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Avatar n tn She put the condom on with her mouth and gave me a ******* with it on, afterwards I had sex with her with the condom on and than came very quickly in the span of about 4 minutes. She made a few jokes how she has sex for money and it made me worried because I do not want to contract HIV what are my chances, I have laready seen my doctor and he wasnt to helpyful.
Avatar f tn Hey guys dont get up set over the jokes we can make a FB page and shoot it right back at them haha get even! Better YouTube I can make a video I will do interviews of patients we can all tell our story and SLAM JOAN RIVERS for her uncaring ways my luck she would show up at my front door with a camera and I would be arrested for assalt.
371980 tn?1276740809 can we post jokes on here. I have a funny one that made me chuckle 2day which I totally needed. I saw on the social side that you can't someone said. Let me know and I will post it.
Avatar m tn com/health/article/glycerol-monolaurate-hiv/371441 Common Ingredient May Block HIV By Maggie Fox Reuters WASHINGTON (March 5) - A cheap ingredient used in ice cream, cosmetics and found in breast milk helps protect monkeys against infection with a virus similar to AIDS and might work to protect women against the virus, researchers reported on Wednesday.
Avatar f tn I know it's good to have a sense of humor ...but I'm honestly sick of the pregnancy jokes already! Maybe it's because I work around a lot of employees plus I work with the public so it's pretty much constant but I'm so annoyed already and I'm only 27 weeks !!
Avatar m tn All the jokes I can think of are filthy and I think Emily would take them down but thanks guys for the laughs!
Avatar f tn Does anyone else get offended by jokes that people always make about STDs, particularly herpes? Since I just got diagnosed with herpes I find them very offensive now. My question is should I be offended? And why do people find herpes so funny?
1494170 tn?1361750860 Thanks for that clarification. I guess I stayed up late for the SNL news for nothing. I'm just a big dummy but i thought I mentioned something about awareness in here somewhere. Ya I know the take it or leave it bit too... turn the channel if you don't like it, whatever!!!! It's just comedy and nothing should be off limits..... OK, then how bout some aids jokes,or breast cancer? I don't remember those skits.
Avatar m tn I am doin Masterbating since i was 16 now i am 19,I Will Do Twicw or Thrice in a weak,is there is any harm in futher for me,can i be a father in futher,doing masterbating i will get a huge Problem or any Diseases in futher,now a days in am getting tired,i will get little head ace and my body will be Hot.masterbating causes diseases like Memory loss,Aids and any Danger Diseases in Futher Please Help...i Am Scared...
Avatar f tn I don't recall ever hearing HCV being made the butt of jokes and I've been a "white car" since 2003. Maybe I'm not paying attention? Seems I would notice and be sensitive to it. I hope others weigh in on this this thread. I'd really like to know if it is all that prevalent. As far as I'm concerned one incidence is too prevalent. That's terrible and not funny, and I'm being objective as I don't have cancer or HIV and I would not find those funny either.
Avatar f tn So i love my boyfriend and i am so glad he is giving me the blessing of our first child. But sometimes i feel he isn't mature enough to raise a child. The jokes he makes are a bit insulting and he doesnt take it as seriously as i wish he would.. did any other girls have this problem?
480331 tn?1310403529 I guess preggo jokes aren't a hit on this forum LOLO
520191 tn?1355635402 t take much seriously. I can make jokes which i know are jokes and others know i am joking. People often laugh at me and when i ask why they are laughing they say that i am being funny but i wasn't trying to be funny. When i ask what is it about me that is funny they just say the way you act and just the way you are. I don't like it, it would be fine if i was trying to be funny but i am not. I don't think if myself as weird or different, so what could be so funny about me?
12742885 tn?1427016324 I'm 21 years old and have made myself to belief i am an "AIDS child". Each day when i go to sleep i feel a pain which is totatlly wired. I have had the worst flu' f my life back in december and i was going to se my doctor. I have talked to my socalled fiance on the phone throught this chole process. I was wondering why i ate much, but did not gain weight. I was having dry coughs, and had this flu' like for 3 weeks.
Avatar n tn If i gave head to a girl what are the odds of contracting the aids virus. I know she was in Chile this summer and had sex there with a Chilean boy. And there's a sex revolution in Chile everyone is having sex. I am worried she might have contracted the virus and maybe me too.
Avatar n tn says that I have aids and that's he's going to test me for it. And now suffering for two days for results.
Avatar n tn Im very worried....that I might progress to the aids stage and die without anyone knowing what of because of the gestation period.I had sex with a hooker 7 months ago but i have been sick ever since.
Avatar m tn i used my hands to help a man that was masterbating, i moved his organ back and forth several times then he ejaculated, some of his semen came on contact with my hand and fingers, then he did so with me, he used his hand on my organ then i ejaculated, do i have risk to have aids if he was hiv posetive??
Avatar f tn um I was with my bf for like a year anyways he left me about a month ago he just left didnt tell me he was leaving I think he may have hiv or aids and has infected me ive been feeling sick for a while off and on but I have not been tested in about a year anyways ive got this rly bad cough and sometimes I feel like its hard to breathe it been like tht for a couple weeks now I dont have insurance and ive been too much of a coward to go to the hospital because im by myself I cnt tell my family...