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624074 tn?1263873807 Chiari is complicated enough to understand, but I wanted to know if anyone knew where I could find information explaning what Chiari Malformation, in particular CM 1 in Spanish is. We are visiting my in-laws this week-end and instead of losing everything in translation, I was hoping to find a pamphlet online or something that was already in Spanish. Anyone have any ideas on where I may be able to find something? Thanks so much!
Avatar n tn asp US study In June 2002, a study conducted amongst 135 HIV negative Spanish heterosexuals, who were in a sexual relationship with a person who was HIV positive, reported that over 19,000 instances of unprotected oral sex had not led to any cases of HIV transmission.3 The study also looked at contributing factors that could affect the potential transmission of HIV through oral sex. 1. DEL ROMERO et al. (2002) Evaluating the risk of HIV transmission through unprotected orogenital sex.
Avatar n tn Is there any doctor that can help me IN SPANISH about Fibromylagia new treatments?
Avatar m tn Many many people world wide die each day from an AIDS related complex yet they tested negative for HIV and the cause of death gets written off in the medical report as something other than AIDS when in reality it was a form of AIDS which caused the break down in the immunity system. I recommend you read the free book on the Internet entitled: "Full Disclosure the Truth About the AIDS Epidemic" by Gary L. Glum who happens to be the #1 authority on this subject matter.
Avatar f tn Does anyone have any suggestions on baby boy names that sound nice in both spanish & english?
Avatar n tn its my first time with him but he may sex with many peoples. Do I have chance to get HIV/Aids in one time Sex ? if yes then please recommend me what i have to do to avoid HIV.
Avatar f tn I'm suffering PATM long time ago, I'm Spanish living in Spain anyone here with the same problem I really would like speak with someone in Spanish who lives near, doesn't care man or women just to talk. Waiting for someone, please let your contact details here.
1097960 tn?1257437375 Oriented material in this forum. It is NOT heplful in our mission to accurately educate our posters in a safe, nonjudgemental manner. HIV is a very REAL disease that does NOT discriminate. ANYONE regardless of their faith, sexual preference or race can become HIV infected.
Avatar m tn A Spanish university has developed an internal, inside stoma, ostomy bag. Does anyone has more information?
Avatar n tn Im very worried....that I might progress to the aids stage and die without anyone knowing what of because of the gestation period.I had sex with a hooker 7 months ago but i have been sick ever since.
Avatar n tn s office mid-morning on Monday and ask them to check if your test results are in yet. If no, then call again in the afternoon and again on Tuesday. Our caregivers are very busy and our particular situations aren't their formost concern as they have other patients they are working with also. Take control of the wheel, be the squecky wheel and tell your doctor you want proof asap that you don't have ovarian cancer.
Avatar m tn In the Spanish study, researchers in Madrid followed several hundred couples that included one partner who was HIV-positive from 1990 to 2000. Then the researchers narrowed the number to 110 women and 25 men who engaged in unprotected oral sex but wore condoms during other types of intercourse. The results of the study appear in a recent issue of the journal AIDS.
Avatar f tn I would love to teach my boys Spanish bcuz im part Mexican but unfortunately i hardly know the language i know some sigh language so i might teach them that.
Avatar m tn that is the reason im so scared not to mention that i swear he said something about aids in spanish called it sida. turns out when i went to the red cross the police called and this guy had stabbed three other people within the hour.he was all bloddied up from his previous assaults. so that is why im so scared about hiv. im moving back to the states for awhile and am going to get tested up there.
Avatar f tn See the study in AIDS Journal November 22, 2002 issue. A study by Univ. California San Francisco of 239 HIV-negative men who only had oral sex with men (over 30% of which had ejaculation in their mouths) over a ten year period showed a 0% rate of transmission. Oral sex is not a risk for HIV transmission.
Avatar m tn I was really nervous going into it, as I had heard horror stories. As soon as it kicked in, I had the worst panic attack of my life. I really thought I was going to die some how, and I couldn't even stand up because I was so lightheaded and faint. That lasted for about 20 minutes, then I felt great. For the next couple of weeks, I had panic attacks, and actually went to the ER and explained it to the doctor. He said that it probably would go away, but it's been a while.
Avatar m tn I just feels better discussing matter with people who have seen several mails in the past. Just for information, the article I was refering to was on that says that female-male transmission is rare due to anatomical reasons.
Avatar n tn Spanish first the babybwill learn english in school. I regret not doing it with my boys they don't know howto speak spanish at all they understand it but can't speak it. When my mom or any family member that dosent speak english talks to them they answer back in english lol it kinda sux.
Avatar f tn I read on your forum dr Hunter had said in the 1990s they would diagnose people with AIDS even without a positive HIV test! I am panicking so much right now.
228686 tn?1211554707 You HAVE to watch the "Fawlty Towers" episode called "The Germans" then. to this day it's one of the few things that can make me laugh so hard I've got tears in my eyes! (It's John Cleese, of course!) Vic... I'm in union City, and I'M the foreigner here. Everything is in spanish. I had to get cat food at a store and couldn't remember the spanish word for "cat food" so I had to mime eating motions and go "Meow! Meow!
Avatar f tn Im mixed but fluent in spanish and my bf is fluent as well. We are planning to speak to our son in spanish and english.