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Avatar m tn hii i have exposure three months back i have three hiv ag/ab duo test first test is at 3 weeeks negative second test is at 6 week negative third test is at 11 week 5 days negative i have canker sores after my exposure which heals and new appears i have also tested negative for syphlis, hepatitis b and c after 3 months.
Avatar n tn Ulcers in the mouth sometimes occur in overt AIDS, due either to actual canker sores or other problems that cause similar lesions. However, I stress "overt AIDS". This is not a symptom of early HIV; it is pretty much limited to people with multiple other manifestations of AIDS, mostly in people who are deathly ill. I have never heard of oral ulcers as the only symptom of HIV or of being the very first symptom. So the direct answers are: 1) No, probably not.
Avatar n tn I just noticed what seems to be thrush like substance on my inner cheek. I also have an ongoing issue with canker sores. No other symptoms are apparent. I have two questions: 1. Is this thrush a symptom of hiv infection? 2. Are canker sores an issue for hiv infection? Is their presence during oral sex an increase risk for infection?
Avatar n tn The AIDS websites can scare you not have intercourse anymore. The symptoms for AIDS are also the same symptoms as some other infections. The little sores went away but if I start on my Valtrex like it was given to me in January I may not have these small out breaks. I will pick up the prescription today after I thought about eventhough I haven't had any gential symptoms of HSV-2 if it's in my blood I should take my medicine.
Avatar n tn ve been asked this before, but is it possible that in a person with Aids or a person with an advanced stage of Aids would stop making hiv antibodies? Do people with hiv show hiv antibodies for the rest of there life, even in the terminal stage of aids? And is it possible that someone could catch the hiv virus and in 3 years develop aids in an advanced stage if that person where unaware that they where hiv possitive and where not receiving treatment for hiv?
Avatar m tn can you get aids or hiv from someone licking and fingering you in the anul? what if that person has a cut or sores in mouth as well as fingers? im asking because i dont know if they did or not. however i would like to cover all the basis. also what if that person is affected as well? someone please help! i havent been to sleep in 24hrs....
Avatar f tn No sweetie. She contracted hiv sometime in 2001. She didn't find out til 2009 it was full blown aids. She had mouth sores all the time and skin rashes. But it never crossed her head to go in for a hiv test. She wasn't sexual ly active after that one man who got her infected so she thought she wasn't at risk. When they caught it 5 months later she passed away. Meds didn't help so she was out in hospice care.
573013 tn?1217841263 now, i tested first time after 11 weeks after the complete exposure [which wat am worried of], i got negative, my symptoms started after the this test, before i had no symptoms. i have read that, aids virus symptoms show up after 2-4 weeks of the exposure. is that possible to have symptoms so late ?
Avatar f tn giving unprotected oral sex to a man;what kind of risk does this have on a clean female?I believe when giving the oral sex that I didnt have any sores on or in my mouth && he was clean as a whistle.i know you cant tell by the looks of someone if they have aids but what are the odds of getting hiv or aids?i know it was said I could have contracted other sti's but i havent seen any symptoms indicating any...getting tested mmon?would appreciate little to any advice I can get.
Avatar m tn No sores in the mouth of people with AIDS is not common at all.
Avatar m tn after 5 days till now i have this symptoms cough, fever(daily), night sweat, tired muscles, diarea (daily), its more than a month i have this symptoms... im paranoid, so anxious.. no peace of mind.... Please help me... do i have HIV....
Avatar m tn Gingivitis (inflamed gums) sometimes occurs in late HIV infection, i.e. in people with full-blown AIDS. It is never the main symptom of a new HIV infection.
Avatar m tn HIV is the virus that causes AIDS. They are not separate. However, this is not relevant to your situation since you were never at risk for HIV, or any STD.
Avatar m tn I think Im experiencing AIDS symptoms. I have shortness of breath, fatigue, and now I started experiencing a weird sensation in my foot, as if someone is holding a lighter near to my ankle. It doesnt burn but it feels warm for a few seconds then goes away. Happens daily I think. So im wondering if theres a high chance I got AIDS through the damaged tissue.
Avatar m tn I personally dont think HIV is your problem and regarding ARS symptoms, most of the symptoms that i had experienced before were match with all the ARS symptoms.. Still got swollen nodes all over the place till today and my tests all turned out negative..please get yourself calm and take your test if you want to..
Avatar m tn on 3/16/11 i went into a clinic because i had what i know recognize as symptoms of herpes i have never ever had even a smallest infection in the genital area. So the doctor at the clinic takes a look and says it looks like Herpes she takes a culture from one of the sores and i get tested for all the other STDs, STIs & HIV/ AIDS; they all come back negative. So as soon as i find out it could be a possibility i told my partner to get tested.
Avatar n tn If some how I got infected with it and gave it to my daughter would she have symptoms like canker sores and a sore throat already(only 3 months) since the last time I saw him. I feel awful even questioning because I have read that there is no possibility of infection but all the symptoms are there in my daughter.
Avatar n tn re wondering if these truly are cold sores or something else? Do cold sores always follow the same cycle and symptoms or can they sometimes not pop? Could abreva be preventing the sore from going through all the cycles?
Avatar f tn Experts believe that viral hepatitis is more likely to be transmitted if either the positive or the negative partner has another STD, especially one that causes sores or lesions. Thus, suspicious symptoms should always be checked by a doctor before engaging in oral sex.
Avatar m tn I did do a clearview rapid antibody test at wk 12.5 and it was negative. So what is my problem? The neuropathy like symptoms that started around week 3 is getting more severe and almost unbearable. I have had many other symptoms (diarrhea, facial rash, mouth sores) but because all my prior hiv tests were negative, i have been trying to get over it. Yet, the neuropathy symptom and frequent chills are not allowing me to move on.
Avatar n tn please im so unaware of hiv and aids, and so scared that i ve caught the virus on a couple of occasions since march this year, i was wondering wud i be seriously ill by now if i caught it in march?