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Avatar n tn Aftrer coming back i dint get get proper food and sleep for next 4 days due to my work.and also i was caught in a on march 2nd i had sore throat and fluid in my ears,and i was very tired for the next 3 days ( till i had proper food and sleep).i saw a doc,he gave azithromycin(antibiotic) ..after finishing the course i have some skin rashes and nausea feeling.after going through net iam scared to there chance of me getting AIDS.are these symptoms?
Avatar m tn When someone has a symptom such as a sore throat it is criminal to link this in anyway to an HIV infection. I hear of more and more people being convinced that they have been infected with HIV because of a sore throat or some skin rash. That includes myself. What follows is immense stress and all the consequences that go with it to say the least.It is therefore every responsible person's job NOT to mention the word HIV in any forum related to everyday symptoms.
Avatar m tn Hi, The NAT (National Aids Trust) states that the majority of people presenting with actual ARS will have triad of symptoms at the same time (severe sore throat, severe fever and rash). If you only present with the sore throat after a risk is it likely that you arnt going through ARS ?
Avatar m tn Any such persons would also have various combinations of sore throat, inflamed lymph nodes, fever, skin rash, etc.
Avatar n tn I also began to feel as if my lymph nodes in my throat were becoming enlarged and feared that I would have a sore throat the next day. Sure enough, the next day came and I had very enlarged neck glands and a severe sore throat, along with fatigue/tiredness. My muscles no longer ached, but my throat did and I think I had a fever that fluxuated between 99-101. By Thursday my sore throat had been wearing off, buy my glands were still enlarged and I still felt a little tired/weak.
Avatar f tn ars...symptoms of infection, come at 2-4 weeks post exposure.
Avatar m tn and they appear clear when i do bath with hot water...are this symptoms of aids.....
Avatar m tn Go to your doctor and get it looked at. The symptoms you are describing seem like strep throat. White throat patches could also be a symptom of any STD, including Syphilis, but symptoms for Syphilis take more than 5 days represent from what I understand. It could also be Tonsillitis, or Candidiasis. Candidiasis is common in AIDS patients, but it takes years to develop AIDS after becoming HIV positive and Candidiasis can happen to anyone who isn't HIV/AIDS infected as well.
Avatar m tn After 2 weeks i had this feeling that i feel hot inside but no fever 36.4 C and slight sore throat. Im so anxious and scared bec she had 4 boyfriend in her past and she is sexually active to them. Do i have Hiv?
Avatar n tn A sore throat could be a sign of gonorrhea, but most of the time no symptoms happen with oral gonorrhea. So while possible I would say not likely. Best advice is to have a throat swab done and you can test for gonorrhea as well as other bacterial infections.
Avatar n tn Almost one week after the first sore throat, 19/20 days after exposure i had another sore throat but just for 1/2 days. Much more soft than the previous one. I'm also sweating a lot, not night sweats but during the day. In reality it has been hot and i already sweat a lot. But i think i'm sweating more those days. But i'm not sure. I didn't had a rash. At least one that i would notice and not forget.
Avatar m tn 6 weeks after the exposure I had diarrhea and sore throat. I have had a low grade fever not raising over 100 since September. I have had a loose stool since September, I have a rash that is on my shoulders since October, and I have started to have really dry flaky skin and bumps all over my chest and stomach. Since August 31st I have lost thirty pounds do to this. My throat has been sore since the beginning of August. Not only am I concerned of HIV now I'm concerned about acquiring aids.
Avatar f tn On day two the flu-like symptoms were gone and the sore throat persisted. It is now day five and he only has a sore throat which seems to worsen everyday. He went to the doctor. The Dr. did a throat test/culture on him and said they would send it in for a second opinion because they could see nothing wrong with him. He continues to complain only of his throat hurting really bad. Could he have contracted oral herpes?
Avatar m tn Could it be symptoms of HIV? Since I read on the internet that sore throat can be one of the symptoms in early stage of getting AIDS. Also. is there any testing I shall take at the current stage? Thanks so much for your attention.
Avatar m tn your symptoms do not have to do with anything. symptoms can not diagnosis you.
Avatar m tn I was wondering if ars symptoms can occur without a fever or sore throat but I had nightsweats for.
Avatar m tn i received oral sex from a sex worker 8 weeks ago,4 days later a had small grade fever for about 5 days,no sore throat but my throat is so irritating.3 weeks later i had dearhea(stool watery) for about 4 weeks,stomach pain(not so pain)..5 weeks i had swollen lymph nodes in my neck,i have tested negative with comb aids rapid test in 6 weeks. now today i develop small bump in my left groin area ,i dont know wheather its swollen lymph nodes or not these makes my anxiety came back again please help!
Avatar m tn I have never had sex, but I do present some odd symptoms that may lead to hiv/aids. I have a white tongue, and pretty often when I wake up I have a sore throat. Nothing interesting came up other than the fact that I have a lower than usual count of white blood cells (the doctor said it was nothing to be worried about). When I was a kid I had bronchitis pretty often. Now it seems that I don't have it anymore. Or maybe that's the cause of my white tongue / sore throat.
Avatar m tn No risk from penis touching him touching yours, you touching risk no need to test. Sore throat is unrelated. If you are out if the country you likely flew on a plane correct? Some people are sensitive to the pressure of flying I myself always get a sore throat and sinus infection after flying.
Avatar m tn simply have done the 3-month 4th generation and was OK but from yesterday I have a sore throat and runny nose and went stupid in my mind that it not properly made ​​my test and read a little and the internet and that was
Avatar n tn people dont get AIDS. They contract HIV. We cannot assess your risk without more information. 2 months test is a good indicator.
Avatar n tn I have had a very sore throat for 5 days. At first they thought it was streph and gave me an antibiotic. Due to high fever, i went to er , they did a test for herpes and called me and said I have it. They prescribed. valacyclovir hcl. I just started taking it today. I read that this can be common with people who have aids. I have not had unprotected sex deliberately but condom broke. I had a steady girlfriend but broke up one. I am scared to death that I have aids.