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Avatar m tn Lately it has started to spread and it can be tingly/itchy. I have added pictures, if anyone knows what it is please let me know. I am afraid it might be an STD and honestly, it is very stressful to think about.
Avatar m tn I went to a doctor within the last month for a checkup because I had been sore, and they did an HIV/AIDS test on me, which turned up negative. I was afraid to ask more questions about my condition in the presence of my father. I guess I'm wondering what I can do to identify it? Without my parents knowing, preferably.
Avatar f tn I developed a painful callus on my right side of the index finger about 3 years ago. It's hurts when pressed, not really too noticeable either. The callus will build up, then I will use a pumice to bring it down. Sometimes I'll use the pumice excessively until I break the skin which results in bleeding and a patch of raw skin that burns. At this point the skin will appear almost as a circular dent until the callus part begins its process again.
Avatar n tn I was distracted because I was talking on the phone at the time, but I shook hands with my friend who had just been released from the hospital (after he spent a month recovering from collapsed lung and pneumonia--when he also found out that he has AIDS). I also accepted and took home my friend's leftovers from dinner, because I had known that it's not possible to be infected with HIV by sharing food with someone.
Avatar f tn Does anyone know how to put a profile picture on here and other pictures ..?
Avatar f tn When is it a good time to take professional pictures??? A month or two before labor?
Avatar f tn Yes you have to go on the actual website to post any pictures.
Avatar f tn random thoughts.... I wish this app allowed us to post pictures in the comments section to show what we are trying to describe or post our belly progress, to show ultrasound pics ect.
6709254 tn?1389303349 I posted pictures of Mavayeh if any one wants to go look at them. She is a week and two days old.
Avatar f tn How can I post pictures of my ultra sounds on here I can't figure it out lol
9498641 tn?1411576331 Who has pictures of their bump or sonogram pics on their profile ? I just posted some of mine up if anyone wants to take a look :) recent sonogram pic was 16 wks +4 I'll be 18 this Friday. Enjoy !!