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Avatar m tn I don't know for sure the lifecycle of Babesia but I did know Lyme which was an every month event like clockwork at the start of my treatment my symptoms flared or got worse. That went on several months and then stopped for me. Yes the bugs die off and then a new group cones to life and the cycle starts again.
Avatar f tn Look at the other hospital and map out a route to get there. Your provider should have alerted you to this possible issue way sooner than now!
Avatar m tn ABI-H0731 is the first clinical candidate to emerge from our CpAM platform, which we believe will prove to be a productive source of compounds designed to attack HBV at multiple points in the viral lifecycle. We expect to initiate additional studies of ABI-H0731 in 2017, as we continue to advance other CpAM candidates towards clinical trials.
Avatar m tn All you need to know is here. " but I read a lot of other people's posts" so you should stop asking the same questions when you have read the answers numerous times. Consider therapy because your hiv fixation is wasting too much of your life.
Avatar f tn I have been extremely satisfied with my Oticon Synchro hearing aids, so my first suggestion is for you to explore other hearing aid models. My hearing loss curve is unusual, and the audiologist was able to "map" the curve to about 4 different brands of hearing aid to see which one would help compensate the best - hence my Oticons. As for your balance, do not give up! Take some Pilates and/or Yoga classes to build up your core strength and master basic poses to help you gain balance.
Avatar m tn Actually, I will disagree with Chapeau here and say that oral is not a low risk, it is a theoretical risk. There is a difference, and the difference should comfort you a bit. As you may have searched around to discover information about oral sex and HIV, you have probably seen the charts that associate certain levels of risk with certain categories of sexual behavior. The risk assessment is given in terms of a numerical ratio of odds.
Avatar f tn But I am afraid the nurse has repeated use disposable blood needle blood for me.Is it the route of transmission of AIDS? Thank you for answer
Avatar m tn If you can associate in time the AFib with using either of the nasal aids, then I'd guess you may have the connection. I don't know anything about either, but many cold/allergy medications can contribute to heart rhythm problems...including AFib. Here I assume you are not tin constant/permanent AFib. If you are, then you can't map the nasal aid with the episodes as they are constant. This is something worth asking you doctor/pharmacist to see what they say.
3129624 tn?1366029908 Based on my own past experience, they have over the counter sleeping aids, like Unisom, they claim not to be habit forming like Ambien, but be careful with any sleeping aids, Maybe only take a few and dump the rest. I remember sleep would come and go for 2 weeks when i was getting clean. I took tylenol PN which helped only on nights where i really needed to sleep..
460185 tn?1326077772 Are prescription sleeping pills addicting? Are OTC sleep aids addicting? I've been having real difficulty sleeping and thought this would be the best place to get some honest answers. I am not taking sleeping pills or sleep aids at this time but the lack of sleep is distorting my perceptions.
Avatar f tn // https://youngmenshealthsite.
Avatar n tn The "blood to blood" scenario comes up all the time. A poster will ask if exposure to another person's blood, or genital secretions to a cut or abrasion will lead to infection. 、 Yesterday went to a haircut. The barber gave me pusher and comb to cut hair. Results put my head a blain blain .. Bleeding was very painful. Don't know. Then I press with hand. Don't have blood. Go home to take a mirror to see the next. Didn't find the wound. But the blain was red.
Avatar m tn If oral sex was really a transmission route for HIV there would be millions more infected with it in the U.S.? I mean it's not a gay disease, plenty of women perform unprotected fellatio on men also?
Avatar f tn My RE said he isnt that concerned, he did an us to take some measurements so when we do the actual transfer they will carefully map their route. They also said now they will have to give me anesthesia during the transfer becuase it will be very painful. So instead of starting my stims, I am once again postponed another month so I can go for another trial half way through my cycle. I am just so frustrated i feel like its always 2 steps forward, one step back.
Avatar m tn 17years of tenofovir mono to get hbsag und or very very low.i posted this stdy based on observed hbsag decline on tdf.etv was 25 or 35 years, dont remember but little effect on hbsag...
Avatar m tn am not sure whether breast milk has entered by urethra and will cause HIV/AIDS. Not only that she sucked my nipples too. Dont know whether she is infected with HIV/AIDS. Can i continue sex relation with my wife. When should i go for a test, in case if required.
Avatar n tn are lesbians really at risk for HIV and AIDS? What is the likelihood of transmission of the HIV virus from one female to another? Do lesbians really need to worry about safer sex?
Avatar f tn I would suggest that you go that route, if you have not done so already. If you have seen an ENT specialist, I would recommend that you consult another physician (also an ENT or otologist) for a second opinion. There are often medical treatments that can resolve the issue of middle ear pressure. Regarding your hearing loss, I recommend that you follow up to determine if hearing aids can be of help to you. It's neither safe nor healthy to have untreated hearing loss.