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196469 tn?1365387975 If you are unable to make a quilt square, I can make one for you from any kind of fabric. My favorite quilt pieces are made from t-shirts or anything that can be cut up into a quilt square. Size does not matter. If you do not sew, you can go to a fabric store and buy fabric sheets that can be run through a printer. This makes it easy to use a picture or scan a design from your computer. Put your thinking caps on and let's get this done.
620923 tn?1452915648 @quiltinglady- I too love to u machine quilt or hand quilt...I only have hand quilted...never tried with the machine....but hope to. @wnzday- tell me about it ...I got too many projects and I have so many on the back doing this Will post pics when I am done : ) Hope u post pics of the pillows wnsday...and quilt lady would love to see some of ur work....
Avatar m tn For one of my final year projects I am intending to design a product/service that aids stroke survivors through rehabilitation and the transition back to day to day activities. The brief also touches on making assistive technologies more aesthetically pleasing, moving away from large chunky white handrails for example. I understand that every stroke is different but would welcome any thoughts you may have towards my project, as well as any other issues you my have.
4689100 tn?1358797934 I know it is hard and we all need something to keep us busy...even if it is reading a book, (when our eyes co operate) and or have a project to work on....I am helping a friend make decorations and plans for her DD's Bridal is fun...and sometimes it makes me more tired,, but I do not mind it.... And my DD sends me videos of her silly puppy...
Avatar m tn While working for the AIDS Treatment Data Network from 2001 to 2005, Lei collaborated with the Kaiser Family Foundation and the National Alliance of State and Territorial AIDS Directors on the National AIDS Drug Assistance Program Monitoring Project.
Avatar m tn My supposition is based on the request for donations to go to a hospice and/or aids project. So, besides being very saddened by the the news of her death-- i am also very concerned. Like I said, I have never experienced any symptoms, and neither have my three partners over the last years. I had surgery last year and had no anomalous numbers with blood tests. I know this is not an indicator in any way, however, from what i read, it would be likely that the white counts would be 'off'.
147426 tn?1317265632 I love the purple celtic quilt! Are you sure that you don't have ONE more quilt that you might want to make....a crazy quilt depicting a "wienie roast"????
Avatar m tn I am a 22 year old male from New York. About a year and a half ago I was tested for all STD's including AIDS & Herpes. Before the test I had protected sexual intercourse with two girls the last one being 6 months before the test, and unprotected oral sex being 4-5 months before the test. and I have engaged in mutual masturbation & kissing with a few African American strippers & a 20 year old college student.
408496 tn?1269603350 I washed the quilt or bumper washing for me. He didnt use the quilt ever (just decoration). By the time he was able to touch the bumpers I took them out of the crib. I washed everything probably about 3 weeks before I was due. There is no if you do it too soon then it is just collecting dust. LOL.
Avatar f tn Are bumpers and quilt packages for cots safe?? I heard they were not being used now??
800427 tn?1324945719 but i still wanted it to look all spiffy for him for his first month i want to hang the quilt! but i dont know how! ive thought of quilt clips...but what store sells them?! i really dont have time to order anything offline id like to go buy the supplies and hang it! I'm sure one of ya'll out there has done this lemme know!!
196469 tn?1365387975 s (Brownie) mom called me yesterday to tell me about the upcoming dedication of the memory quilt at the hospital. She is very excited about it and will email me pictures. I will try to post some pics on here some how. She still wants to contact all of the people who contributed to the quilt. If you want to give me your info, I will pass it on to her. She wanted the story behind the quilt, so I filled her in :-) Hope everyone is well and thanks again for all your support over the years!!
4842016 tn?1372039067 so today my husband brought home a crib bumper and quilt that someone gave us cuz we can't afford one. I go to put it on and the stupid thing doesn't fit. all I want to do is cry, it doesn't help I'm ocd and I can see where it's spaced at one end so it at least gets on there and it bugs the he ll out of me. my husband was like just make it work but he doesn't know how much it bothers me. this is our first baby and I want it to be perfect. sorry for the rant.
Avatar m tn So on 07/24/2015 around 4 months passed after the last possible exposure, i went AIDS project to got a test. The test is Oraquick finger blood rapid test, which showed the result in 30 mins. I got a negative result. But i still felt uncomfort in my oral, a little bit dry and chronic pharyngolaryngitis. 1. I saw some research that the Oraquick got some possibility to get false negative especially within window period or late-staged hiv patient. Am i in the situation? 2.
Avatar f tn I decided to start working one my quilt again. Yes I have always wanted to make a handsewn quilt and that is what I will focus one today. And I kind of stayed away from this place yesterday because them past few days I was making my anxiety worse by reading too much one here.. So off to begins day 5.
Avatar f tn Let me start off by saying, I'm a 24 year old heterosexual female with very severe OCD and anxiety issues and being raised a child in the 90's when HIV was fairly new to the world, they scared the hell out of us with it in school to the point its actually traumatized me. My phobia showed up when i was about 17 and as i get older it seems to get worse.
Avatar f tn If this factual information about what is a risk (and anything else is not a risk) does not appease your worry, then it is time to address this as a mental health issue of anxiety. Health anxiety is something that happens. This is when you project worry onto things that you are told are not real health threats and begin to see a catastrophe to your health. If this is the case for you, I would look into getting some help for that.
178345 tn?1242536246 Anyone who wants to send me a quilt square, please PM me. I am determined to make this quilt!!!! Becky's son Ty, sent me a picture that he drew a couple of months ago and I am goung to trace it on to a square for the quilt. I also want to use a picture of Ty and Becky to put in the center. Put your thinking caps on and lets do this!!!!!
163305 tn?1333668571 They did a segment about AIDs. It hit me, once again, how everyone knows about AIDs and so few know about hep C. I had this idea, that if a bunch of us contacted them pitching our stories, that maybe they'd do a show with various segments on Hep C. If this interests you at all, check out the web site: I already sent in my story.
1763947 tn?1334055319 I just wanted to report that the mayday project arranged for a protest in front of the IDSA conference in Philadelphia this weekend. We are asking that they rewrite the Lyme guidelines for the CDC. Many Lymie's stood in the rain representing many of us who were to ill to be there. We had our "Die In" and candlelight vigil representing many Lyme patients who have passed away from this terrible illness.
Avatar n tn Children with Diabetes is also a wonderful organization, and the Quilt for Life display is very powerful. We have submitted our quilt square (a 3 foot by 3 foot square), the link to it is here: The honeymoon is the period of time shortly after the diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes during which there is some restoration of insulin production and the blood sugar levels improve to normal, or near-normal, levels.
620923 tn?1452915648 Hi ALL well my treasure this week is completing a tote bag for a gift for my DS and getting back to quilting the signature quilt for my SIL....then I have a Doll and another quilt on my project's never ending and will be this way till after Christmas as I will be making gifts.....
Avatar m tn Hard working, happy, there for them, athletic, handsome, the dude who did the Universe project for his kid. All to scale, universe. Light bulb as the Sun. What do I do now? All tests neg except ANA.