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Avatar m tn hi guys.. i would just like to ask the reliability of the fujibio hiv test kit..i bought this online on a site in the philippines..i tested negative exactly 30 days after my possible exposure...
Avatar n tn Back on January 11 i was at work and i had a headache and i went to the services department to get some aspirin. As i opened the door to the first aide kit (that's were the aprin is kept) i notices some blood on the latch that locks the door. I took the package of aspirin and wiped it on the blood to see if it was still fresh, it didn't look like it was but i didn't sit there and study it. I went and washed my hands.
Avatar m tn That's a collection KIT.
Avatar n tn I apologize for a stupid question, but I'm having some anxiety over hepc/Hiv transmission. How easy is it transmitted? For example, if I have a small cut on my hand, then handle a box of band aids that are in a kit at work that's used by the whole plant, is it possible to get it this way? Assuming someone that was bleeding handled it recently, and they had HCV. Is that a possibility so far out there that I shouldn't give it a second thought?
Avatar m tn Would it be possible to contract any kind of blood to blood diseases from a home test kit? I'm very worried about the fact that I used an unapproved DIY test kit a couple of months back.. I tested again at 11 weeks after i took that test with a proper test in a lab and the result was negative too but I'm concerned that this home test kit may have been dangerous. What do you think?
Avatar m tn well i dont know exactly what kit is that but it should be ok since u tested at a aids foundation..
Avatar f tn I had gone out with friends and I believe someone put something in one of my drinks because I only drank 4 margaritas which would usually give me a buzz but not wipe my memory and definately not a hangover that last 2 days. I only remember entering the last club we went to and my friends tell me they didn't see me drink anything in the last club while I was with them. They said I told them I was going to the restroom and never came back.
Avatar f tn I am a 29 year old female, my possible exposure was over 18 months ago, i recently tested myself using a home self testing kit called EZ Trust Rapid HIV Test Kit (manufacturer is CS Innovations Singapore, product commonly sold by Labpro and Nexus Laboratories). I live in Sydney Australia so i do not have access to the FDA approved Home Access.
Avatar m tn If it is or similar, does a negative result at week 5 and 4 days consider sufficient? does week 5 and 4 days consider 6 weeks for hiv? Many thanks for your time and help!
Avatar f tn This would be what we call an unrealistic or irrational fear. You aren't going to get HIV from an HIV test kit. The only way people get HIV is from unprotected vaginal sex, unprotected anal sex or sharing IV drug needles. Do you face this kind of anxiety over unrealistic scenarios often?
Avatar m tn But it sounded so early to me as i search and as I remember. Then I took home the test kit Autotest Sante in the 91st day. And I also saw that this test is proposed by the German Aids-Hilfe. My question is, can I say the results are conclusive or should I do other tests in the future? By the way, I did not endanger myself in 3 months after this action. I'm waiting for your reply. regards.
Avatar m tn Read people with advanced AIDS don't produce antibodies anymore. What test does someone with advance AIDS needs to take? Just trying to gather general info about all this.
Avatar m tn You can't contract HIV from a test kit but that test isn't approved by anyone. If you had an exposure go get a proper test.
Avatar f tn I was looking for an alternative method on internet and came a across a website called ****************.com that sold ovarian cysts kit and was wondering if anybody has tried it and what the outcome was.
Avatar n tn OraSure Home Test kit is the only FDA approved home HIV test kit.
Avatar f tn -) We are expecting our 7th child, the last four were all conceived with help from an ovulation kit. The the kit detects your most fertile days, increasing your chances of conceiving. I also kept charts of my menstruation cycle, body temperature, premenstrual symptoms etc.
Avatar m tn t know at that time that she is positive. After finding out her status I got tested with Home access kit. This was after 4 months. It was negative. I am still not sure if the results were correct. I was at very high risk of contracting AIDS but still tested negative . Somebody help please.
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Avatar m tn Since then I have purchased the Home access express kit and received a negative result at about 85-90 days post exposure. This has done wonders to lessen the major anxiety I had within that time frame. However I am debating whether or not I should take another one at a certain point in time or can I trust the results I have been given? And is returning to the wonderful world of coitus a safe endeavor?
Avatar f tn I have been tested by immunodot HIV 1 and 2 rapid test by AIDS-RS kit at lab .. This test was 3 months and 4 days after the exposure ... M i negative 100% ? My worries are over ?
Avatar n tn If you are certain it is not something like that, you could get a vaginal pH kit at the store (eg Walmart) to determine whether it is a yeast infection, and then use an over-the-counter remedy (such as Gynelotrimen) if it is yeast. If it is bacterial, you will probably need some antibiotics to clear it up. If you try treating yourself, and it doesn't get better, then it is most definitely time to go to the doctor. Good luck!