Aids symptoms after 1 year

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Avatar n tn I am really wondering what the symptoms would be after 1 year. Would you notice that your skin has aged 10 years after being infected for 1 year. Would you have sores on your scalp. Is there anyone who is infected or has real knowledge as to what a person would notice after 1 year of infection. There seems to be a lot of info about what will happen 2 - 4 weeks after exposure but I can not seem to get an answer as to what I would notice after 1 year.
Avatar m tn , you need to stop searching the internet for HIV symptoms. HIV/AIDS is statistically associated with almost all symptoms humans ever experience. You could replace "gastritis" with a hundred different medical conditions or symptoms like cough, headache, skin rash, neuropathy, diarrhea, hair loss, weight gain, weight loss, fever, or deformed fingernails -- I could keep going forever.
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Avatar m tn Do you think that the sore cough lasting only few weeks and after a year next winter also few weeks (overall 3 or 4 years) can be symptom of aids or late hiv? 2. Are the symtoms of late hiv so visible that you can't miss it? 3. Can these coughs be the symptoms of any Pneumonia or Thrush in lungs as later complication of hiv? 4. What are the symptoms of thrush in lungs?
5864161 tn?1381724181 trust me brotha I know how it feels I would go church and ask god for forgiveness I would cry and cry while I would drive I felt bad I would go online and read near death expiences because I thought I would durely die..
Avatar f tn um I was with my bf for like a year anyways he left me about a month ago he just left didnt tell me he was leaving I think he may have hiv or aids and has infected me ive been feeling sick for a while off and on but I have not been tested in about a year anyways ive got this rly bad cough and sometimes I feel like its hard to breathe it been like tht for a couple weeks now I dont have insurance and ive been too much of a coward to go to the hospital because im by myself I cnt tell my family...
Avatar n tn In the past few years I've been susceptible to some respiratory symptoms. They usually start with heavy sneezing, then followed by a mild fever, and sometimes my nose will be running. This will last maybe 5 days, and I think on average I've had this once or twice a year. There was also one case of where I thought was bronchitis; I had some trouble breathing, and they did an x-ray and said they didn't really see anything. They gave me antibiotics anyway.
Avatar n tn In AIDS, how will the person exist shingles? More hard?More bigger areas of body? And must have the other AIDS symptoms while existing shingles? Or can shingles be the first sign of AIDS?Because of decline of immune system. I will be happy if you answer my questiones.
Avatar m tn serologic, clinical, and virologic results. AIDS. 1999 Jan 14;13(1):89-96. “This report describes the field and laboratory investigation of eight patients who had clinical evidence of HIV infection, but repeatedly negative HIV-1 antibody screening results in the course of their clinical care. In all patients, HIV infection was proven [sic] by other diagnostic methods [PCR/viral load, p24 antigen and culture techniques]...Patient 3...
Avatar m tn 1.AIDS rash not itching all over the body, under normal circumstances is it appear together and high fever?? 2.
Avatar m tn And now, after one year and a few month, I start worry about the problem that will I get HIV/AIDS. however, in this 1 year, I do not have any of symtoms of AIDS. Am I worry too much?or can u tell me what is the period to make sure that I do not get AIDS?
573013 tn?1217841263 now, i tested first time after 11 weeks after the complete exposure [which wat am worried of], i got negative, my symptoms started after the this test, before i had no symptoms. i have read that, aids virus symptoms show up after 2-4 weeks of the exposure. is that possible to have symptoms so late ?
Avatar n tn I have noticed that the skin around my eyes has become green it is more noticable sometimes i also noticed that the skin underneath my eyes looks like its sagging. I know that symptoms never matter when diagnosing someone with hiv/aids. My last sexual encounter was 3 years ago (vaginal intercourse) i am a male. I also have a white coated tongue for 1 year and little red spots on my skin, not to many, that make skin itchy and i also feel like i have something sticky in my throte.
750651 tn?1233896227 Then after four weeks, I started to throat pain, which lasted 1 week. I am panic, I do not know if this is the early symptoms of AIDS. I do not know whether I have been infected with AIDS?
Avatar n tn is there any chance of it being aids? I have gotten tested for AIDS 6 monthes after I found out i was positive for herpes (2006). I'm going to get tested in the next week anyways, but is there anyone who knows any facts that could make the chance of AIDS very low and that of a yeast infection very high? Thanks for reading and hope someone has an insight.
Avatar f tn I was calm, but now after 1 year and i have a mild sore throat that lasts two weeks and underarm pain... Has anyone ever been through this? I only did sex with the prostitute once... I'm very scared, help, please. Thank you.
Avatar m tn since then i am feeling a little scared because i have heard that people living with hiv aids witness no symptoms at all,, so even after testing within 6 months (december to july 2013) can i conclude that i am HIV negative,, why is this concern worrying that i may be HIV POSITIVE, Please do reply ,, waiting in anticipation for a favorable reply Kind Regards From Nepal
Avatar m tn I was happy,felt again healthy.Then after 2 years beginn with symptoms witch I have till today like-Headaches, nausea,fell very weak,all the time coated tongue-white,blurred and distorted vision,stiff neck,mental problems-depression,problem with memory and concentration,...I did again hiv test-result-negativ,Then I did own investigation-CD4 count,whitch in march was-(CD4-340,CD8-316,CD4/CD8-1.08) again inJUN(CD4-420,CD8-272,CD4/CD8-1.
Avatar m tn Since exposure twice already I have got the classic symptoms of a year infection but I will two small cuts but they go away within one day, is that herpes? From my understanding it's a blister that comes out and it can be painful and last about 2-4 weeks right?
Avatar m tn Well, thanks for the link. I think you're sort of taking the info out of context. Here's the doc's reply: It is true that "sometimes people with aids test negative for hiv antibodies". But it is exceedingly rare, probably less than 1 in 1,000 infected persons. And as your question suggests, it is seen primarily in people with advanced AIDS, i.e. sick enough to be near death.