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1530342 tn?1405016490 Dec 1st marked the 25th anniversary of World AIDS Day, a time when the president urges Americans to come together in support of those affected by HIV/AIDS, and continue the commitment to a world free from the disease. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton echoed President Obama’s views. “We have set the goal,” she said. “We know it is possible. Now we have to deliver.” How optimistic should we be about efforts to combat HIV/AIDS? http://tv.msnbc.
Avatar n tn The most troublesome ideological constraint on the program — a requirement that one-third of the funds used for prevention services be spent on abstinence education — has been greatly eased. The bill calls for a balanced prevention program that would promote abstinence until marriage and fidelity thereafter, as well as condoms. It requires countries to report if abstinence and fidelity funding falls below a certain percentage, but it sets no firm percentage that has to be met.
Avatar m tn It did take awhile, but in the end, the government finally got on board with education, prevention, and treatment. That is what we need for Hep C but I am not holding my breath.
Avatar f tn Substantial amounts of infected blood or secretions have to be introduced into the body in a way that exposes certain cells to the virus. If HIV could be transmitted in the ways you are worrying about, AIDS would be 100 times more common than it is and would not be classified as an STD.
Avatar n tn m constantly amazed that with the wealth of information available for HIV prevention, so many people remain ignorant of the facts. (Ignorant does NOT mean stupid) Besides getting information from your local HIV/AIDS centers, or the HIV Hotlines available in virtually every community, one of the best educations you can get is simply spending time reading the posts on our HIV Prevention Forum.
Avatar m tn Hey , I had dry sex (sex on clothes he was with panties and im with panties and pants ) and i see that their panties sometimes are wet from their penis and i scared that it could make AIDS transfer to me I asked a doctor he said its cant but here i saw the doctors answer to someone who asked similiar question : heres the guy question : I had what I would call, dry sex. I had my cordoroid shorts on and a the women had her underwear on. She was on the top and rubing.
Avatar f tn ve relationship with my penetration of the anus without a visor with a girl, but I know Is this girl infected me Aids visits to this relationship years and recently accepted the girl about a minute and not know if there were wounds on his lip, but I not on the lips of any injuries or festered felt fear of the AIDS virus, and for this decisions do my test Aids me make sure of a sexual relationship that was my penetration of the anus without a visor, which once upon a year and a relationship, etc.
Avatar n tn I am not gay, but this is alarming. Some people on this site feel that it is very hard to get HIV/AIDS, but I think this is an eye opener. I would like to see what the experts have to say? A new study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, that tested over 8,000 people in 21 cities, found that one in FIVE gay men in the United States has HIV, and almost half of those who carry the virus are unaware that they are infected.
Avatar f tn My name is Lucija, I'm coming from Croatia, a small country in Europe. I spent some time reading this forum what is main reason of this post. In my country there's small number of people infected with HIV (about 900). In my town, Split, there's 180 000 people, and 78 infected with HIV and in this cases it is mostly imported from other countries through sexual activity and taking drugs.
Avatar m tn Hello Doctor, I was thinking of a new hiv/aids prevention method. It starts with if you cover the externel urethrtal orifice, with some sort of lets say duct tape. Will it help prevent the spreading of HIV. I was wondering since it is the only way vaginal fluid, or any type of bodily fluid could enter via oral, anal sex. Thus being covered, there isn't a way for the virus to enter nor leave. Your answer will be greatly appreciated and respected. Thank you for your time.
9067885 tn?1415002692 So I have been seeing so many girls get bashed for asking dumb sex questions. The only problem is, maybe those questions aren't dumb to them. Maybe they haven't had the same access to sexual education as the rest of us. Maybe their parents didn't want them to learn so what might sound naive to us could be them trying to learn and make smart decisions. I get it, it definitely is annoying seeing these posts in this particular forum but there are several options left to us mommys. 1.
Avatar f tn Anxiety related to HIV is a common occurence for a lot of reasons...people being uneducated about the REAL risks for HIV, poor education history of HIV/AIDS causing an gross lack of understanding about just how hard it is to transmit...and guilt over certain sexual encounters. Anxiety can easily spiral out of control.
Avatar m tn http://www.medhelp.
Avatar m tn are the hiv early ars same like the aids ars? or aids ars are milder? and does aids ars include nasal and nose congestion?
Avatar f tn HIV Testing National Center for HIV/AIDS, Viral Hepatitis, STD, and TB Prevention, Division of HIV/AIDS Prevention HIV/AIDS: Laboratory Tests National Center for HIV/AIDS, Viral Hepatitis, STD, and TB Prevention, Division of HIV/AIDS Prevention HIV Risk Reduction Tool (BETA) https://wwwn.cdc.
Avatar f tn If the current cost of care for HCV infected people exceeds the cost for treatment, research, education and prevention then I believe our government starts realizing they have no choice but to support our cause. I think this is starting to happen because the larger proportion of us in the US are in our late 40's to early 60's and we have had the disease longer and more of us are getting serious liver disease and non-liver manifestations of HCV.
Avatar m tn On Saturday, I had protective anal sex with a girl who never had anal before. She was 100% clean. I did not use any lubrication (I did not know what the right one to use was. Before we had sex, she already had taken a shower (And, she had a break out on her privates from using the wrong soap that would not play a part, right?) As I said, she was on her stomach. I did not take one (but I was clean still from a wash up).
Avatar m tn s no absolute guarantee even when you use a condom. But most experts believe that the risk of getting HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases can be greatly reduced if a condom is used properly. In other words, sex with condoms isn't totally "safe sex," but it is "less risky" sex." REF :
Avatar m tn You can't transmit AIDS, AIDS is a progression of HIV.
10947 tn?1281404252 This forum is limited to prevention of HIV and to safe sex in general. If you believe you might have been exposed to HIV and want help to judge your risk, would like advice about HIV testing, or have questions about the effectiveness of condoms or the risks associated with specific sexual practices, this is the site for you. Please review other threads in our archives for questions similar to yours and our doctors' responses.