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Avatar m tn It could happen Just in the case you suffer from an other very deep immunodeficiency... Additionally the clinical symptoms you have appear mostly in the stage of AIDS and not at the beginning of HIV infection. So I would like to propose you to visit the infectology clinic and show there the doctor all your laboratory results and papers. In the case doctor will give you a written recommendation that HIV RT-PCR is an indicaded test for you we will do it.
Avatar n tn and he said it was becuase the hairs were growing back and he said when the pubic hair starts to grow back it will itch a little bit but a month later while it was still growing back it continued to itch not siverly but it itched so about 3 months later after i stated school it still itched and my pubes were almost startign to look fully grown back but it still itched an i started to get worried now it's been abotu 5or6 motnhs and it's now janurary in the new year and my groin still itches and
Avatar m tn butt I still had sex a couple of times after and one time got really irritared but all of the irritation went away with no sores within a day pretty much not even except for the two spot that are irritated next to the pearl penile papules. primarily on the left then also on the right. it looks like blood vessels that are irritated when I look close but I can see a little red area with no bump lifted off of it on either side right next to the pearly penile papules.
Avatar m tn i got my results and tested negative for aids, hiv, syphilis but it came back positive for hsv 2/ herpes. my question is 3 days after sex with someone new too soon for antibodies to show up in my blood stream to test positive? leading me to believe that i had it before i had sex with this recent girl (which was a one time thing) i haven't seen any symptoms, i have a strong immune system, no sores no iching puss and all that rah rah.
Avatar f tn I also noticed some dark spots on the inner skin of my vagina, but they are not turning into sores or anything. they were not itching or burning until maybe two days ago. Its now two months since. I have been getting some buttons on my skin, like when a mosquito bite you. none of them got infected or anything like that. I do not have any sores anywhere including my mouth. my eyes are always itching doh and someone told me there was a slight yellow color to the right one.
Avatar f tn does aids give you sores on the nose because i did get oral with a condom but then she spit on me with her saliva when i get checked if its positive im going to comit suiside i fear GOD will punish me
Avatar n tn i have worried myself SICK over this and yes i have made an appointment to get tested but until then all i do is google everything i can about HIV/AIDS, syphilis, statisitics on the two and how they are linked, pictures ect. the only symptoms i had was i got a few bumps about 7 months ago (about 6 months after we broke up, 9 months after we started dating).
Avatar n tn When signs do occur, they typically appear as one or more blisters on or around the genitals or rectum. The blisters break, leaving tender ulcers (sores) that may take two to four weeks to heal the first time they occur. Herpes also presents with red itchy blisters which scab over. Herpes simplex is most easily transmitted by direct contact with a lesion or the body fluid of an infected individual.
504029 tn?1399563368 Sure, in underdeveloped countries, there are many infections from penile-vaginal sex due to open sores, STD's, etc. However, once again, the graphic pictures I described above are concerning developed countries. So - there you have it, my friend. All air-tight situations in which there infected blood has a direct route into the blood stream. HIV is a rather wimpy virus (in the world of transmitted diseases) which is HARD to transmit.
Avatar f tn I also had the bumps on my lips when I was a child. Also had the cold sores inside my mouth so for sure I had HSV1 also. Now the doctor thinks that maybe the virus was not active when they did the test. It's definitely a false negative. How often do we get a false negative on those tests? It seems to be the TAAN test for both HSV 1 and 2 PCR Results were 0 copies per millilitres... Whatever that means! They also tested me for HIV, Chlamedia and Gonorrhoeae. Everything negative.
Avatar f tn Does chancre sores appear in a week? I am from NYC . It's really big and red , hurts when I touch it. It's on my left pubic hair area.
Avatar m tn About 3 days later I was really panicked and took the Acyclovir for about 3 days. I have not had any other mouth sores but an intermittent very low-grade fever and body aches has persisted to this date. I also have 1 slightly swollen lymph node under my chin (the same side as the ulcers appeared.) I have not had a sore throat or rash and no swelling in lymph nodes anywhere else in the body. I had blood work done this week and all were normal. No STD testing was ordered.
Avatar n tn Anyhoo, i'm just being paranoid so I got a duo test on Day 15 which came back ngeative I'm from the US but this happened in Hong Kong - which teh world bank says is a low prevalence HIV country - 4000 cases of HIV/AIDs out of 6.5-7 million people with 25% or so being females I was wondering 1) How reliable is this p24 test in ASIA - it was performed at the best private hospital here so I assume its same as US? 2) Are those stats about HIV prevalence reliable?
Avatar n tn The condom remained in tact and I didn't notice any open sores and no skin-to-skin contact could have been made in the area affected now (plus, I think it would be kind of quick for symptoms to show up in this regard + they'd generally be mild for an initial outbreak). This was only my 2nd partner ever w/ regards to anal.
Avatar m tn The only symptom I have yet to see is the open sores and scabs which would visually confirm I have the damn thing. The doctor and the nurse whom inspected my genital parts both think I'm freaking out over nothing and making up a lot of these symptoms in my head and exagerrating everything. There is a chance I am, though among my friends I'm known for my complete inability to panic in face of disaster. ( I work as a project manager and handle stressful situations).
Avatar n tn Despite a negative hsv2 (genital herpes) blood test out to 10 months post unprotected 1 night stand sexual exposure I can't put it out of my head that I've had false negatives and actually have herpes. I have ALL the symptoms of herpes except for the actual sores...but I've had times of intense burning in my genital area, raw feeling of penis, itching, discharge burning feeling in my legs, back ache, etc that seem to recurr every couple of months...
Avatar n tn I really don't have canker sores, or sores at all. They are bumps, and only bumps. The doctor ordered a head scan during these pain complaints. It came back good. So that rules out immediate thought of cancer. TMJ could give me ear pain with dull lasting pain that goes into just one side of my mouth through the nerves. So, perhaps I am having worsening symptoms as I worry myself sick. I shouldn't spend the money to get at home results for the aids test.
Avatar n tn i haven't had blisters or sores or anything besides the pain at the tip and inside urethra. she went back to get tested for everything and her doctor checked for yeast infection. she had a yeast infection and her doctor said she probably had one for a log time. i read that mixing white vinegar in a bath helps yeast infections. i've done that twice and it has been the only thing that has helped my symptoms besides using a ton of lotrimin.
Avatar f tn So for some why bother with it. We know more about HIV/AIDS because of the impact to human life. How many people know about Strep or Staph infections? Not many. But HPV, HIV, Syphilis, etc we go through sex ed classes at school (not sure your age but) and in my class we covered every major STD but HSV. People think you put that condom on and its going to stop everything. It doesn't stop HSV because its shed from the skin where an outbreak is at or the virus viral sheds from.
Avatar n tn Any guy who balks at using one isn't worth losing your life over. You have unprotected sex ONE time sweetie, you have AIDS for the rest of your life, or what's left of it, because it will be cut a whole lot shorter than you ever thought if you become infected. Nice gift for your family. You think it can't happen to you? Think again Dear. And it only takes one time. Do you hear me? ONE time. ONE time to get pregnant. ONE time to become HIV positive.
209987 tn?1451939065 This will not make me quit. Showing me pictures of butts in a glass of nail polish remover ( a 1980's thing), pictures of people hooked up to machines, open hearts, lungs, and brains of dead people will not help either. I see those every time I look at the package. Not trying to seem rude or ignorant, just stating a fact. I need support, encouragement, and info...not more abuse. Thank you for taking the time to read this.
Avatar m tn Leading herpes expert Terri Warren in her book advises washing hands after touching sores as to not spread the virus to other parts of the body... Again if the possibility exists that there's enough virus on the hands to transmit to other parts of the body of the infected then there may be enough of the virus on the hands to transmit to others... She also states in the book that it's possible to transmit the virus by sharing sex toys...
Avatar f tn Do you have cold sores or the herpes virus? Cold sores can transfer from the infected area to your face. Cold sores tingle and then get very itchy, then once scratched get very sore.
Avatar m tn And you would think after all these years one of these know it alls in here would think of it. I been here 2 days and I did. This link has 1000's of pictures of people with this allergy. And so go and find someone that it looks like yours there. Because it looks a bit different of many people, and different body parts. Find your body part here and one that reacts exactly like you. A picture is worth a 1000 words! http://www.dermnet.
Avatar m tn ) External Ear Pain - Extreme burning 10/10 - periodic. Mouth sores Cough, Dry Over the weekend she has diminished to the point were she can only stand for a few minutes before total fatigue sets in. The burning pain attacks in her right wrist have left her holding her whole arm by her side as if paralyzed. These attacks now have her up almost every hour of the night so she is not getting much sleep either. She was given Flexeril 10 mg but has only taken one at bedtime.
Avatar m tn As I had mentioned, my past has included what i know now was cold sores (3 outbreaks in 5 years) twice when i cut my lip, one after i had very chapped lips on a beach holiday. I noticed legions on my penis shaft 10 days after oral sex (Nov 2nd). this girl laster tested positive got HSV 2 and had a yeast infection. I went to my urologist who sent me to a ex army Dermatoligist and veneralogist- he said it was classic herpes.
Avatar m tn Most all psychotropic drugs have this warning as well as sleep aids and Im sure many other types of drugs too. This is due I would think more to the fact that a large portion of the population suffers from depression and a fraction of those will have suicidal ideation regardless of what meds they are taking. In my view there is no way the drugs will be available in "two years" to everyone.