hiv infection? Is their presence during oral sex an increase risk for infection?
Avatar f tn 6 months after a risky encounter, I’ve developed thrush, lost significant weight, and have grown fatigued. Despite those symptoms, I’ve tested negative on ~8 different tests: oraquick, rapid blood tests, antibody/antigen tests, and RNA qualitative and quantitative (undetected). I’ve read it’s possible to test false negative if you’ve developed AIDS due to a lack of antibodies (?) However, I didn’t see anything about false negatives and NAT tests, Any advice helps. Thanks.
Avatar f tn I'm 14 Weeks Pregnant & Ive Gotten Thrush Twice Already. Has Anyone Else Experienced This Too?
Avatar f tn Hi and no you cannot. Is not transmitted that way. Only through unprotected vaginal/anal intercouse, sharing iv drug use and mother to child.
1526478 tn?1302749744 If experts says that it appears early in the disease, they are talking about usually within a year of infection. Same with thrush. Thrush or glossitis / OHL usually are signs of overt AIDS and do not appear until a person had HIV for many years.. Look, take a test now. your exposure was 5 months ago, right? any result beyond 3 months is conclusive.
Avatar f tn ok but can oral thrush cause just one little spot thats comes off easily and then go away for like 3 weeks and then come back?
Avatar n tn You never had an exposure.
Avatar n tn In addition to the white lesions in my groin area, I have been getting thrush on my tongue about once every other month for the last 6-9 months including a current episode. When going through the various STD symptoms, I saw that frequent thrush was a symptom of aids as the immune system is weak. I don't have an explanation for the frequent thrush and I don't have a clue what the lesions in my groin are...are these symptoms for aids? Could that be a possibility?
372206 tn?1235168293 Im 18 weeks 4 days and have thrush (again - 4th time since falling pg) and last night i used the canesten pessary - i was extra careful when inserting and everything seems ok at the moment but the first doctor i saw told me NOT to use it, and the doc i saw a couple of weeks ago said it was ok.. Has anyone else used the pessary when pregnant?????
372206 tn?1235168293 That is NOT true!! Don't panic Chitten! I take an asthma medicine called Advair which, if you don't rinse and gargle each time afterwards can give you thrush. I'm lucky enough to have not gotten it but I know that HIV & AIDS are NOT the only causes. Yikes! Now for pregnant treatments, I have no idea. Sorry@!! You could check w/ a pharmacist, too.
Avatar m tn HIV related thrush comes on in late stage hiv and many times thrush in hiv patients results in a diagnoses of aids. That said if you do have thrush it isnt from HIV. Plus you have a negative hiv test which tells you right there you dont have hiv. If you search around on the net there are lots of people with oral yeast (candida) and it come from a bunch of different things, one being diet.
Avatar m tn when the white stuff can be scraped off, it is thrush. thrush is caused by the fungus candida. this is very common even in the non-HIV population. people who have been on antibiotics and diabetics often get this. however, if the white stuff CAN NOT be scraped off and has a hard texture, this is called leukoplakia. this is often a sign of HIV/AIDS.
Avatar n tn This week though I developed oral thrush. Very distinct and obvious thrush in several patches on my tongue and under it. My tongue is so sore as a result. My wife has started to get gum problems and dermatitis issues too. I'm really concerned that I may have some kind of mutated or rare strain or that I'm not making the specific antibodies sensitive to the tests. Do you have any suggestions as to what I should do?
Avatar n tn Are you on any kinds of antibiotics? Excessive antibiotics or steroids can disrupt the balance of flora in the body and potentially cause yeast infections to bloom...but are you SURE its really oral thrush? People can have white coatings on their tongues and mistake it as thrush. If you have a diagnosis of thrush.. then that's potentially different. Acute HIV infections do not present with thrush as a symptom. Thrush only occurs after the immune system is considerably compromised.
Avatar n tn I have recently returned from travelling in Africa. while i was out there i was working in a hospital, and met lots of AIDS patients, but never did any invasive procedures with them. I also had protected sex with someone, but unfortunately think the condom broke on one occasion (though not sure about this). i was fine symptom wise when out there but about 1week after this incident, started getting vaginal thrush, then some fever and diarrhoea.
Avatar m tn If experts says that it appears early in the disease, they are talking about usually within a year of infection. Same with thrush. Thrush or glossitis / OHL usually are signs of overt AIDS and do not appear until a person had HIV for many years.
Avatar n tn A white coating on the tonge is not like having Thrush. Thrush is painfull.
1069143 tn?1471312610 t worry, it just means your immune system is fighting off something and all the websites come up with Aids the minute you do a search on thrush. Again if you have any reason to think that have it checked but thrush is over active yeast in our body and it is aggravated by simple sugars and our diet. It also causes chronic pain, headaches, depression, panic attacks. It's one of the most under diagnosed things. Best to you.
Avatar f tn Welcome to the forum. I'll try to help allay your concerns. You had accurate replies on the HIV community forum; I can confirm that you were not at risk for HIV and should not be worried about it. It is statistically unlikely your erotic massage or escort partner had HIV, but even if they did, you describe exposures that would not have transmitted HIV -- as you were informed on the community forum.
Avatar n tn And even if you had oral thrush, that is a sign of advanced HIV infection (i.e., overt AIDS), not of early HIV infection. And a brief illness with one day of fever is not consistent with HIV as the cause. A viral respiratory infection or strep sounds more likely than either thrush or HIV as the cause of your symptoms. See a health care provider if you remain concerned about this. But there is nothing in your story that makes me worried about a new HIV infection.