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Avatar m tn hii i have exposure three months back i have three hiv ag/ab duo test first test is at 3 weeeks negative second test is at 6 week negative third test is at 11 week 5 days negative i have canker sores after my exposure which heals and new appears i have also tested negative for syphlis, hepatitis b and c after 3 months.
Avatar f tn A male farmer gets lots of sores on his hands and feet, some on his body. They take about a month to heal but more sores start constantly. Please tell me possible causes, and how to stop them.
Avatar f tn He has gotten these sores all over his body and also had blood in his underwear a few times. My mother took him to the doctor to get the sores tested and when they came back for results my father said he didn't want her in the room. He hasn't told us what it is and when we try to talk about it he ignores it. What could this be? Cancer???
Avatar n tn Ulcers in the mouth sometimes occur in overt AIDS, due either to actual canker sores or other problems that cause similar lesions. However, I stress "overt AIDS". This is not a symptom of early HIV; it is pretty much limited to people with multiple other manifestations of AIDS, mostly in people who are deathly ill. I have never heard of oral ulcers as the only symptom of HIV or of being the very first symptom. So the direct answers are: 1) No, probably not.
Avatar m tn can you get aids or hiv from someone licking and fingering you in the anul? what if that person has a cut or sores in mouth as well as fingers? im asking because i dont know if they did or not. however i would like to cover all the basis. also what if that person is affected as well? someone please help! i havent been to sleep in 24hrs....
Avatar f tn No sweetie. She contracted hiv sometime in 2001. She didn't find out til 2009 it was full blown aids. She had mouth sores all the time and skin rashes. But it never crossed her head to go in for a hiv test. She wasn't sexual ly active after that one man who got her infected so she thought she wasn't at risk. When they caught it 5 months later she passed away. Meds didn't help so she was out in hospice care.
Avatar m tn Someone i have had oral sex with has got AIDS this month. I had some episodes last year.If he had sores in his mouth could anything have gone into the urethral lining.I intent to help him but want to put on the oxygen mask first. Mystified why the urethra is kept safe. Anyone with a little compassion just answer I will not start a thread.
Avatar n tn HIV/AIDS can only live outside of the body for minutes...i HIGHLY doubt it would be on the gauze. As with the stripper part i don't think there has been a case of transmission through touching...You need to have the virus IN your blood stream to contract it, touching your mouth wont cause you to get it UNLESS you had sores or open wounds/cuts. the best way to find out if your positive is to get tested again, this time at your healthcare providor.
Avatar n tn i have these sores on my legs, inner thighs and occasionally under my chin and on my chest. they seem to only appear where hair grows. they are circular and somtimes have what looks like layers of dead skin in a circular shape around them. once i scratch them pop off the scab they form this large (2mm diameter) deep sore with a dark center in the middle. they seem to heal very slowly and are very annoying.
Avatar f tn giving unprotected oral sex to a man;what kind of risk does this have on a clean female?I believe when giving the oral sex that I didnt have any sores on or in my mouth && he was clean as a whistle.i know you cant tell by the looks of someone if they have aids but what are the odds of getting hiv or aids?i know it was said I could have contracted other sti's but i havent seen any symptoms indicating any...getting tested mmon?would appreciate little to any advice I can get.
Avatar m tn Is that real hiv can survive hours in dry blood or liquid in room temperature and if wet weeks like in needles I read it at Wikipedia and aids map I lost my mind that is mean I put my self in risk when I travelled to thailand I haven't involve in sexual activities or needles sharing but using many things there stay in room I have some gum sores in my mouth due to damaged teeth and decay I ate everything in tails d you know high hiv positive people there I don't know should I test know pl
Avatar m tn Your infection begins to develop into AIDS. AIDS is a condition that is caused by the HIV virus. It refers to the substantial destruction of the immune system and subsequent infections that are able to attack the body as a result of this. Semantics aside, it is possible someone does not know they are infected until they have developed into AIDS. 3) No it would not. You need to undergo an HIV test to catch the infection.
Avatar f tn Thus, a risk of transmitting Hepatitis C via cunnilingus, fellatio or analingus exists if there is any menstrual blood, bleeding gums, a throat infection, cold sores, canker sores, genital warts, hemorrhoids or any other breaks in the skin in any involved body structure – vagina, clitoris, labia, penis, testicles, anus, perineum, lips, tongue or anywhere else on the genitalia or inside the mouth.
Avatar f tn I was just reading online that the antibodies that build up in your body for herpes can give a positive result on a HIV test. I do get cold sores aka the herpes 1 virus. Can this really affect my HIV test?Would those antibodies coupled with yeast infection make me HIV positive or diagnosed with aids?
Avatar n tn AIDS? That means they had HIV before. It takes 8-12 years to devolop AIDS. Id like to where you got this info. Thanks.
Avatar m tn after 2 days of this ucler i was feeling hot allover the body despite. i was feeling sweaty . but iam not clear b cos this started when i had consumed a red meat which was kept in fridge for 4 days . iam really worried abt this .. continoulsy my body temp keeps changing i feel hot from inside n feels lazy .
Avatar m tn A week or so after the flu, my lymph nodes all over my body (neck, armpits, and groin) are all tender and swollen...every now and then some sharp pains at the different areas of the lymph nodes. I got tested at 4 weeks after exposure and it was (-). But I know it's too soon for it to test (+). I know oral sex is low but after all these symptoms I'm questioning my hiv status...thoughts on what this is ? Hiv ?
12742885 tn?1427016324 I was obssed with my CD4 + CD8 count, because i was thinking maybe im an AIDS child, and that she must have contracted this from me and that the virus is known in my body and my body does not make antibodies against this virus. I got to my GP and she told me that if these count turn out to be that of a healthy person I had to go to the psychiatri. What i knew what if these counts where below 400 i had something wrong with me, and if they where under 200 i had a count which is defined as AIDS.
Avatar m tn in a drunken escapade someone put there tongue in my mouth for a few secounds, I do not know if they have hiv, I am not sure if there were any cuts or sores in my mouth, I don't remember tasting any blood, but I am worried about catching hiv from kissing is this possible, I also have ocd and I think a lot of my worry stems from this
Avatar m tn However, i have rashes in my groin area which itches a lot with blisters on the head of my penis and sores on the penis itself and they itch. I am also suffering from joint pains. Also i feel pricking pains in my muscle My body itches especially my arms and when i scratch, my skin turns white. My tongue is also becoming white and i have burning sensations in my buttocks down to my legs and.
Avatar n tn Joint pain, weight loss, vomiting, nausea, dry cough, Upper Body Rash that is brown in color, sores in mouth, white spots on tounge, etc....all come after ARS my doctor said and are mostly common in people with advanced HIV, this **** about scratchy throats, runny noses, congestion etc are all not signs of ARS!!!. So i hope some people see this and it takes some stress off, i have had everything you can imagine Go wrong with me symptom wise I mean EVERYTHING!
Avatar m tn The Hiv virus becomes inactive as soon as it is exposed to air.Also,Hiv transmission occurs inside the body not outside it.You can be sure that you're safe.